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  • This movie is a pure example of minimalist cinema. Everything in it is minimal,the present of minimalism is in the script,in the number of characters, in the characters' relation and in the set decor. By an eye-candy cinematography, a beautiful ,simple and someways surreal story was told: An young and lonely writer accidentally had a gorgeous lover - another struggling soul - and began a mental adventure in sex and love , to understand the irregular rhythm of heart, to find out the meaning, purpose or even the dark side of love. Highly recommend for those who're into minimalism and for them only , you may find this film so boring with pointless sex scenes if you're not one of them .
  • I've just watch 2 films of Pang brothers, The Eye and One take only. When I watched The Eye, I was kind of disappointed about this two guys, who I had heard good words about them before. That film (The Eye) has a really bad script, especially the ending (childish,cliche and too coincident in my opinion) , but its still good in photography and experimental images. So I decided to see One take only and I didn't disappointed again. Still great photography, stunning image, MTV-style editing, cool music and this time,the story has a lot of indie spirit,logical and beautiful, you'll see some tiny plot holes, but it doesn't cause any trouble with the storyline. The only problem about this film is I get a bad DVD.
  • I watched this film in the Japanese FESTIVAL 2006 in Viet Nam, it's very clear that they show this short film collection to present Japanese culture and it did this job really well though there're so many kids came to watch and went out soon cause it's not the anime they want.

    There're 36 awesome animators with various nationalities join into a project that was held by the maestro KIHACHIRO KAWAMOTO, whose works in puppet animation are Japaness national treasures (I was in love with his princess puppets for a long time). Though I only knew KAWAMOTO, ISAO TAKAHATA (the 2nd leader of Ghibli Studio) and YURI NORSTEIN (the old Russian master who create the masterpiece HEDGEHOG IN THE FOG), the other animators really impress me with their works in this project ,most of them are Japanese , some from Russia,Czech ,England, Belgium,China and some from the National Film Board of Canada, where they make great animated films every year.

    Then what's this project for ? WINTERDAYS is a tribute to BASHO MATSUO (1664 - 1694),the legendary haiku poet , WINTERDAYS is the name of a denku (or denka/denga) which was made by BASHO and his friends in Nagoya.Haiku maybe is famous but what's a denku ? This's a kind of Japanese poetry, in which some poets participate in writing a poem, when someone write a 2-lines poem, the next one will continue writing a new poem that take the last line in the previous one to be the first line (they will explain every detail in the second half of the film). This kind of work with all inspirations had inspired KAWAMOTO, he decided to create an animated film in the same way. Then each animator was invited to take 2 lines and represent this poem by animation in various styles , you'll see many kinds of animated film in this project. And the ways these animators show their thoughts and feelings about the poems by images are really interesting , some of them are sad, some are scary,dark and surreal , some make you laughing out loud, some that you'll understand nothing at all and challenge your imaginations. They're all great experimental short films that were seriously and respectfully made to tribute "the old wandering master" BASHO MATSUO and of course, were made with masterly animation's technic.

    WINTERDAYS is made for all animation's lovers (but not for who just only love anime) and for those who interesting in Japanese ancient culture, who'll found 105 minutes of relaxing in haiku's calm atmosphere,who'll can open their feeling for what they don't understand immediately.I must write this comment with more details but I've just watch the film only one time, I wish I could get a DVD to watch WINTERDAYS again, again and again.
  • Walking around IMDb and I realized that there're many good movies are being shamefully underrated . To be honest this's one in a few movies that in my view are perfect . Thoughtful story, well direct, genius camera arranging . There're some guys here said it's had a bad ,going-to-nowhere story then they can't get the message , the reason blah blah blah , some others complained about its slowness , then some avuncular naturalist point out that these actors can be compare with a wax statue of Paris Hilton , some "critics" bring King Kong (OMG) and LOTR (WTF) to intimidate this movie , so, kiddos , go home and leave indie spirit alone !
  • At the time I write this comment, Silence Becomes You only have 3.5* , but it bases on opinion of a few people (in IMDb, 250 can be a few)so don't trust the number 3.5 if you want to watch an arty , indie film . Some guys here said that it's only look-a-like-arty but this statement only show that they don't know what is art or they just don't care anything when they didn't like a movie .

    In my opinion, every movie that can make me fell interested till the ending credit in a good movie. This movie did . Just like many indie films that some time have plot less scripts (this film's not) can put ending in everywhere but keep inside great emotion , have talented idea in prohibiting the theme (maybe very ordinary), show responsibility and thoughts in cinematography and soundtrack. Silence Become You is dark, is Gothic , is fantasy, is surreal and touching , truly romantic and sometime disturbing a little . Although its story is very simple but it isn't dumb. It's a gem with beautiful set (victorian interior with color scheme look like oil painting ), high quality pictures and awesome soundtrack .

    I won't say that this film's perfect but it's a completely worth seeing movie and being underrated.