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Delhi Safari

Unfortunate to have a the most common "f" word scrambled in G rated movie. Kids can spell...
The movie starts off so innocent- and good.

Then takes a turn in a couple clips that really do not follow the film or the "good nature" that I would assume was intended.

Most of all, I find it odd that in any culture individuals choose to include adult content, that is not needed, not humorous and provides no-value to the movie.

If you want to direct and create an adult movie, with adult humor do- rate it accordingly. If you want to create a children's film, direct the movie around that of a child.

I do not support the film and would encourage any parent to review prior to having their child watch. I did not watch it and my 8 and 10 year old let me know that the animals "are getting drunk" and the "f" word is scrambled on one of the characters T-shirts.


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