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Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes

Floating through the mind of the madman
I rarely rewatch movies, but recently i listened again to the incredible soundtrack from Popol Vuh and all the scenes and characters from the movie were generated in seconds, and in my mind was that i must rewatch Aguirre after four years, and again the experience was breathaking and unique. The shooting locations. The characters, , brilliant soundtrack from Popol Vuh and utterly mad but brilliant performance from Klaus Kinski as main antihero Aguirre. I would say that this movie is one of the most atmospheric movies i have ever watched, it is like journey into dream, it has that dreamy atmosphere like you entered someone mind, but that mind is a mind of a madman and his journey to the destruction of himself and others, you know that in the end all of them will meet their end but you can't stop watching and see what will happened on the next corner of the amazonas. Also there are some comical scenes especially with Don Fernando the Guzman played by Peter Berling, it is specifical humour unique to the Werner Herzog i would say it is cynical but i like it a lot. Other cast is also great, many of them are not professional actors but in many cases that is better. I must say that i have watched original English version not the dubbed German version and i am glad because you can hear the original voice of all actors and original voice of Klaus Kinski, in German version he was dubbed by other actor which is a shame, i never understanded dubbing version of the movies. This is definetely for me in top 10 of my favorites, and i will watch it more times for sure till the end of my life. 10/10.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Annihilation of my brain cells
My brain is still damaged from watching this, so i am not sure where to start with review. I was a big fan of Mortal Kombat video game when i was a kid, especially MK3 and its charachters like Noob Saibot, Smoke, Ermac. I have watched Mortal Kombat movie few times, it was never a good flick but it was a solid homage to original video game. Years have passed and somehow i have never watched this one, i had a feeling that it is really bad and i was right, but still after 20 and more years i wanted to see it myself. Recently i had a marathon of watching bad movies only, i really enjoy some campy and cheese movie for brainless fun, mostly from the 80s, and Annihaliton found its place on that list. And i am sad that i gave it opportunity, this was utterly bad experience from start to finish. The direction is awful, fights are short and stupid, acting is beyond any level and CGI is the worst i have ever seen in any movie. Some mentioned that the only good part is Shao Khan played by Brian Thompson, but his acting is ridicilous like everything in this movie. There are too many charachters in this sequel and i think the main goal of this movie was to intorduce all the characters from the game to better sell it in the market. This movie is utter disaster and i dont recommend even to the fans of Mortal Kombat franchise. Stay further away from this one, only if you want to annihilate your own brain cells watched it but be careful, mortal kombat for your brain awaits you.

Grand Prix

Racing Heaven
I was never that much into formula one and motoracing, but somehow i was introduced to this world very early, my recently deceased father was obsessed by Formula One and motoracing and he was obsessed by this movie. I am sure that he has watched Grand Prix more than 40 times. This was definetely his favorite movie but sadly i never watched the movie together with him. In memory of my father, i recently decided to give it a try and i am thankful on that decision i made. This is definetely the best movie i have ever watched about motoracing, really everything is good and everything is done with style. The adrenaline of racing is amazing, you really have a feeling that you are on racing circuit with other drivers. The movie cast is really great, my favorite is Yves Montand as Jean Pierre Sarti, recently deceased Antonio Sabato as Nino Barlini and Toshiro Mifune as Japanese industrialist Izo Yamura. The shooting locations are great and i really enjoyed the story. Now the feeling is like i watched finally together with my father this wonderful movie.


Fascinating little known civilization of Bronze Age
People generally know for Ancient Egypt or Babylon but little or nothing about one of the most fascinating civilizations and peoples of the Bronze Age, The Hittites. If they heard for them it is through Egyptian sources and famous battle of Kadesh as their arch enemies. Hittite civilization was very culitvated civilization, people generally imagine them as just some Conan barbarian types but it is not like that, they had towns, laws, trade, complex religious pantheon and system, language, every traces of civilization, Hittites were specially known for their strong and fearless army, which was one of the best prepared. I have searched for many videos and documentaries on the Hittites and i got to this one by accident and this is so beautifully done. It is big budget documentary but greatly done. it was directed and produced by Turkey which is a good thing i still think today Turks have a connection with this ancient people. The Documentary is beautifully done,atmospheric and you really have a feeling that you are among them when you watching it. I must also mention that the documentary is narrated by legendary Jeremy Irons, top choice for this kind of documentary. I highly recommend this doc to anyone interested in History and Ancient times. My grade 10/10.

