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A film about apparences and the pain behind it. Admirable crafted, beautiful acting, touching story and inspired portrait of a terrible fight . In essence, a film about love. And vulnerability. And fundamental importance of the apparences.

Cómo conocí a tu padre

A long sex scene, the realistic problem of the first date, a shy man and a seductive woman, both students and a very long night with a "noble" cause. Short, a seductive comedy, in which the nudity is suggested, like the sexual act, with refreshing end and a spring air. So, just nice.


A film about pure evil. Well crafted, perfected acted. A fake scriptwriter and a prostitute. And a trip , defined by nuances and by precise persuasion , in the hidden places of the soul. Cold and bitter. With a profound moving end. Sao, a fascinating talk and wise perspective about the transformation of the people in ordinary tools.

Na hory

A delicate subject. Or embarassing. Or too painful to not be forbidden. The manner to use it the director , in this case, is the lead virtue of the film. Because the name can be blackmail or cyber bulying or sadistic joke or only infantile pornography. But the film is not a lesson . Only precise - delicate portrait of states. The image of pressure. And its result. A warning ? Off course. But, after its end, the lead feeling is to see in different way the silent but bitter near reality.

The Virgin Queen

First, I saw this film for the great and admirable work of Bette Davis who remains, after decades, "this Elizabeth " without no doubts. Second, for atmosphere. The story is familiar and the frame becomes, scene by scene, more than familiar, the perfect mix of duty and love story , sacrifice, honor and envy and shining end. It is more than a historical drama from "50 -s but a beautiful portrait of a way to define basic values and power and its deep loneliness.

Eve of the Nutcracker

a gift
Maybe, I do not understand the noble intentions of the director and scriptwriter. But, except the nice nutcracker , all is far to be convincing. The story, the presence of guy, like a sort of Santa, when she talks with the man from lead entrance, the message of boyfriend and...the vine. But, sure, far to be bad or original, it use the Christmas and Hoffman classic text for a horror more impressive for the last minutes than for story or performance. So, a gift and a dark evening.

I'll Be Alone for Christmas

no inspiration
Christmas. Alone at home. Solace in social media. Good premisis. Bad result. Because, against its nice possibilities, the story , the performance do not work. And the only reasonable part remains the so unrealistic end.

Deathly Presents

nice try
Christmas as pretext for a sort of short family. A family in the Christmas Eve, in his dineroom. A noise. The father looking for its source. And a gift in a strange recipe. All correct and nice and decent. But the end seems so forced than the film , for this small motif, remaince at the status of "nice try". So, only a try.

Luchino Visconti - Entre vérité et passion

a portrait
Like many documentaries, a portrait. Confessions, memories, old images, poetry, details. Result - a correct work. Maibe, it could be better. Maybe, the circle of people discusing about Luchino Visconti is not real large. But, after the final credits, in my case, two things are real significant. The first - the words of Helmuth Berger about the need to preserve to himself the details of this splendid, fundamental relationship. The second the circle beginning - end. And the emotion behind fragments of films and the posible keys. A decent film about a great director. Just a nice portrait.


At the first sigh, a short horror like many others. Same recipe, same immature young man in the visit to a crime place, same end. But it is, in essence, more than a decent short film. Not exactly for story itself but for message. For the wise manner to present the impact of virtual comunication, the reactions of witnesses, the temptation to reduce all at a show, the price of celebrity. All is familiar. And, in fact, this is the best virtue of it.


admirable work
A film for you feel. Not a manifesto, not a pledge. Only realistic portrait of a community, about a passion surviving to decades, example of beautiful performances, sketches of profound fragility and the fair story about decisions and rules and disobedience and gestures defining the essence of truth. A film about any conservative community, about a long absence and about acceptance. Short, admirable work.


It begines with the clear intention of a young man to use the Outdooring ceremony for his interest. And , at the first sigh, it falls. But the film remains impressive for the portrait of family and its powerful links, for the forbidden love story, reminding, in large sense, Dog Day Afternoon and proposing an end reflecting huge courage and necessary honesty to himself. Dramatic, well crafted and intense.


