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Fear the Walking Dead: Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg
Episode 6, Season 6

Fear The Walking Soap Opera! Unrealistic emotions. Let me explain.
The main problem with these shows is that the producers assume that people watching will relate to the characters struggling with the zombie apocalypse will act like normal people, with normal emotions.


There are dead people looking to kill and eat you. All that soap opera emotion is out the window, like Rick after a fight with Neeg (twice).

Realistically, it's in the name of the show "Fear", everyone should always be terrified all the time.

Cowboy John only a couple of episodes ago performed self-dentistry, Mr. Macho Man. He could have had someone, wait for it, his wife, who is a nurse, done the dirty deed. But no, drama ensues, he yanks his own teeth. Ok.

And now, he throws a Cowboy hissy fit and takes the fork to lala-land because he can't handle it.

Boy, this makes me wish for the Jimbo Beer Balloon episodes and Filthy Rasta Wacky Woopy episodes.

Fear the Walking Dead: The Key
Episode 4, Season 6

Fear The Walking Soap Opera! Cowboy John Zombie Apocalypse Macho Man Self-Dentistry, and the Soap flows bubbling by!
Just read Rob-O-Cop's review. Who, What, Why? No answers.

Why was the ranger killed? Was is Virg who killed him? Why? What's up with the girlfriend who confessed? The old one earing clue trick. Then we see June.

Most importantly, what the hell is up with the stupid bent hat on the side?

This is a mess. First we're shown Cowboy John all happy going to work, all smiles. Then the murder mystery.

Here's some advice to the writers: Go back to school. Stop trying to fill episodes with nonsense. Who was the girl? How are we supposed to care about a person we don't know? What's up with Virg? How about telling us what this community is doing, like what they're producing, or are they just living there? Give us some background. Something. Anything.

I watch for laughs at this point. It's sad.

Fear the Walking Dead: The End Is the Beginning
Episode 1, Season 6

Fear The Walking Soap Opera! Morgy continues to whine, then whine more, then ... Maybe Truth is Dead!
What are we watching here?

How about giving us some realist scenarios? If Morgy was so close to death that the "Walkers" ignored him, he should already be dead. Not to go through a whole episode of whining, no don't take the bullet out, no I won't help you, I don't do that anymore. BS. Then when the big bad guy comes in after being shot in his ax swinging arm, and Morgy his wound aggressively fondled, all of a sudden like Rocky in the last round gets super human strength and kills the big bad guy.

So sad. This is what it's come down to. Propagating stupidity. Sometimes I question who is the intelligent species on this planet. People, who have built great civilizations, technology and information. Or the so called mindless insects who outnumber us but will survive when we finally kill ourselves with greed, evil, and stupidity.

If you buy the nonsense that was presented as something that could happen then my fellow human, you are lost. You have become a mindless insect, minus the survivor skills. Please look up from your "Dumb" Phones and watch out for oncoming traffic, open manhole covers, and the diminishing of your thought processing and truth.

The Walking Dead: A Certain Doom
Episode 16, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! 10 Stars for unintended comedy. Read before disagreeing.
So, our Heroes are surrounded. Again. For what the 20th time. How dumb are they?

People, put down your "Smart/Dumb" Phones, look up and smell the roses. There may be a manhole cover missing, oncoming traffic, or a fool without a mask about to sneeze into your face!

Nobody in their right mind would call this a serious show. 10 Stars are paid.

What we get is low level story, dialogue, and BS emotional nonsense. What's the story with Lyd and Neeg, and Lyd and Carol Not Rambo. Carol was looking to jump off the cliff? For What? Then Lyd saves her. And we have to sit there and watch this nonsense.

Beto, what happened to this guy? Seriously, The Whisps are the worst idea ever. People walking around in Halloween masks, limping like a crippled bipedal ape, and not taking a bath ever, allows them to mingle with the dead. And our Hero's? No mask. Faces completely uncovered, just like the fools walking around with the Virus.

It's unbelievable. And that my friends is unforgivable. Where is the tension if we can't believe it? Then they off a Red Shirt, like we're supposed to care. Why not kill off Dar, or Carol, or Lyd, or at least get rid of that Father Not Father Coward Gab. Or Luke, his girlfriend, One Arm Aar. No, The Walking Soap Opera won't do that. They are all under contract. Man, they couldn't even kill off King Dick Rick. Mag was written off with a posted note. Mic was sent off on an errand, wait for it, leaving her Two Kids. If you but that, wait in like to purchase the Brooklyn Bridge. I believe it's up for sale.