Valhalla Rising

channeling the power of souls into a new god
Valhalla Rising is one of the few movies i have watched more than once, i first watched this movie 2 years ago and i didn't like it even hate it and was thinking it is too pretentious but somehow over this 2 years i was thinking a lot about it, it was like the old gods were calling me to give them second chance and i agreed and i am thankful on that. I really liked the photography and camera work, beautiful atmospheric shots, like you are there in that lost fading world and beginning the serach for the new one. There is not too much dialogue and it is really working for me, this movie is just to create atmosphere, atmosphere of loss, despair and revenge. Mads Mikkelsen is fascinating in his role as one eyed man, he doesn't speak anything like the gods, One eye is definetely representation of Odin himself, and all what is happening to One eye all that injustice and aggression towards him it is like the aggression of christianity towards the old beliefs. One eye also represents nature against artificial forces. What really touched me the most and why i was coming back to rewatched it is the final scene when One Eye goes to the Native Indians to kill him, it is sacrifice for the all, maybe after this sacrifice, Odin and old gods will see ressurection as the new ones, really poetic and inspirative ending.


British Japanese Connection
Giri/Haji is definetely one of the most intersting things i have watched recently. Really great idea to put two so different cultures but on other side so simillar. Both island nations with great unique traditions and so unique and maybe twisted view on life. First three episodes are top notch, mystery crime thriller at its best, i especially enjoyed scenes filmed in Tokyo. From 5 episode series become more drama and it lose itself but final episode saved my opinion i really enjoyed the roof scene i dont get it why so much hate. Filming locations are great both Tokyo and London are fantastic locations for crime stories, they both have that noir vibe. Casting is superb both Japanese and British. Takehiro Hira is my favorite as detective Kenzo Mori, he has so much talent i am not that much suprised because he is the son of legendary Japanese actor Mikijiro Hira. Yosuke Kubozuka is also great as his yakuza brother Yuto and his daugher Taki played by Aoi Okuyama is so adorable. Masahiro Motoki is my favorite from Japanese cast as ruthless and cold yakuza leader Fukuhara he has that kind of charisma like a charachter from some Takeshi Kitano or Takashi Miike movie. British cast is also great my favorite was Sophia Brown as henchwoman Donna and Will Sharpe was great as gay man Rodney. I must admit that i really lose faith in this show after episode 5 and 6 but the ending was solid so i give it 8/10 i am glad i have watched it and hope on more Japanese European series to see in the future.

Kedamono no ken

Is the beast inside you, or beside you on every corner?
After a long time of break from samurai movies i decided to watch Sword of The beast from legendary director Hideo Gosha. This was the second movie i have watched from Hideo Gosha, the first was solid yakuza flick Violent City or Violent Streets from 1974. Sword of the Beast is fascinating movie, it is not just ordinary Samurai movie, it is deeply philosophical and society critical. After the watch you start to question who is real beast, the main protagonist or antagonist Yuki Gennosuke or all around him, how the movie is moving till the end Yuki became more hero than anti hero, he is the only who have heart and morality in this samurai world. Hideo Gosha look on samurai times was very critical so for me this is anti samurai movie. Atmosphere in the movie is dark and sometimes cynical and nihilistic, great sword fights and very brutal and agressive for it's time. Perfect cast and acting from the main Mikijiro Hira and also Go Kato. This was definetely the golden age of Japanese cinema the 50's and 60's, everyone who is interested in Japan, Japanese cinema and Samurais must watch this gem of world cinema. Definetely i will watch other movies from Hideo Gosha.

