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Six: The Mark Unleashed

So sad
Can't believe there's people who gives a 10 to this movie. The USA are starting to scare me really, people like this, who claim to love this stupid, stereotypical pamphlet are the ones mass voting G.Bush and his preventive wars against the infidels, the axis of evil and those other fairy tales. So so sad.Talking about the artistic part this is probably the worst film ever made.

We find very bad acting, a car who seems to appear through the entire movie (with different owners). Enough plot holes to swallow the whole galaxy and crappy ideas who could fit the worst sects out there. I almost identified myself with the bad guys that being pure crap aren't swimming in the wide sea of idiocy at least.

And yes, i'm Christian, but this is not what i was taught since i was a child. Neither Christians are theatrical lunatics nor illuminated people disconnected from reality.

Sorry for my English

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