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Mr. X

Want to know about Leos Carax and his films? Watch this doc
I recently watched this movie at the Mumbai Film Festival, this is a wonderful documentary on French director Leos Carax and the films he's made since the past 30 years. Beginning from how the director started with 'Boy Meets Girl' to his current cinematic poetry 'Holy Motors' its an insightful and filling look at a director who earned a small following after making 'Mauvais Sang (Bad Blood)'. The interviewees also range quite well from critics like Richard Brody and Kent Jones to filmmakers Harmony Korine, Kiyoshi Kurosawa to his collaborators Denis Lavant, Caroline Champetier, Mireille Perrier, giving us material from how Carax worked on set, his inventive and imaginative artistry, and his inspiration to a new generation of filmmakers and movie lovers. So many of them praising him to be a romantic poet of cinema.

If you do find this documentary playing on a TV channel or anywhere in your theaters, (and of course if you're a fan and love Carax's films) go watch it, a lovely trip into the mind of a contemporary underrated director.

Being Cyrus

Mild Simple Thriller
Being Cyrus, the movie which just released this weekend in India is already being hailed by critics and filmmakers everywhere. I viewed the movie just recently in the theaters and i should say that it is a simple sweet satisfying thriller that fills your appetite for the evening course.

The Story is very simple, that Saif Ali Khan or Cyrus is a drifter who looks for work anywhere. He meets up Nasserudin Shah and comes in working for him. Shah lives with his old and seductive wife Dimple Kapadia. The plot goes on when Cyrus discovers that Shah's brother is a lazy worker who fiddles around with Nasseruddin's wife. Dimple then sets Cyrus to do some dirty work by killing her father-in-law. The Story takes time to build up and does go exploring more on the character's background. The Screenplay is superb with witty dialogs and a clear state narration from Saif Ali Khan. He does a terrific job on being the character of a Cyrus, a dark and mysterious man who lurks in the crowds of mumbai. But only Nasseruddin Shah was not given enough screen time, he was almost wasted through out the movie. The other actors like Boman Irani and Dimple Kappadia are full of grace and valour giving their acting best. The whole turn of events helps in making you feel for the characters.

The other details are also well used especially the Photography, it gives the dark feeling environment around us. The Edit is very fast too, making the movie run for about 100 min and giving it the feel of a Hitchcock episode. The sounds and music are also well used and tune in well for the movie. All in all the movie is worth the visit and keeps on going well till the final twist, which is a must see for any type of movie.

The Movie looks like it was made from inspirations such as Alfred Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone series. The Screenplay is very original and also well directed. Purely Good Performances and everything goes in a simple manner. 3 out of 5 for Cyrus

Sant Tukaram

The Magic of a Movie
I don't know what to write on this comment, but i will make it as brief as i can. Sant Tukaram is a wonderful and magical movie about hope and faith in religion. This movie takes place in the forgotten 16th century, and tells the life of a poet named Sant Tukaram. Tukaram is a poor village man who has to overcome his obstacles within the village people. But the message he passes on to the people is enduring and something unforgettable.

The movie is in Marathi language, something from my native place and i was hard to read the sub-text of the script. The script is truly solid and magical. The world of fantasy is never this vivid and clear. People who believe in faith and religion should definitely see this movie. The Acting is good together with the chemistry between him and his wife, he always tries to give the message of faith and doing good deeds to others. The Special Effectrs also seemed very original and was very appreciated with the teenage audience i was watching with. The Songs are truly delightful and do good relaxations in the middle of the movie. I give the movie a 9 out of 10. It is very hard to find this movie, but when you do make an attempt to watch it.

King Kong

A Great Big Adventure
After the fantastic creation and success of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Peter Jackson has created yet another masterpiece of Gigantic proportions. This time he has taken on the challenge of remaking the 25 foot beast into a new art form. King Kong is a great movie to go for this Christmas.

