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a man in blue
A man in blue in a nice town. The beach. His researches. And a terrible discover creating the fall of town. Nice drawings, inspired music, seductive references to the video games and Sci Fi soft cliches . The flavors of childhood are the real virtue of this charming - ironic short animation with virtue of parable.

Training Wheels

Maybe, sweet is the fair term for define this short film. A rich woman, a gigolo and their very professional collaboration for a noble purpose. Result, a very nice comedy about couple, profesional help, people And, sure, a nice friendship.


a journey
As simple definition, a short film about a medium.

Two friends and their trip. A monastery and a rosary.

An abandoned house and a young man saving the life of one of them.

And the naked truth.

An admirable crafted short horror, beautiful acting and music and fair exploration of a dark story about comunication out of life borders. Splendid job of Lea van Acken.

Summer in the Vineyard

Nice to charming. Love, tension, family, a big festival and the occasion of affirmation. All in fair manner crafted. Predictable, no doubts but seductive for a sort of spring state.

Light in the Water

more than sport
I suppose, provocative can be the fair term for define this documentary. Not for story itself but for intensity/ emotion of confessions about birth of special form of happiness, great friendship, about be real free against prejudices and make what you real want and well you know.

A documentary about people and sport, other form of Olympics - more faithful, in some measure, by Old Greek competition - and about the manner to conquest not exactly victories or trophies - both are present - but trust.

So, provocative, no doubts.

And beautiful to touching, to.

Paper Boys: Life & Art Part II
Episode 2, Season 1

the sketchbook
The sketchbook seems be the main character of this episode. Like San Francisco. The spring air of both two episodes is the basic presumed virtue of series. A film about friendship, radical new beginning, relations and a sketchbook making things, maybe, too real. Short, just nice, and the performance of Kyl Cabral is one of fair ingredients of this.

Paper Boys: Art & Life Part I
Episode 1, Season 1

confession of a friend
The best part is the soft - gentle manner to use a sensitive theme. A young man visiting his best friend before the engagement party of the last. A nice evening, talks, plans. And a confession changing much of perspective.

A nice episode, beautiful acted, well sustained by the music, cinematography and the definition of profound delicate situation, mix of fear, reserves, kind of comformism and cowardness. Good last scene.

The Thing That Ate the Birds

axis of life
Portrait of a marriage in crisis . The man, obsessed by the death of birds. The woman isolated in her too much affective distance by her husband. And a creature brutal death.

Obvious - a parable about things who real matters as axis of life.

The other .

The details and the blind hunting for explain there.

The blood as inspired metaphore.

The fair end , because the evil is shadow of indifference.

In simple terms, a very good short horror.


a parable
A doctor and his wife, in night, prisoners, in their house, of a group of masked men. A sort of interrogatory about his job , result of scientific research, results - too long time expected and money. And a precious gift for a noble cause.

A film proposing only questions And, for them, just beautiful, in profound sense.

Or only a very inspired parable.

Scrap Dolls

a boy. a scrap yard
A boy, his mourning after the death of his friend, a memory space, bulying and a man making art in a scrap yard.

Emotion , precise, fair explored, this is the basic virtue of this short film reminding essential things, working with small essential details defining each character, being, in essence, a lesson about survive and right/ wise perspective about connection with past and good answers to challenges.

The gentless, beautiful portrait of kindness and wisdom are the good pieces of this seductive film.

Mont Foster

a couple . their house near forest
A couple at their house out of city. A terrible loss and the effort of each of their to come back to normal situation. A chain of incidents, a visit, a sentimental connection out of marriage, a poem by Goethe and presumed gaslighting.

Impressive for the colors of fall, for house and for slow rhytm of story, good ingredient for construction of good tension.

A film about vulnerability, cruel game and death , stains of childhood and deep loneliness in the cage of fears.

Le daim

a man. his jacket
It is easy to see it as a dark comedy. As a parable, in same measure. As an eccentric story, admirable served by Jean Dujardin.

In fact, its realism represents the main virtue.

A jacket, its owner, their dialogue and a simple sort of friendship with a young waitress. And the result of this relation , the violent side of his bizarre desire and the perfect end .

A film demanding the honesty from viewer , because the absurd situations are just pieces of coherent large puzzle , reminding ordinary temptations animating near reality.

Station Eleven: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren't Dead
Episode 4, Season 1

precise exploration
At first sight, it seems little far by novel. But it is just a more profound exploration of the world who you know. Same spirit from Station eleven. But more nuances. Same traits of survive. But a better portrait of prophet in the presence of children. More relevance of book created by Miranda and fair sketches about the relation between Jeevan and Kirsten.

So, fine work, precise touch.

