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Except the resemblance between Jody Moore and Maria Ploae, nothing new. A correct film , using all the themes of horror but too familiar to say more than a correct work. The monster killing young people celebrating the graduation, the only surviver with terrible memories, the camp fire and the RV. But you expect more, unfortunately.

Destroyer of Worlds

to see it
It is just a film to see. For cultural references, for the relation father - son, for significance of the small gestures, for the dystopi shadow, for great end, for poetry of images, for something out of precise/fair words. A pure good film. About science, connection between son and his father and the way to define reality in proper terms. Short, just great.

Assunto de Família

Except the work of Claudia Assuncao, nothing real interesting. A story about two brothers, a kiss, soccer . The main sin - it is a soulless film. Second, it remains a sort of sketch, against opportunities. Not the last - it is a film giving nothing because the story is reduced at the few points to the imagination of viewer. The photography looks for reasonable content but, except two scenes, nothing.

My Brother Jesus

Just Jesus
I love the painting. I admire the collaboration between artist and his muse. I love the debates around this portrait, beautiful, realistic, touching in profound sense. A great short film like a simple and direct confession. Not about politic, aesthetics, faith but about the reflection of the inner world outside. And the manner to be perceived. The painting is not original. But, I repet, it is just beautiful in a special, delicate, direct way. So, just The Savior. Black and giving the fair answer grace His image presence.

Always Remember Me

a birthday party
T the first sigh, an absurd story. At the second - a human one. A birthday party and a doll as substitute of the celebrated girl. A ritual of 18 years of her parents and grandparents. An old friend and her boyfriend. And the cold truth. A sensitive case, inspired by reality but, scene by scene, becoming more reality because it represents support for reflection. An admirable job for remind the loss and the need to ignore the reality.

Something Fishy

A girl. Her games, cruel but familiar for childhood universe. A dark comedy, off course, a good one, no doubts, realististic in disturbing manner, full of fishes in small boxes and with a chicken on a hill. The gift - the feel after its final credits.

Blood Orange

a special drink
Cold, charming, admirable dark comedy and smart moral lesson. Poetic and absolutely clever. A blind man. His dissapered dog. And the visit of a friend from childhood. A sadistic revelation. And the revenge . Admirable short film, great message and the perfect end.


an American in Iceland
Maybe , it is just a good film. For me, it is only one with too manyopened doors and windows. Sure, ambiguity can be a good thing . But in this case, the end gives something not being exactly dissapointment but a sort of bad news. You hope have the fair final, the reasonable answer to an American in Iceland , to the ball of mythology, mourning, travel, dark humor. But... Sure, it is a decent , provocative in some measure, film. But...

Cadillac Blues

good intentions
A good basic idea. And the less courage to give an authentic manifesto, maybe looking for acceptance or for large public. A simple story with impressive potential. And a nice manner to give something acceptable but less than you expect . So, Cadillac Blues.


Its basic virtue is the smart game with emotions of the viewer. A teacher. His partner. A kick, cruel, brutal, to the change, in radical manner, of whole near realyt. A film made with high and admirable care for the nuances. Just beautiful for a sort of honesty with refreshing result for the viewer.


old flavors
The motif of Golem in romance clothes. Admirable crafted Gothic short film, proposing all the ingredients of the genre, from the eccentric lonely man to the need of love, jealousy and fragility of the fake reality. Beautiful make up, beautiful photography and seduction of old lace and broken flowers. So, just beautiful.

The Life Tree

the hope
I saw it as a sort of fairy tale. The sketch of the hope of a mother, cleaning woman at a newspaper . A plant and its fruit in an utility room. And the desire to be the cure for her son. A film with many ways and lovely - touching story about motherhood, poluation and ignored presence of the other. Wise last scenes.


I saw it as a hopeful short film. And that makes it real special. A girl losting her voice. A chain of job refuses, a personal loss, the care of her mother, desire to be herself and a beautiful occasion to be accepted. Just a beautiful short film, Trilby Glover giving an admirable performance.