The Lord of the Rings

Higly enjoyable animated version of Tolkien's world
The first animated movie i saw from Ralph Bakshi was The Wizards, it didn't impressed me too much it was not so good animated and too agressive. So my expectations were not big for this animated version of Tolkien's world but how i was wrong. This is magnificent work of art and totally true to Tolkien's vision. Animation is beautiful and still looks great after all this years. The landscapes, the charachters and villains look like i imagined them when i read the books. I really especially like the design of the Orcs, they look more darker and demonic than in the movie version. If you are Tolkien fan and fan of old movies and animations this is a must see you will not regret it.


Noir Van Damme
Jean Claude Van Damme is one of the heroes of my youth. I admit that most of the movies he appeared are ridiculous trash but still this kind of movies st help me to relax after hard day at the office. I am so glad to see that muscles from Brussels is still appearing and now i want more to discover his newer movies. The Bouncer is one of the latest and it is filmed and set in his native Brussels and Belgium. Probably i decided to watch it because i was recently in Brussels and i was amazed by this city. The movie left me really positively suprised it is good crime thriller with touch of neo noir atmosphere and what is most important Jean Claude really developed his acting abillities. He put really 100 % of himself in the role of bouncer Lucas and the story is really touching, realistic and dark, real European movie with nothing of the spectacle from Hollywood. Supporting cast is also fantastic, my favorite was definetely Sam Louwyck in a role of Flemish crime boss Jan Dekkers. I really recommend this movie to all lovers of European cinema, Jean Claude Van Damme and good crime movies, also i recently watched his newest movie We Die Young, it is okay but The Bouncer is maybe one of the best in his career


Just look at nature and you i'll see that life is simple
As days are passing from watching Nostalghia for the first time, the movie is growing more and more on me, i can't stop thinking about it, and how Nostalghia is deep atmospheric beautiful experience that will change your perception of reality and your innerself. At first i was not so much amazed by the movie, and i was thinking that this will be the least favorite from Tarkovsky i have watched (i only didn't watched Andrei Rublev), but then the pictures and atmosphere from the movie were coming in my mind in waves and how i was wrong, for every Tarkovsky movie you need strong patience, every scene is full of symbols and different interpretations. You can see Nostalghia as a movie about loneliness and melancholy, as Tarkovsky autobiography and personal experience, as movie about dreams, as movie against postmodern world, as movie about death and loss. At the end you will conclude that Nostalghia is movie about everything i mentioned, it is at the moments so dark and melancholic but at the end of the tunnel there is a light and hope for your personal home and for the whole humanity. I must mentioned phenomenal Domenico speech near the end of the movie, it is one of the best monologues in the history of cinema and of the best speeches ever, it is deep, moving, touching and it is totally right, fantastic acting by Ingmar Bergman's veteran Erland Josephson. This movie is a must for all who are seeking answers and real art, and not just see cinema as a popcorn fun. Tarkovsky was definetely in a league of his own, one of the biggest aritst of 20th century for sure, his movies really changed me and opened many things in my own mind.


Tarkovsky's final sacrifice for the sake of art
The Sacrifice original Swedish title Offret, is the final entrance in the career of the one of the most artistic and unique movie directors ever to live, Andrei Tarkovsky. Tarkovsky's movies are for me like watching into some abstract painting and everytime you find something new you missed previous time. You must be very concentrated and patient when you watch his movies, if not you will lose yourself and probably you will get bored and confused. For watching The Sacrifice you really need great patience, Tarkovsky's movies are known to be very slow, and this one is the slowest of his works, it is very difficult to watch but so rewarding at the end. You will think about movie many days after you watched it, and probably you will rewatch it again to find something you missed previous time. The Sacrifice can be undestand from different perspective, for someone it will be just a movie about madman and his personal inner demons, for others they will see many metaphysical and higher themes, it can also be viewed as semi autobiography and last sacrifice of a dying man, Tarkovsky died just few months after the movie was finished. He really made big sacrifices in his life, he didn't made any compromises, because of that he left Soviet Union and left his own family there, for the sake of his own art, it is really a big sacrifice, he even dedicated this movie to his son. The movie atmosphere is very bleak in times very depressive, haunting and scary, but at the end life regenerates and continues through the mute boy (his son). Sweden was perfect choice for continuation of his work, in sacrifice we can see some influences from Ingmar Bergman, but mostly it is very Tarkovsky and very Russian. Again perfect use of Johann Sebastian Bach music and Japanese traditional music, Tarkovsky was big admirer of Japanese cinema and culture in general , he said that the biggest influence on his work were Japanese movies, and we can see that influence in his works. This is the perfect ending of Tarkovsky's life and with this movie he closed his circle of life. My grade 9/10.


