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Judge Mathis

Unlike a lot of other judge and jury shows this one feels more welcoming. Judge Mathis is my favorite judge to watch on TV. Unlike the people's court or judge Judy judge Mathis likes to get along with both the defendant as well as the prosecutor. While some may see that as not doing his job, I enjoy it because on both this show as well as the people's court the judge gets to the bottom of the case. Judge Mathis is the only court room show that I have ever watched where the clients are allowed to argue with each other. Which I also think is great cause some times while there arguing in the heat of the moment somebody will drop a piece of information that they left out of there story. This proves not only to judge Mathis but to us as the audience as well who is wrong in that situation. Overall I would definitely recommend judge Mathis to anyone who loves to watch a good court room debate.


Could watch it again and again.
Predators picks up where the last two great films left off hunting and killing. The predator is by far the greatest hunter in the alien fictional history. Unlike the last two movies where the predator was on earth in this movie the predator has abducted there victims and placed them on an uncharted planet. For me there are a ton of characters in this movie that I like, the cool samurai guy, the crazy guy in the ship who betrays the survivors. My favorite character was the big Russian guy. At first I was so caught up with all the great characters that I forgot till midway through that most of these characters if not all would die. My favorite thing about this movie though was the fact that there was two different type of predators the ones that we've seen from the other movies and the new ones who apparently are the stronger ones. When I found out that there were two different types of predators, that got me so pumped to see a showdown and sure enough we did. Of course the smaller predator died but it was a good effort. This movie is absolutely one that I can watch again and again and still be interested I loved it. Only problem was they didn't really explain how the humans got on the planet, but still great movie.

The Cat in the Hat

If your bored and got time to spare
I've watched this movie about 3 times in my life now, the first time was in theaters, I went in not expecting much judging from the trailers. Surprisingly this movie didn't disappoint me too much. It was in no way a great movie, but it was decent. There are a lot of bad things about this movie like how the the two kids are a real pain in the neck to there mom. Watching this as a kid myself I was amazed at how troublesome these kids were. Another bad point to this movie is the cat. Honestly Mike Myers is one of my favorite actors I just love his humor in shriek, however the cat is so annoying he is constantly doing things to get the kids in trouble, his jokes are really not funny, and he has freaky little minions that scared me as a child to clean up his mess. However, although this movie has lots of bad points I would watch it again if bored just for the nostalgia.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2 is easily one of the greatest movies of all time. Out of all the amazing work that Arnold has done in his career this to me is his best the one liners, the it's good to be back type of feeling this movie has it all. In comparison to this movie and the first movie I think one of the only things terminator 1 suffered from was the fact that Kyle Reese and Arnold's terminator couldn't come to blows due to the fact that one punch and Kyle would be dead. However in this movie it's terminator vs terminator so the stakes are definitely higher than before. Not to mention the fact that Arnold's a lower model than his opponent in this movie and trust me Arnold gets wrecked. The ending to this movie is something that gets me every time. I've watched this at least 3 times in the last 5 years and that ending always puts a tear in my eye. Overall terminator 2 judgment day is a timeless movie that I guarantee you 10 years from now this movie will still be considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time.

Family Guy

Easily addictive
Family guy by far is my favorite adult animated show, I have been watching for almost 10 years now and I still think it's as funny now as it was when I first watched it. I was a kid then so not all the jokes got through but now re watching past episodes and understanding some of the adult jokes I have an even funner time watching this show. Although the only problem with the show I have is the fact that I've been watching for 10 years and some characters can get a bit annoying now, so every once in awhile I'll give myself a few months away from the show. My favorite character on the show is Chris griffin because he's played by one of my favorite childhood actors in Seth green. Also I love how Chris just adds onto his fathers dumbness when it comes to picking on Meg. Chris is one character that after 10 years I am still able to say I love that character. Overall I'd say family guy is a hilarious show with no real down points unless you've been watching for a long time like me.


Smallville is the best
If you love passionate actors and love thinking outside the box smallville is the show for you. The actors on smallville are so great at what they do I found myself actually crying in tragic moments as well as feeling so much joy when things turned out well for our heroes. For 10 years smallville has made me a superman fan, in fact I never liked superman before I watched smallville. Now what ever it may be I find myself defending smallville against anyone who tries to hate on it. The fact is I am not open to another interpretation of the superman orgins because anything that does not follow the smallville origin story to me is the wrong superman orgins story. My favorite characters on the show are Lana and Clark. There story was so beautifully told. Overall I give this show a 10 out of 10 because although I would like to have seen more justice league characters this show never disappointed me in terms of the love triangles.

Modern Family

Funniest show I've seen in a while.
This is honestly one of the greatest comedy shows I have ever seen. As if this show couldn't get any better it deals with some interesting topics such as interracial marriage as well as same sex marriage. Although most people like to laugh at me when ever I say this I honestly believe that this show is an inspiration. Usually I'll take something from the show and compare it to how I should do something. For example there are numerous times when Claire and Mitchell who are siblings will stand up to there father. Which is one thing that keeps me watching the show. This show features multiple celebrity guest stars. Overall I give this show a 10 out of 10 due to the fact that I came in thinking this would be the biggest waste of my time ever, however modern family has skyrocketed to the top of my list of greatest shows I have ever watched. It's funny and inspirational and I'd highly recommend anyone to watch this with your family.

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