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How to Get Away with Murder: Stay
Episode 15, Season 6

The only show to do it right
Shows barely get the ending right - you can't please everyone but I think the writers pulled a rabbit out the hat with this. Really great ending!


1. First off Frank and Bonnie. That just about broke my heart. Frank would have hated himself if he knew he got Bonnie killed but Bonnie couldn't have lived with herself if Frank had died either so there really was no way through for them. If only Bonnie hadn't told Frank the truth! I would have liked to have seen clips of their funeral because they were family to Annalise as much as her own mother. Really sad ending for them but romantic in a Bonnie & Clyde/Romeo & Juliet type way

2. So happy Annalise got to live a long life and ended up with Tegan! I loved those two together. The writers really tricked us with the younger picture of her! Annalise deserved a happy ending

3. I really didn't see the twist coming of Wes being Chris! That was great! Lovely to see Laurel with him and that he had been mentored by Annalise. It came around full circle and him seeing her in the audience was beautiful. This whole season I thought Wes wasn't really dead!

4. Glad that Connor and Oil ended up back together. Connor was never really bad at heart so I'm glad he found a way to get redemption

5. Nate and Michaela were the only 2 endings I didn't like. They were both terrible characters who never got their comeuppance. Nate was a serial murdered who didn't care who he hurt to get what he wanted. He had no morals! And Michaela was an evil, lying, manipulative, hypocritical sociopath! And she became supreme judge with children?! Both of these characters should have had endings they deserved

Really going to miss this show but so happy with the ending

How to Get Away with Murder: The Reckoning
Episode 11, Season 6

I used to love this show until this season.

In between the writers pushing a political agenda consistently and shoving it down our throats, you have the ridiculous storylines.

In this episode the FBI find Asher's body, get the full fingerprints report AND arrest and interrogate Michaela and Connor WITHIN AN HOUR!!! An hour before Asher leaves, Michaela mentions they have 3 hours until graduation and then all that happens.

How is this whole season so poor when the rest were being brilliant??!! Maybe because the writers are too busy trying to insert subliminal AND obvious political agendas into the show than to think about the storyline.


How had I not heard of this? FANTASTIC show!
I did a little research as to why this show was cancelled because it was so utterly brilliant I couldn't understand. It was something to do with politics and the show never receiving the airtime and advertising it should have so it was predestined to never hit the ratings (which is probably why I'd never heard of it until 2020 when Netflix added it). It's a real shame because this is truly one of the best shows I've ever seen.

Some really talented actors, every single person, from the main cast to side actors, all played their parts so well. There were some really gritty storylines behind the main MMA main premise of the show and each episode was better than the previous one.

I'm counting it as having has 4 seasons given that season 2 has 20 episodes whereas the others had 10 but I wish each season has 20 episodes it was that good.

Personally, I'm ok that it ended when it did because I don't think it would have been the same without Nate (plus Lisa moving on) but I do wish we'd gotten to see what happened to Ryan and who his new manager would be. And Alvey and the gym - who would manage it? Jay was my absolute favourite character (the actor who played him deserved numerous awards - what an array of acting skills he displayed throughout) and it would have been nice to know if he ever returned to the cage and for his daughter back. It would have been nice to have one more season tying up all these storylines and then the show could have ended like this.

The last episode had me in tears throughout, I don't think I've ever cried so much at a TV show. I'll really miss it - it was the first show in a long time to make me excited to watch it and think about it when not watching.

The Sinner: Part IV
Episode 4, Season 3

Sadly unwatchable
I loved season 1 of The Sinner with Jessica Biel. I was hooked, it was exciting, you needed to see what would happen next. It was well acted and the story was brilliant.

Season 2 was not the same. I got halfway through and had to give up.

This season is even worse! I'm on the 4th episode and nothing has happened. Nothing at all. I don't mind a slow burner but something has to happen eventually! It's just really, really boring. Such a waste of talent and you honestly just want the main character to throw himself off a building by now just so that A) something will happen and B) this rubbish will end

I think the first season was just a one hit wonder sadly and it's been dramatically downhill since then

Wine Country

For a bunch of comediennes this was embarassing
I really wanted to like this. Really. An entire cast of Saturday Night Live and actresses I really like. I hadn't ever heard of it so thought I'd stumbled on a treasure when browsing Netflix.

I didn't...