Desperation and injustice on Russian Northwest
Leviathan is one special piece of cinema. It is definetely not for everyone, if you are looking just for fun entertainment and light hearted hollywood ending this is not for you, if you are enjoying cold, atmospheric and pessimistic movies Leviathan is definetely for you. Leviathan is directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev one the Russia's most talented directors and with Leviathan he shows that he is one of the most talented and interesting directors not only in Russia, but in the world. Before Leviathan from Zvyagintsev i have just watched The Return, it was okay movie for me, especially enjoyed the landscapes of Northwest Murmansk region and atmosphere but something was missing. Leviathan is also happening in the region mentioned above, but it is more complex and more social themed oriented. In Leviathan Zvyagintsev shows all the bad things happening in Russia and it is totally realistic, ultra realistic, so much that reminded me on the situation in my home country. It seems that is case in all East European countries, but in Russia that corruption and unfairness is on the highest level. Local politicans and mayors of bleak and criminal past, corrupted justice system, corrupted police. As a result of all that, ordinary citizens don't have any hope, and from desperation they are drinking and drinking too much, and family starts to broke up. The atmosphere in the movie is cold, dark, brooding, disturbing but at the same time meditative, atmospheric and thought provoking. Landscapes of Russian Northwest are just breathaking and camera work is just insanely good, i like the slowness/minimalist approach of the movie so you can enjoy feel the atmosphere even more. There is no much music in the movie, only two themes taken from legendary minimalist composer Philipp Glass but they are going so well with the movie that is just fantastic. Acting in the movie is extraordinary but i was most amazed by Roman Madyanov who is acting the main villain, the corrupted mayor, he is so good and real in that role, also his look is so good for the role, he is really looking like all of this fat corrupted "businessmans" with round heads you can see driving big Jeeps. This movie totally left me speachless after watch, i was amazed and disturbed at the same time, ending at the church is one of the best endings i have ever seen. A must see for all lovers of the true cinema. Leviathan will be future classic, and Zvyagintsev admired one day like Tarkovsky. I gave 10/10.

Der Himmel über Berlin

The movie will cure your soul and clean your mind from suicidal thoughts
Berlin is really the special city. I have been personally to Berlin two times, and that atmosphere only can be felt in that place. The feelings of mixed light and darkness, despair and hope, life and death, harmony and chaos, love and hate, natural and artificial, it is really unique place with unique history. Der Himmel uber Berlin, is movie dedicated to this city, but it is not only about it. It is about us humans, and what means to be Human, and of course about love. If there is no love, you will forever live in a grey world like an Angels live in this movie. Bruno Ganz potrayed perfectly angel Damiel, i know him from Der Untergang and In order of Dissapperance, but this role is just made for him, fantastic poetic acting with total dedication and soul, like he is really an angel, also another angel Cassiel (played by Otto Sander) is perfect, also we have lovely Solveig Dommartin as Marion (may she RIP). Photography is one of the best i have ever seen on the screen, real art and masterwork by Wim Wenders, enjoyment to watch. I assume that many people (like myself), searched to watch this movie when they felt big sadness and didn't felt emotionally good. It was in my case, for days i had problems with sadness and depressive thoughts, the young woman which i know and had sympathy for her died suddenly and i was just feeling despair and sadness. Then i played this movie, i expected to be total darkness and depression and it maybe can look like that for first 15 minutes, but after that, you will feel total light. From darkness comes the light. This movie is cure for mind and the soul, you will see again all the colors around you. If you really have suicidial thoughts, play this movie, and you will be still among us, angels will come for you when it's time, do not go there before, it is grey and boring. Thank you Mr Wenders for making this magical piece.

