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  • When I saw this, the CGI was not completed. The "cats" looked like they were floating above the ground, like on a cheap green screen. there were cats that didn't have hair on them and there were major inconsistencies in the CGI. they tried to create a plot, because the broadway really doesn't have one (just a bunch of cats introducing themselves for 2+ hours), but the plot was not very interesting. the main antagonist fell completely flat. the cats were incredibly creepy. why did they have human faces and hands? but they were the size of normal cats? Everyone thinks this film is hilariously bad, but honestly its not even funny bad. it felt like torture watching this movie.
  • Im always looking for good science fiction. This has been the first release that i have genuinely really liked. I love movies that have an atmosphere of mystery and horror. No lie, i thought it was stupid until i read some articles/reviews breaking it down. After that i thought it was genius. I always base my review if ill watch it again, and i will definitely watch it again.
  • Im going to agree with another reviewer and say the first 20 minutes of this movie were great and then the rest was absolute garbage. I was hoping it would go in one direction and then went in another predictable and offensive direction. It's intended to make you feel one dimensional, primal emotions without any real depth, which offends me given the content it presents. i would put this movie on par with horror movies that try to scare you with an overuse of jump scares. A lot of people loved this movie because of the actors, cinematography, and sound track. They were all extremely high quality which tricks you into thinking it was a good movie.
  • This movie was really really good. i was genuinely surprised. i went because i thought that this pikachu was one of the cutest things i have ever seen. The movie itself was excellent. I would totally go see it again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is sort of entertaining, but i felt kind of stupid watching it. If you want to watch a movie you can completly turn your brain off to, this is the movie for you. At the end i questioned what i was supposed to take away from it. Do i let my partner take advantage of me for 20 years with the hope that they will eventually become rich and successful? there is something really unsubstantial about this movie and i didnt like it.
  • The tone of this movie is really good. I found the beginning to be subtly perverse which i think is perfect for the context of the film. Throughout the film you're not sure what is real or not. There are a few sex scenes throughout the film that seem graphic only because of how intimate they are. I have never really seen anything like it tbh. It made me uncomfortable because it felt a little to personal. the ending is kind of chintzy and predictable, but the beginning is definitely worth watching.
  • Ugh. i didnt like this show. I gave it a 3 star because the set design was a 10/10. Everything felt forced in this show. What was this show even about? Its like nothing can just happen in TV shows anymore. Its like everything has to be so obvious or overly explained. Nothing can be left for open interpretation. Also, the over usage of "hail satan" or "praise satan" became cringey and overwhelming. It was like "GET TO THE POINT ALREADY". There are a lot of great movies and shows that use satanic material, but its done is a less obvious and subtle way which actually adds to the overall tone. This show however, over salted the chicken! Good gracious! We get it you worship the devil. We get it you're diverse and misunderstood. It felt like a a fan fic that someone found in the trash and was like "lets not change the dialogue in this at all".
  • This is actually a pretty good movie that addresses a lot of really serious issues and i liked all of the characters, except for the female lead. honestly, she ruined the entire movie for me. I can't pin point what I didn't like about her, all i can say is that she's very unlikeable. The element that bothers me the most is that kenyas character is so uptight and mean that the audience has to suspend all reality to believe that the male lead would be chasing her only to be endlessly rejected or criticized. i feel like its instilling really poor morals for anyone watching. its saying "hey, its ok to be cruel and prejudice to people because you will ultimately be rewarded." her character grows and changes in the end but it was hard to root for her. she basically objectifies and uses the male lead to "grow".
  • This show is horrible. HOWEVER its horrible in way where you want it to be horrible. its like a soap opera on crack. i love it and i want more. the most unbelievable part of this show is that patty's mother would have health insurance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Correct me if im wrong, but was this movie a metaphor? There is a lot of tension between bosnia and serbia due to the genocide that happened in the mid 90's. The vibes that im getting from this film is that Selma represents Bosnia (specifically the muslim population of Bosnia), Alex represents western Europe, and the two serbians, Vuk and Milos, obviously represent Serbia. So, early on in the film, Selma begins to have hallucinations of the two Serbian men raping her or aggressively apprehending her, which happened thousands of Muslim Bosnians during the genocide. Then, she witnesses Alex being shot, representing her loved ones being killed. Selma obviously has PTSD of the events that happened in her childhood. The "monster" that is shown later, i feel is just a physical manifestation of herself seeking revenge. Alex, representing western europe, is either constantly intervening but doing absolutely nothing to resolve conflict. I might be giving this film to much depth, but thats how i perceived it.
  • I went in with the lowest expectations after having watched the trailer to this movie which makes it seem like a really corny horror movie (whoever was in charge of marketing needs to be fired because i would have actually seen this in theaters if it was marketed appropriately). Its not a corny horror movie at all! its definitely one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever seen. I was writing a few business emails at the time so i put it on as background noise (assuming it was going to be stupid) but i immediately started paying attention when things started getting complicated, which is relatively quickly.

    I know this will expire soon, but its on netflix as of 5/20 and definitely deserves a watch.
  • This movie was ok. This reminds me of a film that would be well suited for middle schoolers. HOWEVER, this movie is really graphic and disgusting with several moments of showing holes in peoples skin ozzing puss. So here is your trypophobia warning. I was eating while I was watching this and literally almost threw up. im not even that sensitive. With the low caliber of acting and story line aimed at children and teenagers why is this movie so graphic and disgusting?
  • This movie was entertaining but HOLY CRAP THIS MOVIE WAS SO HARD TO GET THROUGH. not only was it insanely cringey and cheesy but it was offensive to women. i had to pause it every few minutes to cringe or to shake off how bad it was. the girl in this movie needed some GD self worth. even if the guy is successful and attractive don't let him manipulate you and control you. there was hardly if any emphasis on their actual relationship. this is essentially feeding into the weird fantasy of the average girl gets the extremely hot guy like twilight. when is there going to be a movie of two average people just having a normal, healthy relationship? just one. please!
  • The acting. bad. the plot. bad. the editing. bad. everything is really bad about this movie. i dont know how it obtained any financing.
  • This movie was pretty good! it was filmed really beautifully and the acting from the main character Giddy was executed really well. It was also told from her point of view which was really interesting. I don't know why most people from this movie hard to follow, i found it really straight forward. It's worth a watch.
  • ummmm, if your looking for an extremely disturbing movie then i guess this is a good pick. i didn't like it for that reason. it was senselessly disturbing, like watching someone throw up into a bowl and make someone else eat it. im giving it a high rating because it freaked me out, succeeding in that respect, but not a perfect score because it was PAINFULLY SLOW. So slow in fact, that i could write a few emails and hold a conversation with someone without missing anything important.
  • I've seen worse movies. I actually appreciated how artistically appealing this movie was. People are complaining that this movie wasn't interesting enough, but you have to realize that the top grossing movies in the world are fast and the furious and transformer franchises, so i wish there was some context in their reviews. I personally felt that this movie could have been better, but It definitely didn't deserve a 1 star rating.
  • Geeze this movie had a lot of potential. I know it was an over dramatization of a real situation, but i feel like this movie could have delivered so much more. There are parts of the movie that are really strong, and you become intrigued and you feel very invested in the movie, but it falls flat almost immediately. The ending somewhat saved it, but you don't necessarily feel her loss, you just feel somewhat benign. I would love to see a remake of this movie, but with a better screenplay. I loved the lead male photographer and female model. you also see full front of a very hairy dude. Hes hot but not well groomed. thats not a spoiler. its just a fact.