All of a sudden Mag shows up looking like 1940s Private Eye with a Ninja. And the more intelligent of our species would ask. How the hell did they get past the Beto's Horde? Answer, None. Captain Kirk and Mr Spock transported Mag and team there just in time to save Gab. We should have seen a brutal gutting of Gab by the Whisps, left just enough alive for the walkers to finish him off. That my friends would have redeemed this show somewhat. No, we get another Gab fakeout. Thanks for nothing.

Then we have Eug and his psychobabble, King Why Do I Smile EZQO with disappeared howler monkey pouch from under his chin, Yumiko who does nothing, and a clown Spanish chick with a pink top. What the hell are we watching here? A freaking motley crew of rejects. What happens next? Stormtroopers. Yes, nice camouflage. Not.

This show has been dead to me for many years. I was actually a fan. It used to be realistic, given that you can accept that the dead walk. That was the tension. And why it was so successful.

The Walking Dead: The Tower
Episode 15, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! I laughed, I cried, I don't care. It's in the background while I practice the guitar. 10 stars? If you're not paid, you're being ripped off.
I must commend the actors for Neeg, Lyd, and Jud. They did great with the material. However, the soap is so thick, it's unintended comedy.

Let's just go back to basics. The Whisps? Wearing a Halloween mask and limping like a deformed bipedal ape allows them to "walk with the dead". Did I miss something? Remember King Dick Rick and Dumpster Glen covered with dead guts from head to toe to walk with the dead. How is it possible for Beto and his clan to "walk with the dead" with a Halloween mask? If you can't answer this question just stop it. You are illogical.

And why don't our heroes do the same and turn the tables on the Whisps, like Dar and Connie did when they rescued Low IQ O'Henry and Lyd?

So, we are led from one dumb scene to the next. The scene with Carol Not Rambo No More and Whatever her Face is was cringe worthy. Apparently Carol was a superhero. I'm thinking she should have died with her husband in Episode 2.

10 stars, Be Best Reviews. If you are not being paid, you should be. If you genuinely love this show, good luck to you. When you listen to fools The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath, 1981. Why do our leaders make dumb decisions? Because dumb people believe what they say.

Our real world is in trouble. Before the virus I was complaining about the Dumb Phones. People walking around like real life zombies paying attention to something on their screen rather than looking out for traffic. We went from the Stupid Tube (TV) to the Dumb Phones, and now we have a freaking Virus to deal with. How did it happen? Somebody was asleep at the wheel.

It was a hoax, don't mess with the markets, only a few weeks ago they canceled sporting events and concerts and gatherings, only a few days ago they said wear a mask. How dumb are we? Plenty.

The world should have stopped on Jan 1, came together with a unified response. Markets stopped. All essential workers tested. Everybody else go home in isolation. Food and Medicine delivered. What good is a check when people are dying, sick and afraid. If this is a war, then get on the war page. I'm angry. Not at the Walking Sopa Opera. That's just a stupid tv show. It's only crime is it adds to the dumbing down of our collective intelligence. It is not directly responsible for what's happening. If we don't wake up, we'll be dead.

Good luck and be safe.

The Walking Dead: Look at the Flowers
Episode 14, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! The only art here is in the set design and Neeg. Falling Off the Edge of the World - Black Sabbath.
Listen to Black Sabbath, Falling off the Edge of the World, from the Mob Rules album 1981, Dio singing.

Forget this Walking Drama nonsense. I have it in the background as I practice flamenco guitar. Once in a while I'll see Eug with his psychobabble and that provides some Abbot and Costello comedy. EZQO is a laughing stock. Mr Why do I smile? Neeg and Dar the Tough Guy. Carol Not Rambo, more hallucinations. Anybody remember Morgy the Kill no Kill here to helper, hallucinating.

I have news for you all, Alp will be in this show as a ghost for the next 20 years if the world doesn't end.

Best part of this episode was with Neeg. However, that's a joke too. Neeg asks the Whisp with the gun, and the Whisp just hands it over to him. Comedy. Then the Neeg Verbiage. Everything is just completely unrealistic.

What made The Walking Dead scary in the beginning was that it was realistic. If dead walk, normal people did normal things to survive. No more.

What's going on in the real world is scary. People are dying, sick, and locked up. Unemployed. Paranoid to go out. To speak with neighbors. Nice job A Hole. Somebody was asleep at the wheel. And they put a band aid on a gunshot wound by sending a few hundred bucks.