Outrage Coda

Great finale of modern Yakuza triology
This is the last movie in Outrage serial, and what a great ending it is. There are a plenty of new charachters and some of the charachters from previous Outrage movies, but Otomo is still there, this old style Yakuza is giving creeps to all of Yakuza clans, fantastically played by Beat Takeshi, you can feel his specific and nihilistic humour, just enjoyment to watch, other actors are also great in their roles and this is the last movie to feature Ren Osugi, he was one of my favorite Japanese actors in the last 20 years, may he RIP. I must admit that i enjoy more this movie than the previous, Beyond Outrage, i still don't get it why so much negative reactions and rates for this installment. If you love Beat Takeshi, Yakuza and gangster flicks with sense of humour this movie is definetely for you. I gave 8/10.


The worst movie i have ever watched
I really enjoy science fiction, from hard science fiction to space opera flicks, i also enjoy B-movies for fun and to have big laughs but this movie is nothing of the mentioned above, it has nothing to do with science fiction it is totally superhero movie put just in quasi science fiction package. There is no story, no atmosphere, just a guy who is teleporting from one part of the earth to another, total nonsense, it is not explained how some people have teleportation abilities, and why the secret organization is after them, scenario is not existing, and then we come to acting, acting is one of the most terrible i have ever seen on screen, Hayden Christensen is always the same, one of the worst actors to hit the screens, he was also terrible as Anakin Skywalker, also we have Rachel Bilson as his crush, she is even worst actor than Christensen, i was pissed off how acting can be bad like this. My advice is to skip this movie, only watch it if you want to brainwash yourself and to lower you IQ.


Universal Soldier

Universal Garbage
Early 90's decade was most known for action and martial arts movies, they were very popular also here on the Balkans and i still remember how on television they just played movies with Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Seagal, Chuck Norris and others, our television channels still time to time play this kind of movies. I am admitting when i was a kid i really enjoyed action movies, i am still enjoying them time to time, when i want to relax and not to think of hard themes i always find something in this sphere to watch or rewatch, so these days i started to rewatch early movies with Jean Claude Van Damme. Of this early Van Damme flicks, Universal Soldier is most known of them. But in my opinion the worst one. I really enjoy campy and cheesy movies but this one, has nothing of that, it is just totally brainless and even the action sequences are badly done. And you also have one of the most annoying companion i have ever seen on movie, actress Ally Walker, i hoped she will die in some part of the movie but no she is there till the end. But when you see that this one is directed by one of the worst directors in history of cinema Roland Emmerich than everything is clear. I only give this movie the rate 3/10 because of the scene with Van Damme eating a tons of food in the drive-in, i laughed so hard, so stupid but funny. Watch this movie if you are only die hard Van Damme fan and because of the scene i mentioned, on another hand skip it.

Steel Dawn

Solid post apocalyptic B-Movie starring Patrick Swayze
Decade of 80's was full of movies similliar in nature to Mad Max. Nuclear war happened, and people who survived catastrophe are now fighthing for water resources. Steel Dawn is one of that many movies. Many of this movies are forgetable but somehow Steel Dawn stays in your mind for some time. The main charachter is played by Patrick Swayze, don't forget that this is the same year he starred in planetary hit Dirty Dancing. Swayze looks really funny in the role of tough guy, he is more for dancing movies definetely, but that is what makes this movie magical, other cast is really cool, Brion James, how i miss this guy, he was must have for this kind of movies, just that face and look, and the movie becomes interesting in second, also there is Anthony Zerbe as main villain, such a great actor, i still remember his role as main villain in The Omega Man (1971). Other cast is also solid. Soundtrack was written by Brian May, the same man who created music for Mad Max 1, and Mad Max 2, it is beautiful soundtrack and goes well with the film, just love those synths, the story is simple but the movie has really good atmosphere, maybe because it is filmed in stunning Namibian Desert, magical location. If you love adventure/action movies similliar in nature to Mad Max this movie is definetely for you, or just are 80s obsessed guy or girl give this movie a chance.


