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Sanjay and Craig

Awesome Show
Please disregard all the negative reviews of this show. This show is Awesome. It is hilarious... Kudos Chris Hardwick. Already a big fan of him from the Talking Dead but he puts the perfect voice to Craig the talking snake. Dialogue it soooooo funny! The premise is simple Sanjay a boy and a talking snake go and have adventures which are sometimes absurd and wacky and sometimes just plain funny. I wont spoil anything... I think if you like Jimmy Two Shoes, Chowder then this show is for you. I watch this show with my young son and we just have the best time. Why think to much about the animation. Look its got a hilarious talking snake who has a wonderful friendship with another young lad. There is nothing to dislike about this

The Stag

So Bad
I checked the reviews before wasting a couple of hours on this and it seemed that there were a lot of 10's and a lots score closer to 0's, Its always hard to know who is correct in this situation. Believe me the scores closer to 0's are spot on.

I'm guessing you know enough background about the film from the title and trailers.. 6 lads on a hill walking stag weekend... right?

Billed as a comedy but this is as far from comedy as you could get. Its completely devoid of any humour... They try so hard to be original and they really aren't. Predictable and truth be told pretty boring.

Yes they put the characters as the new style D4 Irish rather than the stereotyped drinkers and fighters which are so often portrayed in films but they were equally bad and offensive.

The only exception to the group is the one character called "The Machine" who is called "The Machine" with the emphasis on "the" in every other line in the script...oh dear god please stop... it couldn't have been more annoying. Even his sister phones him and says "Hi, The Machine"... seriously so annoying.

I don't know what angle they were trying with the gay couple...were they trying to shock us on film 30 years too late? Were they trying to shock us that Ireland has a gay community??... this couple in a relationship of 6 years in every scene stuck to each other like love sick teenagers... *gasp a man hugging another man... the outrage... I can only assume they did that so that you could differentiate from the other 3 male characters (not including "The Machine" because you really wouldn't know who was supposed to be gay.

Apologies to the gay community if you are all really loved up after 6 years together...maybe I'm just an old cynic

Anyway... it was all very obvious what was going to happen... losing their clothes, chased by the dog and the farmer....absolute pants. To conclude with an overly sentimental sickly best man speech and bizarre poorly mimed cover version of a U2 song after a nonsensical out of place rallying speech for the people of Ireland...

Oh one last thing... accents!!???!!! Peter McDonald who is a pretty fine actor what was going on with the accent?.. Born in Dublin yet it jumped from the North, to the midlands to an American accent...

and the rest sounded English

Do yourself a favour and don't watch this

Still Alice

Excellent Film
It seems so wrong to say I enjoyed this film about such an emotional and tough subject matter but it was an excellent film. The amazing Julianne Moore portrays a successful college professor with early onset Alzheimer's. The premise of young successful hugely likable character falling victim to a terminal or debilitating disease is not original but I haven't seen one about Alzheimer's like this. Look, it's no Cannonball Run, you're not going to be watching the DVD for the outtakes after... It's a tough story which is just brilliantly well played out by all the cast. Know what you're in for and appreciate it for the message and story for which it tells. It is an excellent film

22 Jump Street

Hilarious!!! Seriously funny

honestly, I read some of the negative reviews of some people and they clearly just don't understand comedy. Looking for in-depth character analysis and plot and blah blah... seriously people!!! This is a just a fun comedy.

The chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is top notch. They play off each other so well...but I seriously doubt they are acting. I'm pretty confident that they were just out having a massive laugh. The whole film is in on the joke and they invite the viewer to share it.

Its funny...very funny. hugely entertaining film that please don't think about plots and characters... just laugh that the guys say and do funny stuff

jaws dropped and aghast at people over analyzing a urine extracting film. Can I say that?

it is funny - I hadn't seen the first one btw


Excellent Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy first came to my notice in Inception... just for the record my favorite film of all time and Tom Hardy was the one who made it so.

If there was ever any doubt and i don't think there was that he can act that that clears that with this film People Tom Hardy is amazing.

We all saw buried right and thinking it was hard for a one man show to really deliver then Ryan Reynolds did... then we thought it would be too hard to do it over again....

Well its been done. Tom Hardy invites you into his car and his life and puts you in the fast Lane all the way from Brighton to London With only him on screen and the voices in the phone, this film never lets up and has you hanging on every word. Whatever he (tom Hardy) did and is doing he imposes himself in your front room as your new best friend and you are desperate for him to be OK he completely nails this. I guarantee you will be thinking about him for weeks after this film Brilliant! btw kudos to Andrew Scott - you really buy into this story

Home Sweet Hell

Pretty damm good actually...
I'm going to give this a strong 7/10... I picked it up in the DVD shop read the back put it down...saw a few positive reviews on here went back, gave it a chance and I'm very glad that I did.

A really enjoyable film! Katherine Heigl is just awesome. Not someone that was ever really on my radar I mean... (use Troy McClure voice) - we all remember her from "knocked up" which was frankly a little disappointing but she was awesome all the same... man she knocks it out of the park with this one. The first 30mins you think you know where its going.. pretty funny and you are getting into the film...then boom she takes up a level and you have yourself a really sexy dark comedy with twists and direction changes that keep you on your toes all the while with some great comedy lines in there.

Katherine Heigl's performance would warrant a 10.. loved her in it. Overall the film is definitely worth a watch. You won't be holding your ribs with laughter and you wont be hiding behind the cushion but it will make you laugh and smile and nod in appreciation that you didn't see that coming.

Defintley worth watching you wont be disappointed.

Darkest Day

A truly awful film
Never has a film inspired me so much to come on-line and write a review. An absolute garbage film

Not sure if this is a spoiler alert but trust me nothing could spoil this film - just in case... spoiler alert!!!

Clearly a rip off from 28 days later but thats OK... The zombie genre is saturated now and its hard to be original - I'm actually OK with a little plagerism and remakes but people puuulease

The script was appalling. The acting even worse. None of the characters were any way fact I was rooting for the Zombies. After 5 mins...and had I been the lead character would have gladly gone back out onto the street to meet my demise rather than spend a minute with these other "characters". Seriously bad acting... like jaw droppingly "are these people getting paid for this bad!"

Look I could go on and on because it was so poor. I can't honestly believe it made it into a DVD and the filmmakers were actually happy to release this abomination. Did they not watch it back?

All I want to do is for those who are going to the DVD shop and see the cover "British Horror at its best"... warn you - put it back on the shelf and run away. Time would be better spent cutting your hair with a cheese grator than watching this garbage

I rarely turn off a film but after an hour - an hour of my life wasted - I turned it off and aghast at really how bad this could be.

Don't watch it - you have been warned!

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