Eurovision Song Contest Turin 2022

a slice of honesty
The political vote, in the case of the last decade of Eurovision editions is far to be a surprise. 2022 has only the sin to virtue to propose from the start the winner, the vote becoming a sort of polite gesture. Stefania is a beautiful song but this can be the problem - its virtues are not important and Ukraine was the chosen from the first second for seltimental - political reasons.

But , for some years, Eurovision is only a game of negotiations and political reasons , simpaties and antipaties, the music becoming only a very, very small detail or, in happy case, pretext for demonstrations of solidarity.

I appreciated Moldova and Serbia. But the final verdict is so expected than nothing matters.

Comme un coup de tonnerre

a doctor becoming a case
The bitterness of depression represents the heart of this film. A doctor, having perfect family, expecting the birth of new child, with perspective to become new mayor of village is under deep depression.

As one knowing this form of darkness, I appreciate the beautiful job of Gregory Montel and the wise construction of story.

A slice of near reality, remarkable as pledge for importance of family, for new life and for end of closed loneliness.

Road to Emmaus

More than an adaptation of road to Emmaus episode, it is a lesson about roots of birth, mission, sacrifice and resurrection of the savior. Bruce Marchiano gives the proper enthusiasm to make the story almost tangible, the dialogue is decent crafted, the result is just beautiful. A pleasant short film, for its precise target, inspiring just joy, hope and rise of faith and courage.

Right in Front of Me

I saw this film like a velvet ribbon . For the graceful exploration of this character by Marco Grazzini. For the dishes. For the romance. For the nice contribution of Janelle Parrish and for something easy to define as old fashion scents.

But the main virtue is the feeling to be more than an ordinary Hallmark film. It is, in some kind, refinned and simple like, maybe, the rice cake. And nice like the little fork.

Comme les dinosaures

front to the end
The realism, familiar after the experience of pandemic period and, especially lock down remains the basic virtue of this short film about a teenager prepairing for the end of world.

A mentor - his book , in fact -, the girlfriend, his dog and the lodger of his uncle as refuge. Intense prepaires for the inevitable moment.

The precious gift - the precise portrait of the tension defining teens state .

Second - the details - from the wall of Renaissance reproductions to the attitude about the essay precising the save the world.

Inspired cinematography, cold colors, well crafted dialogues and beautiful acting of young Nicolas Fontaine.

Lions Among Men

a manifesto
A powerful message , fair construction of story, inspired craft of tension and correct end. A film about rights, civil ones, first, but, more important, good remind of long, terrible, painful fights.

At the first sight, maybe, only political correct film.

Th black man and the woman as victims of white, cruel to sadistic white men.

But one of great virtues of this short movie is just the wisdom to be more than that. It represents an opened window to near reality, from cliches to prejudices.

Short, in profound sense, just beautiful.


teens. parents
John Cena, fears of parents about presumed events in their daughters prom, not so necessary graphi nudity and few good moments. Not good, not bad, only other absurd comedy about teens , more matures then their parents.

And some laugh.

Search and Destroy

I do not like the action movies. So, this film was just delightful. For high predactibility, for bad dialogues, worst than the uniforms and guns, for the long chain of cliches , for Bruce and for the not inspired end.

It is just unfair to define it as a bad film. The target is clear, good intentions obvious and the scenes of fight, some drops of politics just expected.

So, easy story, a sort of acting, ambiguity and unrealism in large slices and the final known from the first scenes.

t.A.T.u.: Nas Ne Dogonyat

At the beginning of century, I discovered it as more than a great song. A manifesto, no doubts but , more important, a radical image of a new Russia.

T. A. T.u. Was, obvious, more than a girls band but a sort of cry against taboos , fears and an iced society.

That makes Nas Ne Dogonyat different in same measure in 2001 than in 2022.

So, emblematic love song, inspired video, dramatic message.

Paris you got me

just great
I saw it as a magnificent travel across periods, familiar scenes, old fashion stories and power of dance to change just everything.

She , looking the expensive red shoes.

His invitation.

A park, few nice optical illusions on asphalt , a crumb of Alice in Wonderland and slices from classic musicals.

And the wise crafted end.

From fairy tale to the shining 1920 s, nothing is absent.


love of a boy
It reminds Malena - same boy dreaming about a woman in very difficult situation, looking to have her attention and dreaming about her. And her answer.

The spring air defines this lovely - delicate in pure sense short film.

Precious state of soul after final credits.

Bible Hunters

fair introduction
It represents a very good guide for basic informations about Codex Sinaiticus , Codex Siriacus and Codex Washington. Jeff Rose is perfect as introducer in universe of faith - front to discoveries -, fears and doubts and expectations of authors of discoveries, the Gospel by Mark and the doubts/ changes/ questions around it.

Pure trip, out of sensationalism.

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