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Dream Home Makeover

What a waste of time
No tips, no tricks. No fun. Hey, let's watch them do a navy/white room for someone or watch their new 5,000 sq ft house being built or watch the soon to be neighbors build a 7,900 sq ft house. And they do all this while sitting on a couch telling us their life story. Boring. I love HGTV and this was probably rejected by HGTV.


Based on the Pulitzer winning article by Pro-Publica and the Marshall Project.
I can not understand why people want another season. This is a true story. It was wonderfully cast and written. I remember reading the article back in 2015. It was gut wrenching to read back then and even more emotional to watch.

East of Everything

Enjoyed this immensly
I have no idea what the previous reviewer "Seachange with Angst" was talking about. I'm from the USA and do not know any of the locations or actors. Seachange is listed as a comedy/drama. This is a drama but does have many fun scenes. I rate shows as 1, 5 or 10. 1 = no way 5 = if I can't find anything else to watch I might finish it 10 = would definitely recommend to a friend

Give it a few episodes and decide for yourself. I am watching on Prime with AcornTV addon.

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