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L'auberge du chien noir

Good Show
This is a great show and unlike what the previous commenter says, it's about a small hotel that is given in inheritance from his father to his youngest son. The twist, until the boy turns 18, the Hotel will belong to the family dog (Big Black Dog, hence the title) and it will be run by by his two brothers (who are old enough to be his father)...

Many little twists and very fun to learn how everyone is in relation to another.

Great show, great writing, great wit, great story lines... This is easily on of the funniest shows on French television these days and there is so much more they can do with this show that I predict a long and productive life for L'Auberge du Chien Noir.


I like it
I like this show.

It's well written, well developed. Ther are many stories that intertwine, but unlike many other shows, stories do not drag and feel boring.

True, the show has grown quite "darker" with age, but is that not a natural progression? This show deals head on with social issues such has Organized Crime, Pedophilia, Rape, Kidnapping, Suicide, Racism, Drug Addiction, Obsession and the Power of the Press.

All this from a show about a High School.

The only real bad thing is that it's hard to become a fan of the show, at this point. Not that it matters, cause the show will probably end soon.

The Birth of a Nation

Racism Vs Perception
Let's get it out of the way right now. Griffith was a racist, no doubt about that.

That being said, this is not a racist movie. It does not "promote" racism. It's all about perception and he told the story the way he saw things. Griffith is definitely a southerner, and coming from that environment, back in those days, this is the story that he grew up hearing. He grew up amongst racists that convinced him that they had a good reason to do what they did. Yes, his views are twisted and so different then modern times, but that should not be counted as a negative for the film.

I hate to say this, but if a put aside the fact that I am not racist and watch the story from Griffiths POV, what a story!!! It set the standard for so many film. All the "taking the law in your own hands" movies, what a story.

The film is masterpiece, if you can survive the first half hour. I almost gave up in that first half hour. But I stuck and thank god. This was a great movie, the way it was told was classic.

But what a bunch of racists!!!

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