It was such a terrible movie it was almost as though the writers and actors thought as the main cast are all comediennes, there is no need for a script or a story. That complacency ruined what had the potential of being a good comedy. As it turned out, I didn't even laugh once. Not even disappointing

Last Christmas

Only those high on eggnog will date this better than a 2
I so desperately wanted to like this movie. I'm a huge Christmas nut, I absolutely adore Emelia and love George Michael but WHAT A PILE OF RUBBISH!! Where to start with this hot mess?!

1 - It's a Christmas movie, why on earth did they confuse it by adding a political agenda with no clue which angle it was supposed to be headed in?! What was the point in adding the Yogosalavian/Croation element other than to prove Emma Thompson can do an accent? It was factually incorrect, confused the story, confused the viewer and generally just added bitterness to what could have been an ok movie

2 - Due to previous point, they then had no time to develop the actual storyline and rushed the ending so quick I can't even remember what happened and I watched it yesterday

3 - The plot 'twist' was obvious from the start, how anyone didn't guess it is beyond me. So we all expected it but they could have done it better...made it more sentimental, given them more screen time

4 - Kate's God awful sister was a terrible person full of bitterness and hatred. To give her character a complete turnaround needed more time and development, not a bottle of champagne on a doorstep and suddenly she's singing Christmas carols

5 - Was it supposed to be a comedy? Or a political movie (the whole Brexit 'you lot go back to your country' bus scene and the bi-racial homosexual angle and how this is accepted in other cultures). These are serious political matters, perhaps not best tackled in a 30 second scene during a Christmas movie. I don't remember laughing once now that I think about it so perhaps it wasn't a romantic comedy after all?!

6 - Did anyone else notice that even Emelia's gigantic and usually captivating smile couldn't hide how much she just was not committed to this?!

I could go on but you get the point. Go see it because it's Christmas but don't expect a lot. And you'll be ok to take a nap during the movie too.

It Chapter Two

Failed attempt at horror and comedy
Firstly, those people giving this a 9 and 10....what did they put in your popcorn?! Did you see a different movie?! Should you be allowed to leave reviews if your taste in movies is that bad?! Some poor sod might read your review and go see this you not feel any guilt!

This was AWFUL! Its not even worth constructing proper sentences for so I'll leave these points here:

1. The terrible acting. It was awful. The actors were either bored or overacting (Bill, Mike, Richie). Seriously terrible.

2. What on earth was the need to make this a 3 hour movie?! It was so unnecessarily dragged out and incredibly boring

3. The story had no story. Mike tells them there's an Indian ritual they must collect artefacts for which separates them all for 2 hours of the movie but then it turns out there was no ritual...WHAT?! What was the point of that?! Ben threw into the fire something he'd held dear in his wallet for 27 years

4. Seperating the characters like that and filling the scenes with flashbacks made sure there was no character development

5. Erm what happened to Bills wife? Bev is kissing all the guys but is still married. They turned Bev's character into a gold digging floozy by having her kiss Bill then choose the wealthy and better looking Ben for his boat?!

6. What in the name of all that is Mike Myers was that terrible CGI about?! The old granny scene in the original was scary as she was a creepy old lady not a 15 foot naked zombie like monster

7. Speaking of zombies...Bowers zombie friend drives cars and breaks him out of an asylum? If zombies can do that, why did Pennywise need Bowers?

8. Speaking of Bowers...what was the point of him in all his over acting melodrama? He did nothing. Except to prove you can be stabbed in the heart and walk away absolutely fine

9. Stanley's suicide notes to each and every one of them that he wrote and posted before killing himself?! The act was supposed to have been done out of pure fear...not as a human sacrifice

10. The grand finale. After spending 2 hours looking for tokens and Mike carrying around a badly built dustbin made in a beginner's pottery class, turns out all you had to do was hurt Pennywises feelings by calling him a clown and he will turn into a baby? I have no words....really

People do yourselves a favour, avoid this at all costs

Stranger Things: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt
Episode 8, Season 3

Season finale makes up for a below average season 3
The first esposoeed of season 3 were highly disappointing. For the first time since this show began, I was bored! But by episode 4, it gets back to what it's good at. And this episode did not disappoint.

Never did I think I would need so many tissues watching a sci-fi TV programme! I was sad when Alexei got killed but then we lose Billy in a really touching scene (poor Max) and then we lose Jim??!! Eleven crying over the letter in the end absolutely broke my heart. The little sneak peak into season 4 has given me hope that 'The American' is Hopper (please let it be so!!)