When injustice becomes reality, resistance is your duty
I always loved movies about revenge and taking justice into your hands. Vigilante is one of these movie, and it is a lovely one. In the beginning of 80s we have seen many movies with similliar themes, especially set in New York. I suppose that hard reality of living in New York city at end of the 70s and beginning of 80s had big influence, but the message from Vigilante is still active. Corrupted Police and Justice, bad health care, Criminals who say for themselves in the media that they are fair businessmans, it is like i am watching the daily life situation in my homecountry. The main charachter Eddie Marino (Played by Robert Forster) was ordinary citizen, who believed in justice and never had touch wih police and crime through his whole life till the moment when the local gang kill his son and injured his wife, and than he sees that for ordinary citizen the system is not functioning, and that he must take justice in his hands, with the help from his work mates who are doing that kind of things for long time. The main leader of Vigilantes is Nick (Fred Williamson). Fred Williamson is definetely the main star in this movie, this role for him is perfect, i really loved Fred in some Italian B-Movies and other exploitation stuff but in this one he takes the show, he is just fighting for the rights of ordinary people, i would really like to have one Fred in my neighboorhood to clean the streets of scum. Other cast is also solid, and yes how not to mention great synth driven music in the background, how i love that 80s synths. I really recommend this one to all lovers of revenge flicks and 80s cinema, you will enjoy for sure.

My grade: 7.5/10

I predatori di Atlantide

Discovery that Atlanteans were bloodthirsty Biker Punk Gang
The Raiders of Atlantis is really something special, i have watched a lot of strange, bizzare and trashy movies, especially from the 80s but this one beats em all. It has the most bizzare story that Atlanteans are Biker Punk Gang and they want to wipe out whole humanity, this story can only be written in the 80s. the whole movie is like you take some hallucinogenic drug and had a trip. A lot of action, explosions, gore, killings and with great synthisizer driven music in the background. The soundtrack is one of the best from the b-movies, total proto-synthwave stuff. Charachters are enjoyable Christopher Connelly and Tony King does the great job as main protagonist, also supporting cast has done solid job. I would say that the movie looks like a strange mixture of Assault On Prectinct 13, Big Trouble In Little China (note that Big Trouble is filmed three year later maybe Carpenter got some ideas watching this one) and Mad Max with some Italian twist and humour. This is must watch for all fans of cheesy and bizzare 80's stuff, definetely one of the best.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

A Mockery of original triology
When I told my friends in 2012 when Disney buyed Lucasfilm, that they will destroy original franchise and the name of Star Wars no one believed me but now, as a time passed, more and more people are agreeing with me. I still don't get it how it is possible to make such a bad movie, The Last Jedi is one of the worst movies I have ever watched in my entire life and I have watched a lot of them, I say the same words in 2015 when I watched The Force Awakens but Force Awakens now looks like a solid movie compared to The Last Jedi. With The Last Jedi they has destroyed everything I loved about Star Wars, for entire movie I had a feeling that I am watching a mixture of some new bad Disney cartoon and Star Trek with elements of Spy Kids with Antonio Banderas. The movie is watchable for first half, I love some parts on island planet where Luke is in exile, and yes Mark Hamill is the only one in movie who is really acting, others are really not worth mentioning, they are looking like total clowns, but total letdown starts when John Boyega and Mongol girl are going on some planet like Las Vegas, total disaster, totally unimaginative, and everything is becoming a total mess, and yes Benicio Del Toro in Star Wars movie, it is even not ridiculous, casting crew madr total mistakes, he is very good actor don't get me wrong, but for Star Wars universe definitely not. Then we have part on the main star destroyer and killing of Snoke, Snoke is presented like the most powerful antagonist in the galaxy even more powerful than Palpatine is killed in second, total unimaginative character, we don't even have explanation how he became the leader of new Empire. And for the end we have totally not necessary battle on some salty planet, it looks like bad imitation on Battle Of Hoth, and yes it is finished in 5 seconds, like Rey is finishing her training with Luke, she just take a look on Luke's eyes and after that she can do everything she wants, total disaster. Design of ships and vehicles is also unimaginative, and the whole universe is looking somehow empty and depopulated. We don't get any information who is ruling the core worlds now. I also really miss original alien species, the new ones also look empty. This was definitely the last Star Wars movie I have watched created by Disney, I wanted to give them a chance but they don't get it that Star Wars is not ordinary action/superhero movie, it is whole world with itself with history, mythology and feelings, and they have all erased buy this one. My suggestion is even better to watch Star Wars rebels cartoon than this, it has Star Wars feeling, and Rogue One it was definietely not a good movie, but it feeled like Star Wars. And another message, the real Star Wars will forever live in our hearts and our minds, this was just one bad dream, we still have legends, we have so many great video games, comics and books, and the universe will never die.