The film starts of in 1933 New York, just as the original movie was released, and builds up the adventure as each character comes along. Ann Darrow(Naomi Watts) is a stage-actress, who is on the brink of losing her career. She meets up with Carl Denham(Jack Black), a movie director-producer, who offers her to come make a movie with him. On their journey, she meets her favorite stage writer, Jack Driscoll(Adrien Brody), who falls in love with her during their voyage to the mysterious Skull Island which is not discovered by anybody yet. Once they reach the island, things start to fall apart as the endure the Village people, who want to offer Ann as a sacrifice to their lord. When King Kong enters the screen, the whole scenario changes from there. The Beast falls in love with his new found friend and the adventure goes non-stop till the end. The whole scenery of the Savage Land is beautifully shot, with moving Full-shots and digitally created sets, monsters, insects, dinosaurs etc. King Kong has a range of emotions. He gets to light up the screen with his ape-humor and his agility from swinging in the jungle. All this act is superbly created by the actor who played 'Gollum' in Lord of the Rings, Andy Serkis.

The movie is filled with enormous digital effects and visual insights. Especially bringing a 25-foot Ape is no kids-play here, the visual effects are the main cinematic treat from the movie. The climax at the end will take your breath away and make you feel for this movie. The Actors do a good job of bringing the interesting characters to life, from Adrien Brody to Thomas Krsetchmann, all the actors provide enough space and relations to connect with one another. The Directing is given in the hands of a fantasy creating genius, Peter Jackson gives the screen ample of time for all the moments to revisit and stay in your head. The Editing is cutting at it's best. Music compositions felt very deep and sorrowful when all the bad things are going to happen, they had true thoughtful notes to them.

This is a superb movie in all, and bringing a classic creation to life is no joke either. The fight sequences and stunts did seem a bit exaggerated at the time, but they where all forgotten off once the beast made his next move. I have not watched the original 1933 version, but i am making an attempt to watch it on DVD. This is a movie not to be missed. 10 out of 10 for Peter Jackson and Kong.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Rich in Chocolate, Sweet with Characters
My friends took me out to see this on the IMAX screen. I really fell in love with this film. It started out greatly and ended up with a wonderful heart warming story. It is also a fantastic remake of the original Willy Wonka. Tim Burton is back to his form of fantasy direction, like Big Fish, Batman, Beetlejuice etc. He has a terrific eye on visuals and screen compositions.

The film started out like his previous ones, with superb music by Danny Elfman and great Sets. It is the story of Charlie Bucket, who is a poor kid and would want to visit the Chocolate Factory to meet the great creator. He gets his chance with five other kids, and embarks on Chocolate Adventure of his life. The Characters are great, each and everyone from Charlie's Grandpa to the five kids listed in the film. The best character to come so far is Willy Wonka played by Johnny Depp. He does his characterization beautifully and you think he is actually playing this rock-star type character. He is totally twisted, dark and humorous. Even the small role given to Christopher Lee is good, it starts out very evil and come out good.

The Sets in the factory are amazing, they totally catch your imagination in the film. The Music delivered by Danny Elfman was fabulous, it was like watching Edward Scissorhands again. Watching it on the IMAX format made me fascinate the film even more as the film looked more life like. The Visuals are also terrific, you could not tell them apart from the rest of the movie.

In the end, this is a fabulous film made for the whole family to watch and a great film to view again. I do hope Johnny Depp gets a nomination for this film, he is too perfect in the film. One of the Best summer films of this year. I rate it 10/10. A Choco Treat for all.

The Legend of Zorro

Just another fun movie
Zorro is back in action. This time he has to manage his family life and the profession he has chosen, which is to rid of evil in the west. A good action packed movie, but this one doesn't live up to the expectations of the first one. Instead this does pull of a few good action sequences, good stunts and good acting.

