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The Blacklist: Roanoke (No. 139)
Episode 1, Season 8

Liz is a torture for the viewers
I wasn't too excited when the new season aired. After a while, I decided to watch it. It's the very first episode, and Liz starts right from where she begin. She's a torture for the viewers. Either kill her or shut the show, either works!

The Originals: What, Will, I, Have, Left
Episode 6, Season 5

Disappointing to see the storyline become so miserable
Are these the same writers who wrote the initial seasons? About to abruptly end the season here, can't finish it.

The Originals: The Bloody Crown
Episode 22, Season 3

Just too much power on the other side
I've never really like Marcel, maybe I never resonated his rationale. And you give him utmost power, more than enough to defeat the Mikaelsons combined. Nah, I like that family just too much to see them conquered, tormented, beaten and dragged out.

The Originals: Dead Angels
Episode 12, Season 3

Camille is getting unbearable
Cami is turned from a sweet human in season 1 to an utterly intolerable vampire in season 3. Very annoying, someone please kill her fast.

Suits: Cairo
Episode 4, Season 9

Donna becoming intolerable
It's about time the season ends. Not only have I started to hate two of my favorite characters, one of them has even become intolerable. Donna's habit of sticking her nose into everyone's live, is just something I can't stand. I have to fast forward. And then there's Harvey, he's not living upto his stature and power anymore. Not the SUITS I've been watching

The Blacklist

Deducting 4 starts because of Elizabeth Keen
Can someone kill Elizabeth? She's the most annoying character. After betraying Red so many time, I really hope he shows her where she belongs.

The Blacklist: Mr. Solomon (No. 32): Conclusion
Episode 18, Season 3

10 stars because Liz dies
Elizabeth Keen dies, thankfully. Her character is as annoying as it could get.

The Blacklist: Alexander Kirk (No. 14): Conclusion
Episode 23, Season 3

1 star because Liz comes back
I love the show, but hate Liz. Liz is awfully stupid and annoying, can't stand her character. Giving this episode 1 star because it appears that she's still alive.

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