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Artemis Fowl

How hard is it to stick to a good story?
Apparently too hard for Disney. This is just really sad. So much of a good book series lost immediately to the hands of Disney. We could have had something good, but they had to add the "Special Disney Touch" that has ruined so many other great things. Just make a good adaptation, it can't be that hard. As though they thought this would actually play well with audiences?? Try again

The Midnight Gospel

Not Your Typical Show!!
I loved Midnight Gospel, but I understand if you don't. It's different. The show is basically a collection of interviews combined with fantastical and trippy animation sequences. There is also a small story that goes on in between the interviews in the real world. My wife describes it as a podcast with great visuals. It's truly interesting listening to the people just talk. If you don't like podcasts or you were expecting adult adventure time, then this may not be for you. The dialogue is usually in a philosophical tone, speaking on life's struggles and how people have worked through their own different life changing stories. The final episode will hit much harder than you expect. I loved the first season and I hope there are more to come.

Gantz: O

Gratuitous and Flashy
Good animation, some nice sound effects. The action is nonsensical fun. Gratuitous nudity, as per usual with these Japanese animated films. A character has large breasts that bounce and jiggle even in the "hi-tech suit" thing. Unnecessary and pretty much ruined the movie. Just unnecessary dweeb pandering. Sure sex sells, but it doesn't always mean happy customers.

After the Dark

Long wait for really basic and pretentious plot
Just a long movie full of annoying preaching. Could have been something good but all of the conflicts are so fake and forced.

Black Panther

So forgettable, I forgot to take it off my watchlist and rate it.
Just bland. It had some nice camera work, rare but some decent shots. Poor writing, most actors did the best with what they had. Rushed the effects department, final fight looks like a playstation 1 game. This movie is formulaic and uninspired. It hits the basic comic book movie cliches. If you are watching the MCU through for first time, you could skip this one and miss nothing. I saw it after Endgame. I still haven't seen Captain Marvel, but I understood everything in Endgame so the two don't seem necessary. Same goes for Thor: Dark World.

The Capture of Bigfoot

I've never had more fun
Watch this with a group of people, or find a screening where everyone yells about the movie. By far one of the funniest movies I've seen, but for all the wrong reasons. By no means is this is a good film, but I didn't make it, so I can't complain.

Creep 2

A Surprise
After watching the first Creep movie, I was left thinking "well that was just okay." But it kept popping back into my head. It was a movie that stuck with me. I was kind of shocked, honestly. My rating of a 6/10 for Creep still stands because it was fairly simple, but decent. The acting was pretty good, and overall the atmosphere worked. This movie was much better, but not because it was higher quality, but because we saw more into the Aaron character. It was surprisingly well written, and entertaining. I like that it played off of the previous movie with no big easter eggs. It doesn't tease it with you, it feels like it's just an extension from the first rather than a whole new story. I loved the aspect of filming a documentary. It played very realistically, and was surprisingly well done. I expected another basic Blumhouse flick, and that they would go over the top and jumpscares everywhere. Instead I was met with the same atmosphere as the first movie. It was a well dont creepy "horror" movie. Horror get thrown around as movies that make you jump and scream because of these ridiculous loud noises every time something "scary" happens. This movie does have a couple of jumpscares, but they play off of the first movie where Aaron would jump out and try to scare the cameraman. This movie is a slow pace, suspense film that will stick with you after watching. If you didn't see the first movie, I recommend starting there to truly understand this movie. It isn't my new favorite movie, and I did have trouble with some of the pacing and a couple of scenes tht didn't feel necessary, but overall a good, effective horror movie.

Creeped Out

Ya basic
This show is just one big cliche. Just because it's a kid's show doesn't mean it gets away free from actual criticism. The camera work is pretty bad. No standout cinematography to be seen. The acting is ridiculously bad. I know there are good child actors, but wow, they just took any kid who tried out. And the adults are terrible as well. The plots are so basic and stupid. The first episode is about an evil phone. And it's just a cliche and poorly written lesson. The kids are all poorly written/directed. None of them act like children at all. The stories are all pretty basic and have no imagination at all. Honestly I've seen some bad shows, but this is up there with the "Hey fellow kids" kind of shows.

Hail, Caesar!

So much hope, but no substance
So many amazing actors and well shot scenes, but almost no substance. The movie was so dull, jokes fell flat before they even had a chance. The movie was well shot and the actors gave it their all. The dialogue seemed like filler through the entirety of the film. The story didn't seem to progress at all throughout the film. It tried to do too much and failed on all accounts. Just 3/10 seeing as the acting was fair and the cinematography was great.

Inside Out

I don't get how some people are confused by this movies plot. And those who think it had no story?! What is with some people. This movie was amazing, and very emotional.

It is about a girl fighting depression when she moves away from everything she knew to live somewhere new, and the movie shows a view from the emotions if the emotions were little people controlling humans. Never did i expect to be this moved by a movie, not to mention that it still managed some absolutely hilarious moments. This was a great movie, though younger kids may not understand some things that happen in the film, most anyone who has dealt with a hardship will love the movie, and understand what is happening to Riley.

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