The Swashbuckling hero, Zorro(Antonio Banderas)comes out with great comic sense, he does his expressions and action in a very cool way. His wife Elena(Catherine Zeta-Jones)is very feisty and puts a good life against her husband. The space given between those two is very well done. The stunts are spectacular and a must see, mixed with the action sequences.

The only problem I faced while watching this movie was the plot, which proved to slow the movie down and extend it till the end. The dialogs were very nice but didn't seem to be so catchy either.

All in all this is a fun action movie and can be enjoyed by the whole family. The first one was more of a better adventure, where this one just dies along till the end. A Good 6.5 out of 10 for this one.


The Matrix and Equilibrium are different films
I watched this movie on a TV airing and i was really blown away by the build ups and the way the action scenes traveled. At first i was really pessimistic about watching this film, but once it got to the subplot and the main feelings, it was quite good. Christian Bale is a good upcoming actor and has done a really good job from other films like Batman Begins, he does nice acting in this movie too. The supporting actors like Taye Diggs and Emily Watson have good screen time in the movie. The Budget was really used economically because when watching the film you perceive it as a 50 million$ film. The Cinematography and the Visuals are well done. The Sets and the costumes look really sharp which reflect well in the film. But the movie falls a little flawed in the story, because even when you see the people live their lives they have to have a little emotion in them, plus even sometimes the people themselves smile and show some type of expression while in the future. But nonetheless a good piece of entertainment. I don't know why people have compared this film too much to 'The Matrix' because there is completely different action here. The Matrix is totally different in Philosophy and so is Equilibrium. Its better that both those films are left alone and thought differently. Equilibrium is a good action film which will give you entertainment on your best weekend. My vote is a 7 out of 10

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Superb Direction
A film i would remember for generations. Not is this movie a great homage to the west but it is also the best direction i have seen from Quentin Tarantino. Hew truly knows how to put down a story on screen. The first one just blasted away like a wild cat, but this one gives a great measure of build-up to the story and the characters and the film.

Powerful Acting by all the main and supporting characters, this film will leave you breathless. Uma Thurman great as before, gives vengeance to this film. David Carradine, brought back to life by Mr. Tarantino, gets you on the on track and the main reason of the film. As for Michael Madsen and Darly Hannah, they are absolutely fabulous to watch. Michael does some nice stances and gives nice dialogs too like he did in Reservoir Dogs. Darly is like the ultimate Nemesis for The Bride and will stop at nothing to kill the Bride. Just looking at these guys will make you suspenseful of what is going to happen next The Cinametography is awesome, i have not seen any greater beautiful shots than this movie. The Editing is too good, his long takes makes you wonder of how Quentin pulled this off. There seemed to be no visual effects cramped in to make one element jump out of the film. The sounds too were very creepy and big enough to make you feel the effect.

Above all it is a fantastic watch. If you want to learn Film-making this is the film you should visit. I give it 9 out of 10 for its pure film-making talent and wonderful direction.

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

The Best out of the Best
I remember this movie like the greatest movie memory ever kept. A true Western and one of the best ever made. Clint Eastwood became a superstar. The music was brilliant, i even own the CD Soundtrack of this movie with the DVD. That is because this movie is so profound and made from the heart of a director.

I watched this movie somewhere in 1992 and since then i was astounded and mad after it. This is because of my father, who introduced me to Western movies and gave me the essence of watching movies with a different perspective.

Clint Eastwood is brilliant as the Man With No Name, in supporting cast Lee Van Cleef is cool as Angel Eyes and Eli Wallach got a rising start due to this western. The Build-ups are superb, they hold you so much that you forget you are watching a movie. The Settings and the Authenticity of the Civil War period is all in the frame. Sergio Leone has a keen eye for Cinematography, each of his frame looks like a painting, it simply cannot be found in many of todays movies anymore. The Picture, even after passing 30 years is still alive and breathing to inspire our generation directors, and giving a knockout to an person who watches it.

I seriously comment to everyone for watching this movie as it will be an experience of a lifetime.