A film about loneliness. Explained, described by near objects. Proposed by Guy Pearce who gives a magnificent performance. All seems perfect in this case, from atmosphere to the story and cinematography. A monologue. And a bitter conclusion.

November 1st

...or only emotions, frustrations, obsession, fury, expectations. A ball of feelings growing up for 28 years. Destroying the relation between mother and daughter, proposing the existence in a revenge refuge, discovering the others as objects. An old murder, an old lady desiring to obtain the justice in her terms, a daughter crashed by the expectations and tantrum of her mum. The moment of truth. A film for feel it. And splendid performances.


A well crafted film, in each aspect, from the teenager joke to the gift of the final scenes. A refreshing Sci. Fi,. about consumism and about the consequences of naive teenagers mistakes. And fine technology about a world of deliveries and about politic behind that. So, just beautiful. Sure, especially for the end.


An ironic story about selfishness, secrets, life in couple and a child who seems , too much, with his parents. One of inspired portraits about apparences when the image about yourself is just wrong. And beautiful performances for a sort of definition of basic traits for many aspects from near reality. The inspiration from a real subject can be only a detail, in this case.


Paper- people, trees, clouds, flowers. And the way of a character, hard trying to be independent, near, the others, helper, part of the world. A beautiful film for the forms of paper to the status of parable.

Les petites mains

a gem
"Les petites mains" is , first, just an experience. A film about a terrible mistake as result of angry. With a surprising, moving, fascinating end. The cinematography is just great and the scenes of the man and child in the forest, the looks, the touches, the silence are magnificent. A film about a profound change and one of the most cinematographic inspires definitions of the essence of life. Absolutely, splendid.

La dernière folie de Claire Darling

portrait of family
A film about yourself. You feel that scene by scene. A mother and her last day. A lot of stuffs in the yard. Her daughter. Dialogues, paintings, a priest and an exorcisation, beautiful cinematography, a ring and a clock. and a sort of poetry, too dark and bitter to define. Portrait of loneliness And, not the last, perfect embroidery of the performances of Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni.

Barbarians Rising

It represents only the invitation and the first step to discover enemies of the Rome, to see stories and heroes and to explore mechanismes of ilitary actions and political decisions. Far to be perfect, it is just a docudrama.Decent in all senses.

The Kid Who Would Be King

It has all the virtues to be that nice film who you expect. In essence, a sort of cocktail of Medieval legends and contemporary kids - parts of a huge adventure, the eyes of Louis Ashbourn Serkis. the fast hands movements of Angus Imrie and, sure, Patrick Steward . Good special effects- surprising in few sequences, lovely values in new light, the spirit of classic kids books and a lot of fun. In my case, few tears, to. So, just beauiful work.


a portrait
After its end, not the short and impressive, provocative and admirable career of Robert Mapplethorpe remains in memory but the splendid performance of Matt Smith. A sensitive hommage, a trip across delicate subjects, a defining of art and a great and powerful message. Something more than a biographic film.


Joe Capella is brilliant in this short film about survive in an imposible context. His performance is great because it reminds from the ordinary human statues from public places to Buster Keaton art and the answer to "what to do ? " in a context familiar from so many films of the last decades. "Still" is a film about zombies but in splendid manner. Because it propose something new - the details, served by impecable cinematography, are more significant than the story itself. The last scene you feel it and expect it. So, just great.


seductive short comedy
An investigator and his "objective". His protective, eccentric and energetic sister. Advices, order in its life, in the small space of car . And the objective helping him. A nice French comedy, seductive for story and performances. And, sure, for the high dose of realism.

Time Out

It is a beautiful film. And, maybe, this is the worst part. Because it is a bitter-sweet romance, mixing too familiar ingredients and the classic recipe, two good looking and good actors, a splendid city and a nice dialogue. But , piece near piece, that is not real convincing. It is the single problem. The fundamental one.

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