The Steve/Dustin relationship is still my absolute favourite! What a way to end the show! please don't make us wait a year for season 4!!! Wills flashbacks to their younger days was really sad too.

Incredible acting from everyone, especially the younger cast. Phenomenal!

Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne
Episode 6, Season 8

Should be 0 stars
I would rate this as 0 but I'll allow the 1 star for Drogon taking his dead mother away. That was the only decent 3 seconds of this whole season.

I actually did laugh out loud at the 'Bran as king' storyline. Literally spat my tea out. This season seems to be a lot of, "well we wanted to take the story in this direction but it won't work and we don't know how to so quickly lets make something up along the way."

Gone was the storyline of Jon's heritage! End of 8 years waiting results in the 2 big threats, Night King and Cersei Lannister, being wiped out by Danaerys. Something nobody else could have done. And to thank her? The North kills her off. Nobody mourns her death nor seeks justice for it and the power hungry Sansa throws Jon under the bus and refuses to bend the knee to her own brother so she can become a queen of somewhere.

How nobody commented on the awfulness of Sansa baffles me. She has always been a power hungry, arrogant, selfish, manipulative person who somehow comes up smelling of roses despite committing treason.

This whole season has been utterly appalling. Years of waiting to hear about the Night King wiped out in a second by a flying Arya who somehow possesses supernatural abilities. Years of following Cersei's torture of everyone, only to have her ending rushed in a ridiculous way. No thought gone into the complete transformation of Dany.

I was really hoping someone had dreamt the whole thing and would wake up in a bed back in season 6 before everything started to go downhill. Utter rubbish. I've never seen such a bad ending to such a good show.

Game of Thrones: The Long Night
Episode 3, Season 8

What the Dothraki!!!
Before anything else is said or done or discussed, can we all take a moment to mourn the loss of the entire Dothraki horde??!!! I mean that is around 6 seasons of GoT amazing storylines. Dany became a fearless leader of these unruly fierce warriors and literally survived being burnt alive to prove herself worthy of leading them. And within a few seconds the show just does away with the entire clan?! For visual effects??!! And the next lot to go were the Unsullied. While the North (aka Brexit voting, foreigner hating, uneducated gimps) ran away and left Dany's armies to die??!!! So disappointing. We have witnessed Dany go from a slave freeing, fire controlling, dragon breeding force to be reckoned with, to a love-lorn little girl sacrificing her people and her deacons for the man she loves. *yawn* 5 stars given for the episode redeeming itself with the Arya twist. That was incredible.

The Possession of Hannah Grace

Bad....very bad
This movie was so bad! It was an ok idea and the actors did ok but what a rubbish story! It starts off well as a possession but then the bad guy goes from an Exorcist style spirit to a witch in the form of a young girl needing to feed on people. No storyline, no purpose, no sense! It's just back to back people finding new ways to be murdered in a morgue. There wasnt even an iota of suspense. How Shay Mitchell's character didnt burn her face off being halfway into the incinerator is worryingly not the worst part of the movie. Stay away. Save yourselves!

Rough Night

0 out of 10 is too generous
I cannot express in words how important it is that you do NOT waste your time watching this movie! I'm not a fan of Scarlett Johansson but I thought I'd give her one last try....the only positive thing to come out of this movie is confirmation of how utterly awful she is at acting. Really awful. This movie was done years previously with Very Bad Things where a bunch of friends accidentally kill a stripper at the guys bachelor party. The only difference is that in that movie, it was done very, very well and was an amazing movie. Why they would try to recreate that in the first place is beyond me but then to produce this utter pile of garbage and try to pass it off as a good movie, almost makes you want to quit Hollywood! The story was obviously recycled. The characters are all annoying. There is a waste of some potential talent in this movie and what the hell is up with Demi Moore's weird cameo?! The entire scene with the fiance in the diaper, it was so stupid that it was embarrassing to watch. This movie is awful!!!

The First Purge

Absolutely dreadful
The worst of all the Purge movies and one that shouldn't ever have been released. We all know the premise by now but the other movies execute it well enough to keep you gripped. I actually found myself doing other things while this played in the background.