Of Wolves and Men

Remarkable, first, for message. Second, for the great animation , giving the impression of real more than real. Not the less, for wise storytelling. And, sure, for the great portrait of an unique friendship. A film to remind. An eulogy, to. But, more significant, fair image of the connection of men with nature.


A stopover. Nice Sci Fi. Few adventures crowned by disaster. And few fists of good humor because the situations are so familiar. Nothing new but fair detail by detail. And, in some measure, touching - the poor alien as axis of this remark.

The Coldest Caller

a visitor
Sheila Reid gives just a lovely performance, the story works beautiful, in weird sense, the last scene is just cold amusing. And the portrait of death is just...impressive. Like the boy. The basic good points, it reminds so many venerable ladies, pragmatical in profound sense, so old fairy tales from Balkans and Orient than it is just a lovely film.

The Shaman

Powerful story about past, manipulation, fight and tools of victory, about new status of shamans and about vulnerability. A beautiful film because it is one of rich roots, behind the technical solutions. More than a Sci Fi in clothes of medieval, it is a great work of nuances. A film about power and self defy. Well crafted, well done.


ambiguity as virtue
Vulnerability, manipulation, loneliness, fascination of evil and a not perfect but far to be bad story. A psychologist, a sexual predator behind the bars and a relation giving more its ambiguity than explanations. Good acting, fair accents and good kick to reflect about situations and...instinct. The good point , obvious Carice van Houtten and the special aspect - the relation of Nicoline with her mother.


A genius. A bully. An essay contest. Premises of a nice film about competition spirit, and a cake versus the fake victory ,the new student in school and the new strategy of Paulie. Result, a nice portrait of the fight for hierachy , refuges, frustrations and childhood essential traits.

Three Deaths

eulogy of life
The death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy. You recognize the novella line by scene. But the virtue of film is more than a wise adaptation. It represents a beautiful portrait of life in the frame of the rest of the near other. A short film about desires and about fall. About lost chances and about survivers. Fair cinematography, good acting, powerful message and the flavors of Russian atmosphere with traces of Ingmar Bergman universe. . A profound useful short drama.

My Loyal Audience

teen condition
A well crafted comedy, with dark accents, about life of teenagers, relation with family and need of affection. All correct , useful for remind old experiences, nice and good pledge for fight for personal life in the waves of tantrum.


slice of war
My ancestors were Georgians. The war of 2008 remains one of significant events,from the last decades, for me, first for the fer about new lost of Georgia independence. So, Shindisi represents more than a good film. It is a testimony, definition, image of a world, remember of essential values , alive, today. A film about courage and solidarity, served by a beautiful cinematography. A real event, in a place from Georgia, in the frame of Russian agression. For an Eastern European, easy to understand it, nuances by nuances. Short, one of films based by profound honesty. For a part of public, maybe, propaganda. But it is a film about people, simple people, but not about politic and the words of the Russian officer about the care of his motherland to Georgia are enough for many of the people from East to define their cold, powerful realism. Short, a slice of war. Not about heroism but about simple people. Great for the status of pure testimony. And as cure to not ignore but, again and again, remind. The status of the priests/monks in the solve of Sindisi problem remains one of the proofs.

From the Veil

A lost battle, the motif of survive, the last fight, using impressive tools of the death, reasonable end and fair moral story. A seductive short fantasy , decent acted, proposing fair fight scenes and the desired final, poetic and just nice. The flavor of old fashion fairy tales is the perfect spice.


Kevin of NT Bullock seems more weird by the mother after her radical change. But a decent short horror, with fair dose of dark humor and fine end.

Fair Maiden

A medieval short film seductive for nice twist, for cultural references and for the subtle status of feminism. A young woman across a wood. A too arogant knight . And the perfect lesson for him. Result, just nice very short film and good state after its end.

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