10 out of 10 to the ages of the best

Cinderella Man

One of the Year's Best and most Innovative Film
When we look back at yesterday's movies, like Rocky, Ali and the most recent being the Oscar winner Million Dollar Baby, we look at how these movies and more others are an inspiration to other directors and writers. After watching Cinderella Man, i was so impressed with Ron Howard's direction, that i felt it more powerful than A Beautiful Mind. The Story is set around a small time boxer named James J. Braddock and the 1929 Great Depression. His family, Mae and the three children, try to fight the atrocities of the depression and its effects. As heard in the Behind the Scenes, Poverty is mainly the antagonist in the movie. The Characters are very powerful, going from Rusell Crowe as a fighting and surviving boxer to Renee Zellweger as a courageous mother and wife, with supporting cast from Paul Giamatti, and other caricature characters that come along the way throughout the movie. Russell Crowe once again delivers a Knockout after Gladiator and Master and Commander, Renee Zellweger does her 30's actress type makeup and expressions beautifully, Paul Giamatti as Russell Crowe's trainer does a fantastic supporting job as his friend in the ring. The rest of the Cast is great to look at, especially the boxer Max who is out to destroy anyone he meets is also deadly. The screenplay is great, i loved the way each and every aspect was described. Taking the film on the Cutting Room floor must have been difficult for director Howard, because it looks that there is not one shot he left out. The Cinematography looked beautiful, something from other inspirational movies such as Million Dollar Baby or Seabiscuit. The Costumes and Artistic 1930's sets were superbly done, even when filming in confined spaces. The Sound was so perfect that you would not forget the visuals you have seen and the sounds heard. The music was something to cry about that makes you feel special to hear. The last fight also has such an incredible build-up that it makes you intensely want to stay till the end. Even when the villain is introduced he is given the smallest build up to be a villain. This is a movie that has many inspirations inside, from Ron Howard's previous films such as Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind. I would any day prefer to go for this movie. Many People who came out of the theater said that this will be the Oscar Contender for this year. I give this movie a straight 10 out of 10. Go watch it, it is the best movie of the year.

The Godfather

One of the Best Films ever made
I still cannot believe it that it's been 32 years for this movie and it still takes me in more and more as i watch it. This movie is perfect in almost every aspect, glorifying and achieving all aspects in film and picture.

This picture stands on top of my list with other films such as Taxi Driver, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Gladiator, Heat, Aliens and more. This work of art is the most powerful of cinema in all ways and has also been rated in all Top 20 list everywhere.

The Acting 10/10; The Cinematography 10/10; The Story 10/10; The Direction 10/10; The Picture, absolutely fabulous. It works on every level of cinema. Check out the DVD of this movie too, it rocks even watching The Godfather Part II and Part III.

The Godfather is seriously one of the best films ever made.

The Island

Go to The Island
Good Movie. i watched this on a Saturday night and i really liked it to some extent. The story was like a big mixture and reference to other Sci-Fi movies, like Minority Report, THX - 1138, The 6th Day, Total Recall, and more Sci-fi movies.

The plot is about Lincoln Six-Echo who lives in this facility, which is made for survivors from a contamination on earth. Lincoln and the other survivors are always given a chance to go on a lottery spin to the Island, which is supposed to be the last remaining piece of beautiful land. But instead of him winning it, his dream girl Jordan two-delta gets a chance to win it. then when the plot goes more deeper as to what is really going on on the island, Lincoln tries to go on a chase, escaping with Jordan to find out what is really going on.

The Acting was good. I give full marks for Ewan Mcgregor after Star Wars Episode III. Scarlet Johansonn looked good in some scenes but was not going to a full acting job. Sean Bean and Djimon Honsou were good within the scenes, but were forgotten by the end of the movie. The only actor to stay true was Steve Buscemi with his Humouristic reach and dialogues. The plot was really going well in the first half but after all the action sequences and chases, the second half diminishes down to the ground. The Ending too was a little bit predictable.

