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Hangar 1: The UFO Files

A series that is flawed but worth watching
There seems to be a quiet explosion of programs about the UFO phenomenon on television. The creation of a program based on the files of Mufon is very welcome. On the plus side, the episodes in Season 2 have focused upon finding groups of sightings that have common elements and then tried to explain what the presence of these elements implies. This has involved many lesser known incidents. Since these incidents were in fact investigated by Mufon, they have a certain credibility and Hangar 1 takes them at face value. This is not a program whose purpose is to present a detailed analysis of each case. Anyone who expects that will be disappointed. On the minus side, there is a lot of sloppiness, presumably introduced by the producers. The explanations given are often either in error or have more plausible alternatives. One example in a later episode claimed that a UFO teleported a truck across Virginia, when the more likely explanation was that the UFO picked up the truck and physically moved it. Time travel was assumed to be implied in another case, but the explanation was based on a very flimsy conjecture. Other inaccuracies include talking about a trip to the moon and mars as being interstellar when it is in fact 'only' interplanetary. Terms like interstellar and intergalactic are thrown around without any apparent knowledge of what they mean. This to me represents producers aiming at sensationalism and wanting to use as many buzz words as possible. All in all, though, the series is worthwhile and its search for common themes to illuminate the UFO phenomenon in new ways brings an interesting higher level analysis to the field. I recommend it.

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