Il giustiziere della strada

Very enjoyable Italian Mad Max rip off
I really love Italian exploitation movies from the beginning of the 80s. it seems they were most obsessed with Mad Max movie, there are a plenty of Mad Max rip offs but this one is definitely one of the best. What to say you have a small boy with prothetic arm who is throwing rocks on his enemies from 2km away, and yes he can drink 5 bottles of beer, and he has a hamster, so cute, you also have very hot women like in every Italian exploitation movie, and other things are like in Mad Max, I can say they are done very good for slow budget, a plenty of killings and explosions, really cool. Music is also very interesting, ofcourse it is totally synthesizer driven but 80s synth music is the best thing to ever happen, and what is interesting, this movie has some atmosphere, so if you are lover of post apocalypse movies, and 80's action flicks this is definitely for you, you will enjoyed it for sure, and don't forget everything of this is happening in the year 3000, very humorous.

Mifune: The Last Samurai

Something is missing
Toshiro Mifune is one of my favorite Japanese actor. He and Akira Kurosawa changed Japanese cinema for all times and also influenced a lot a whole world cinema. When i saw that they are making a documentary about Mifune i was so happy, and finally i had a opportunity to watch it. It is okay documentary but something is missing, it feels somehow empty. I think they put a lot of talking about known movies like Seven Samurai, Yojimbo and Rashomon. It is a shame but they not talk about such great Mifune- Kurosawa collaborations like The Bad Sleep Well and High and Low. Mifune was so great in his roles in drama movies, even better than in samurai ones. Also his private life is not mentioned, okay we only got information he was an avid drinker and loved sport cars and driving, but other things not. Maybe the answer is privacy in Japanese culture, and Mifune himself was very closed person in private life. The guests who are talking about Mifune are generally okay, but were is Tatsuya Nakadai, he acted in so many movies together with Mifune like Sanjuro, Yojimbo, Samurai Rebellion, Sword Of Doom, High And Low, it would be interesting to hear his experiences acting alongside Mifune, also for foreign guests it is okay they have called Spielberg and Scorsese, but where is George Lucas, Lucas was so influenced by Mifune, even he wanted to gave a role of Obi wan Kenobi to Mifune, and Hidden Fortress influenced Star Wars a lot, so i think the director missed some better guests, but on other hand it is nice he called Shiro Mifune to talk about his father that is big plus tome. Generally i enjoyed watching it because i was always interested in Japanese cinema but as i said earlier it can be better. If you are fan of Toshiro Mifune, Kurosawa and old Japanese cinema watch it for sure, you will not regret it.

