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Merci de votre Visite

A powerful film about vulnerabilities, sense of gestures, options and salvation. Great details, impressive twist, admirable dialogue. A bank. And two men . The choice of one. The sacrifice of the other. Short, just a gem.

Le conseiller

a farm
A banker and a farmer. The last looking for funds for expand his family farm. The first looking for sustain this intention. The enthusiasm. Something can be defined as friendship. And the economical crisis changing everything. A powerful story, well crafted film and nice music.

Wolf Hall: Entirely Beloved
Episode 2, Season 1

a gem
The balance between loyalty and desire of power. Admirable job of Mark Rylance, inspired option for dAMIAN Lewis in the skin of Henry VIII and a great construction of atmosphere , giving , more than good illustration of historical events, a very useful parable about options, interests and vulnerabilities. Short, just a gem.


One of that beautiful films giving, in gentle manner, all the flavors of the childhood. Precise, touching , it is the story of a boy passion for the sea. A long term love , with many fqalls and a great succes. At first sigh, a film about a form of loneliness. At the second, a great portrait of real happiness. The music is just one of the precious spices of this short film.


A film about meaning of life, love, friendship, music, decisions. Poetic, delicate,seductive, first, Ghilhermo Lobo representing one of basic virtues. Short, just beautiful.

Hurts: Miracle

the truth
Interesting perception of love. Beautiful song and clear definition of the second chance as miracle. A powerful song about apparences and the truth behind it, about fight and hope.

Hurts: Some Kind of Heaven

the Heaven
A love song . And its video reflecting precise clash between menaces, family reunions, small hypocrisies and love as a form of Heaven. Irony as perfect spice.

Wolf Hall: Three Card Trick
Episode 1, Season 1

the steps
Impeccable construction, great cast , fine drive of tension. The events are known but, in this case, the ball of nuances of revenge, desire, rivalries and expectations is sustained by wise reflection of their nuances. The premises are done. And the way to power becomes in precise manner.

Poios den metanionei

a couple
A film defined by details. Gestures, looks, silencies, food, smiles more than the dialogue itself are significant for define a relation with deep roots and its fall. Beautiful acting, inspired script and the bitterness as basic flavor.


a good serie
After so many historical series of the last two decades, Domina is not exceptional. But correct. Fair dosis of love, politic, nudity, murders, revenges, good acting, interesting themes used in provocative manners and the nostalgia with old series and texts about same characters, including Rome. It can be considered feminist or political correct but both work well. Result - a large fresco of the reign of Octavianus Augustus. Not real example of historical accuracies in real sense but nice crafted at each level.

Domina: Happiness
Episode 8, Season 1

power. and motherhood
It is more than politic, murders, consolidation of power or acceptance of status. It is an episode about future and its corners. Sure, Livia is the main character and her decisions, steps of survive, are the lines of spider webb. But, not ignoring the recipe of good Netflix series, this episode propose a fine portrait of essence of motherhood. The dreams, proects and the facts versus sacrifices. Short, an episode about power. And its very high price. Earl Cave gives a fair portrait of Tiberius except the Norman Bates episode, too bizarre and absolutely mistaken.


It seems a theater play. Two brothers protecting their land against immigrants. Water versus pesticides, the image of great father and the truth about his origin, turtles and reactions, nationalism and reminds about Abel and Cain. A beautiful film about convictions, truth and attittudes.

Years & Years: Desire

The cold , realistic, dark perspective about love is the gift of this song, sustained by video who explores the deep loneliness, the vanish effort to ignore the past relation and the not so surprising end of effort. Short, different, including for musical technique.

Years & Years: Take Shelter

memories and freedom
I saw it as a mix of remind and confession. The video explores, in fine way, myths and forms of freedom and love , not easy to accept them. So, a song about acceptance and about need of the other. Admirable for sound .


Tien Shue
I was fascinated by his performance. By his art to reflect the delicate nuances of Kim in gentle, precise manner. A poetic film about roots and beloved ones. About death and about a strange world who, a tie ago, was him. His daughter and him. A funeral sign, a film presenting snow flakes, a fist of truths and a bonsai. Short, one of films reminding, with high delicacy, the basic things defining us in the most fair / essential manner.

Joe and Max

a good film
First, it is a good film for the fair construction of story. It is more than portrait of friendship, politics versus sport, nation reconaissence or good acting. It is a film talking, in honnest manner, about ordinary, next reality's problems, from prejudices to enthusiasm, from pressures to ignore, from sacrifices for other to the survive. A film to remind, this seems be its basic purpose. Sure, against his effort, Rolf Ka.nies is not the most inspired option for the role of Hitler. Sure, the film gives only a sketch but the manner to reflect social aspects has the virtue to be a real, real good film. And this fact is the only significant in this case.

Body Armor

a father
A simple story about a man losing his daughter, about a community ostracized him, about a foreign girl wonded in his garden and about the theoretical kindness of a man to him. A very powerful film, great for atmosphere, message and acting and for wise, profound reflection of basic traits defining near reality.

The Good Humor Man

Jack Carson and Peter Miles. And a lot of crazy slapstick humor. It seems enough for see this mix of film noir, comedy, absurd story, child soul, Captain Marvel, a not very smart cop, ice cream and Jean Wallance as Bonnie. Yes, after more than half of century old, it seems naive. But useful for remind the dream about generosity of a presume vendor, offering free icecream to his young friends. And, sure, do not ignore the hard working donkey.

Dream Toy

a red toy car
It is easy to compare it with Christine. But it is a simple, touching, delicate Greek short film about connections, past, duty . A small red toy car escaping from a box with toys in a storeroom. Its way, adventure, tenacity, need to be part of life of owners, its decisions. After a car accident, in a cemetery , the film gives the answer. The fair one, explaining not exactly the adventures but the perspective about thin line between death and life and the things who are out of this ambiguous delimitation. Short, beautiful in the most profound sense.


Just a beautiful very short documentary. Beautiful for the youth spirit. For the fresh perspective about ife. For the hope and for the joy. For the way to use the window of freedom/ sense of existence. For delicacy and for the fine work with the piece of clay named life. For the moral and end. For the lovely ingenuity. Short, just beautiful.

Revenge Tour

surprising good
A miserable life of a young man. Troubles in love, frustrations at work, a roommate pasionate by rap . And rap as perfect eliberation from the gray every day circle. And his form of revenge has surprising results. Beautiful short film and nice work of Omar Maskati. Just surprising, in good sense.

Friendship's Obstacle

A very easy summer short film. Two friends, a girl on the beach, the total war between them and , after adventures, dissapointment, a new run. Not the best dialogues, not the most inspired acting but nice for remind hot summer days.


a line
A poetry. Recited far by director expectations. A ballet training hall. A man. A woman. Gray images. In many senses, a haiku. About line between performance and life. About silences. About others. In special way, about trains. A small basket of suggestions. Short, a profound beautiful film.

Domina: Treason
Episode 7, Season 1

a trial. murders. and family
A story about power of women. To save, negotiate, fix difficult situations, giving birth and saving old friends. A story about pride of men. And about new mariages. And , not the last, faithful image of politics. So, a good map of vulnerabilities and desires and hate. And children being not the answers to the desires of their mother.

Domina: Nightshade
Episode 6, Season 1

An episode about death and survive. Beautiful performance of Pedro Leandro as Aprio , he giving to his character the wilderness of a man mixing his greed, vulnerability, love and jealousy in perfect ball. A good little Caligula of Finn Benett, maybe more good as young Octavian. Joseph Ollman as older Iullus giving, too, a good performance. An episode giving posible answer about future faith of Julia. And good kick to compasion for the victims of Livia.

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