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Kansas City Confidential

Great effort by John Payne
One of my favorite films. My Dad took me to see this movie when I was about 8 years old. Seeing the movie available on DVD made me want to purchase and analyze it. What great acting work by John Payne. Three of the greatest gangster villains were cast in this movie. Seeing Lee Van Cleef as a ladies man was very believable. One of the best plots involving the ex police chief masterminding the bank robbery for the reward money was outstanding. Preston Foster was excellent in the portrayal of the father of John Payne's romantic lead and being the robbery mastermind. The movie moves swiftly from Kansas City where Payne's character Joe Rolfe is before Miranda thoroughly grilled to where he takes over the identity of gangster Phil Harris who was one of the robbers. This movie is well worth seeing with a decent ending.

True Confessions

Corruption in the Catholic Church
This movie makes references to the Black Dahlia murder. The many sub plots and acting are excellent. DeNiro probably plays a Catholic priest as good as any actor today. However the real story involves how the corruption of the Catholic Church was exposed by Father Damian's brother. Tommy was cynical but wound up being his brother's savior. Jesus was not a politician but came to us to save sinners. The Church not only in the 50s when this movie was portrayed but today is becoming politically correct. Tommy brought the reality of Christ's message back to Father Damian and provided the peace to his brother as Damian accepted his death. Not enough movies of this type are produced to give us a dose of reality to truly test our religious convictions.

The Legend of the Lone Ranger

Childhood memories
I can remember listening to the Lone Ranger on radio. When TV brought the masked man into our homes, The William Tell overture would bring chills down our spines. This movie which I picked up at a Dollar Store brought back a lot of memories and explained the Ranger's existence. How he was joined by Tonto and the finding of his horse Silver was never explained in the early television episodes. The story was well written and no one could ever replace Clayton Moore or Jay Silverheels. The quality of the DVD is actually much better than the rabbit eared TV picture on the 12 inch screen that I remember. I think getting copies of this DVD would make for great Christmas gifts for young and old ranger fans.

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