I'll save you the almost 2 hours of your life and tell you the story - all the black people are goodies including the neighbourhood drug lord who doubles as an action hero and single handed my saves the neighbourhood against dozens and dozens of heavily armed well trained militia and mercenaries. All the white people are either KKK Nazis, doctors organising and running the experiment or Piers Morgan type politicians trying to wipe out the projects. All the characters are 2 dimensional with zero acting skills so you end up thinking it's fine to just kill them all off. Each and every one please.

Definitely a disaster of a movie.

Escape Room

Unexpectedly good!
Really just went to see this because there was nothing else on - I was pleasantly surprised! The acting was really good, the characters were likeable and even through the premise and storyline are as old as time itself and it was predictable (Cube did it much better), actually I came away having really enjoyed this. You didn't mind knowing what's going to happen because you're genuinely invested. Good popcorn movie, I'd recommend!


Not as bad as some of the reviews I think. I completely agree with most on the terrible acting by Al Pacino, a bit embarrassing really. Urban wasn't great either. Brittany Snow did an above average job, I think that gets lost a bit in the rest if the awfulness of the movie. Script was average and story was nothing new but I've seen worse.

Bird Box

Thoroughly enjoyable!
First off, the movie, though bearing similarities to A Quiet Place, was actually based on a novel released years ago. Secondly, it was by far superior to A Quiet Place so once you put all that aside, you can focus on the movie for what it is. I found it completely entertaining, the switching between present day and 5 years ago kept you guessing throughout- how does she end up there, just the 3 of them? The acting was superb, not only from Sandra Bullock but the whole cast. It really did keep me gripped the whole way through, absolutely loved it!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Then
Episode 10, Season 8

What a cop out!!!
The real shame here is that Coven was one of my favourite seasons. Not scary but really good. This season Apocalypse/Given 2 has just been a mish mash of other seasons and new storylines that were just scrapped after a couple of episodes.

So by going back in time, running over the Anti-Christ and killing him with an SUV and changing the future, nobody in Murder House got their happy ending?! All those cameos didn't actually happen?! They hinted at a Malorie/Michael showdown early on in the season...why did this not happen?! Couldn't she have battled him in an epic good/evil scene where she eventually wins and all the evil he committed (killing all the coven), is undone?! This was such an anti climax. So disappointing as this season had been so promising.

Ek Villain

What a waste of 3 hours
This movie was recommended to me by a friend who was trying to 'convert' me and get me to like Bollywood movies. Now I am not saying I dislike all Bollywood movies but I do need certain things when watching a movie: Good acting, a strong ORIGINAL plot and a decent storyline. Ek Villain has none of these.

The lead actress is so irritating from the second she shows up on the screen that you actually enjoy the scene when she is murdered and wouldn't mind watching it again & again. SHE CANNOT ACT! The lead actor seems promising....for the first 3 minutes. However you quickly realise how terrible he is when he cannot change his expression at all. In terms of acting, the only award should go to the serial killer's wife - she played the nagging wife role really well and the viewer was able to see how she has emasculated her husband.

The storyline is so appalling, not just because it is a blatant rip- off of Korean thriller "I Saw the Devil" but because it is such a poor imitation. As viewers we are already expected to believe that the hero can beat up 100 men in one go and is somewhat immortal, but for me I really lost interest when we see the actress cured of cancer without a single session of chemo. Who is this amazing and miraculous doctor and why is she not out there curing cancer for everyone everywhere and sharing her miracle??? And I also didn't know that Indians have the ability to go deep-sea diving without oxygen tanks! Apparently there are some gill-like tendencies that are inherited by Indians that I really wish I had. Perhaps we are all living in the wrong place and need to move to India where they have cancer curing doctors and magical underwater, unlimited oxygen supplies?

To sum up; terrible movie, atrocious acting, hilarious goofs but really nice songs. Go buy the CD and save yourself 3 hours!


Oh my God!
Such an awful movie that it actually does not warrant my time to write a proper review. This whole debacle was just an excuse for Beyonce to try and prove she can act - she can't. You'll find yourself rooting for anyone but her in the movie. Terrible, terrible waste of time.

Without giving away too much of the movie (not that there is much to give away) there is no plot, it is a poor imitation of many movies before it that have done this so well - successful husband married to pretty wife, gets tempted by seductress. Except in this horrid waste of time, there is nothing for anyone else to do other than fawn over Beyonce and how great she is and how no man would ever be tempted away from her because she is so great. At everything apparently (except acting!) She has a great voice and should stick to singing!

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