Technically, Michael Bay knows how to set the action right. He uses everything to the full as he did in Bad Boys II and The Rock. The Highway chase looked really cool and didn't bore me down. his use of Cinematography in that scene was like actually wrecking the camera and just happy he got it on film. The Visual effects and Sound was good too, you wouldn't notice them much. The other thing that also took me was the Art-Direction and use of big spaces.

So is this film worth your Saturday night? Well it depends on how you see it. you could either exit saying that Michael Bay has tried something different here and worked or you can say he just stopped having fun in this film and tried to have another sense of direction.

Well the Island is all that and good action. I give it a 7 out of 10. Visit the Island if you have nothing else to do.

Pather Panchali

one of the most beautiful Indian films.
This has to be by-far Satayjit Ray's most beautiful and greatest achievement in cinema. Looking at all the aspects, will definitely inspire someone to make a film more like this in our generation. I saw this film at a recent 50th anniversary screening in my hometown. I really loved the director's beautiful creation, his attention to detail works very neatly and exactly as the director had planned. I wish i had got to see the Apu Trilogy, the character which followed in the other two sequels, must be watched also.

The story is simple, only focusing on the life of one family. but the true trademarks of the film go to the Actors, the Director and his screenplay. Anyone who wants to learn film-making must not miss this film. A true cinematic achievement's and one of the most beautiful films from one of the most important directors of this era.

Kingdom of Heaven

Just a Little less than 'Gladiator'
When i exited outside the movie theatre, i found this movie really fast and very well made. Ridley Scott really knows how to put down a good screenplay on screen. He's my favored movie Director. The movie starts with the simplicity of our hero Balian and the adventure hes about to encounter. The Crusades is really hard concept of history to handle, but the director really takes it well. After encountering strong forest winds, desert battles and oceanic hurricanes the Act II carries outs itself into motion. The best Characters you will find in the movie are Balian(Orlando Bloom in his best role since LOTR), Godfrey(Liam Neeson in a small but nice role), Tiberias(Jeremy Irons, Great Actor) Sibylla(Eva Green making a good debut) Saladin(Ghassan Massoud doing a great conflicting character), and the other supporting cast like King Baldwin(nicely played by Edward Norton). The Screenplay looks fabulous along with the Art Direction, Visual Effects, Sound, Cinematography, Editing and Direction. It unfolds up pretty well in the last half hour of the film. but the only thing that let me down in the film was the fast pace which made the film look Really cut up in the Editing room. Even though the film doesn't look like its in the league of Gladiator but its more in the films authenticity that will take you away. This is definitely a movie which Ridley Scott fans would not want to miss, but surely even the simple audience wont be disappointed. 9 out of 10 for Ridley and one of his best directorial work in years.

War of the Worlds

Intense and Good
I just saw the first day release of this movie and i have to say that Spielberg builds up good ways to jump you up on the edge of your seat. Surely this movie does not hold up a proper ending, but it still has those great moments where you feel the protagonist is going to go down in total chaos. It starts with the introduction of the Ferrier Family, then after you get to know all the characters and the Aliens come down, things start to build up and get more intense. The special effects and action sequences will leave you dazzled (hoping for an Oscar Nomination after Kingdom of Heaven). The main elements missing are the strength of the script and the direction, other wise everything is just awesome. Tom Cruise is superb as ever, Dakota Fanning is becoming a great star, i was hoping that Tim Robbins would give a good supporting act but he just there for a nice short while. the other technical aspects like editing and sets is well done. i was hoping for some John Williams music in the movie but its only offered in the proper moments. the whole other obstacles in this movie is over the top. if you expect good effects and some thrills and chills, this is certainly the movie for anyone...otherwise you can just sit back and enjoy it. i give it a good 8 out of 10 This Movie is Intense and Good

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