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

Perfect purity is possible if you turn your life into a line of poetry written with a splash of blood
As a big fan of Mishima works these movie was on my watch-list for long time, but before i decided to watch it i really had some concerns, especially because it was directed by non Japanese director. I really don't like American takes on Japanese history and themes, only good one that i have watched was fantastic The Yakuza from 1974 for which Paul Schrader was screenwriter and when i saw that i knew from beginning that these will be artistic masterpiece. And the experience was really unique and even better from what i expected. The movie has a feeling that it is directed by Japanese director not westerner. It has totally Japanese feeling and soul, i cannot described by words, you must feel that. What i really like the most in the movie are mix of Mishima life experiences with sets from his books. I really like surreal design for his stories, especially second one Kyoko House it was extraordinary. It was good Schrader mixed life experiences with his stories, because every character from his books was representation of one side of his complex character. Not to mention perfect acting by that very known Japanese actor Ken Ogata (may he rip). He was fantastic choice to play Mishima in every way, other support cast was also on high level. Japanese actors from the past were really all on high level of acting. Also the soundtrack created by Phillip Glass is magnificent, it goes so well with the pictures and the whole movie, one of the best i have heard in recent time. I am really believing that Mishima himself would be proud of this movie. If you are fan of Mishima, Japanese cinema and old movies in general than this is must watch. I gave the highest rate 10.

Liberation Day

Outstanding Achievement
My first introduction to Laibach was through my older brother, it was in the year 2004. We came together to their concert and i was totally blown away, i was at the same time very scared and amazed. After that time i watched them 4 more times, and they were always different and unique, you really don't know what to expect from them, so they shocked the whole western "democratic" world when they played live in North Korea in 2015. I really somehow expected them to play one day in the most closed country in the world. And after 2 years we now have the documentary about that amazing achievement. These documentary is fantastically directed by Norwegian Morten Traavik, the man who organized Laibach's performance in Pyongyang. These documentary is not just about the Laibach concert and things happening behind the curtain. It is about people, about country we don't know so much. We can also see that people there are living in real communist utopia, hate it or not, but they are looking happy, maybe they are brainwashed but you cannot denied that they somehow reached the goals of communist utopia, but the most amazing thing of documentary is that you see that all people are somehow similar, when time passed people from band and local people get more connected and open to each other. You can see at the end of documentary, the audience was cold and scared at the beginning but at the end Laibach gets big applause and people smiled, Laibach succeeded and liberated local people from their prejudices and fears. This is the must watch not only for the fans of Laibach but for all open minded people. My grade 9/10.

Blade Runner 2049

Some good moments but generally looking totally unnecessary sequel
Original Blade Runner was always one of my favorite movies. I still remember the first time i watched it and how i was left totally speechless for next one hour when it was finished. The movie totally changed my life perception and some believes, it was like spiritual experience to me, and still it is every time i re-watch it. I always felt that the movie is unique and that they should not make some reboot or even the sequel in the future, but Hollywood is totally out of ideas these days and they decided to made a sequel. I was skeptical from the beginning of the idea, but when is saw it that it will be directed by Dennis Villneuve (really enjoyed Arrival) i decided to watch it. And my impressions are generally mixed. The first half of the movie is generally okay but the second when Harrison Ford appeared is total mess. Really nice visuals through the hole movie but they are without the soul like other things in the movie, it can't be compared to the opening sequence in original movie, that experience, that visuals will never be beaten. Also the same case is with the music, it sounds like bad replica of original soundtrack i really don't understand why they didn't hired Vangelis to do again soundtrack, i suppose it must be some kind of lobby because Zimmer is composing every second movie from Hollywood, don't get me wrong he is also great composer but Blade Runner without Vangelis is not Blade Runner. Cast in the movie is nothing special, no one is worth mention, Gosling is generally okay, but others especially female crew totally disappointing. Everyone complained about Jared Leto, yes i also don't like him but in the role of Wallace was totally solid. But the most i complain is the ending, they made it that we can expect now ten more Blade Runner movies and it will look at end like some Marvel nonsense franchise at the end. But i must admit that i enjoyed some parts, had a great time, and it is definitely better than new Star Wars movies. If you go to theater with nothing to expect and to watch it as a totally different movie not Blade Runner you will have great time, if you expect some deepness, message and uniqueness you will be disappointed. My grade 5.5/10.

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