The whole world needed a united response. Shut down the markets. Everybody go home. Everybody wear masks. All essential workers tested. Infrastructure maintained. Sanitized food and medicine delivered to homes. This should have happened months ago. We have a defense department looking for physical attacks. Well, we've been attacked. Most likely unintentional. However, we know nothing. If, and this would be a conspiracy theory, that they intentionally set this virus on the world, and they already have a cure for a select few, then we are in the realm of dystopian nightmare. Why should they care if the sick and old die? They'll save a ton on Social Security checks and Medicare payments.

What the hell do I know? I'm just a guy watching The Walking Soap Opera while I practice some guitar. Good luck. I think we need it.

The Walking Dead: What We Become
Episode 13, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! As the world dies in reality, we are subjected to dumb and dumber and Be Best!
I pity the fools who actual enjoy this crap. At least the ones who are leaving the Be Best reviews are being paid. They have bills to pay. It's shameful on the part of the production to bombard these pages with fake reviews. The only way I made it through this crap is I had it in the background while I was working on the last piece of the Dennis Koster book, The Keys to Flamenco Guitar, "Solo Por Bulrias", on my Manuel Rodriquez C3 classical guitar.

Here's the review. Mic on a gun run on the words of an idiot, is trapped, and drugged. What an Acid Trip. And that trip gives us a collage of alternate reality greatest walking soap opera hits. Then she finds clues on Rick, gets on the tele with Jud and Little Rick and all of a sudden she's off to find Rick. Garbage. This would never happen. She's a mother. She's got 2 kids. She's not going anywhere.

Not only is the writing garbage, I don't see what the hip is with the actress. She makes these stupid faces. And she should have more integrity than to accept this poor writing. Rick left the show after being impaled, losing blood, up and down the horse, blown off a bridge, down the river, and onto a helicopter to a 3 movie deal. Mag left with a letter. A freaking letter. Mic leaves with tears leaving her 2 kids. Crap.

No humor here. Just an empty frame. If it wasn't for the guitar practice. I would have passed out like some of the other reviewers.

We, in the real world, are in real trouble. Real Trouble! While that battle continues, we need some distractions. Like a good tv show. A world with zombies does not have to be one of ridiculous convoluted mess of concocted unrealistic scenes only to serve a convenient plot, that lacks integrity for the show or its characters.

Simple point, again, Mic is a mother with 2 kids, and she just takes off. You don't have to be a mother to find this ridiculous.

Have we gone so far from the Stupid Tube to the Dumb Phones that our arrogance has destroyed our intelligence? The other night I look out the window and I saw one of my neighbors walking half the block with his head tilted down, holding a dumb phone. Why? Because he Must know what someone else is saying or doing. It so important? Here's the result: Neck problems, Hand incapacitated, eye problems, and the Brain dead from lack of interaction with the real world. This is the real Walking Dead. The dumb phones are a tool. Don't be the tool. Be smart. Be well. Be intelligent.

The Walking Dead: Walk with Us
Episode 12, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! Only 1 scene worth the extra star. A convoluted mess of ridiculousness.
Ok, so here we go. Carol apparently freed Neeg to infiltrate the Whisps, gain Alp's trust, then concoct a scheme to kill Alp. Still with me? Now, I missed a few episodes because I needed a vacation from this mind numbing show. But I'm back for the humor. If we all recall Neeg escaped because of 1 eye Father Not Father Gab was emotionally distracted. Then Neeg came back. This would never happen. But for storyline it must. Neeg could have killed Alp at any moment. Why even bother trying to capture Lyd? Because for dramatic effect. Lyd trying to get free, Neeg trying to convince Alp not to kill her, etc. The whole Neeg Alp relationship is not credible at all. That is the sad joke.

I am glad Alp is dead. I couldn't stand her. Her stupid accent. Her logic/illogic. I still want to know when a Whisp drops a load in the woods does it make a sound, and do they wipe their arse. In either case it was a good scene. And for that the extra star.

Everything else was just nonsense. Neeg bumping into One-Arm. Yumiko punching Carol. Carol should have punched back. Then Eug comes in with a stand up comedy one line.

The name of the game is entertainment. The show itself at this point is an empty frame. No picture. But if you look deeper into the show and its followers, oh boy, there is a gold mine of laughter. And then there are the real reviews who praise the show. Then there are the ones who were fans, like me, who tear it apart. As it should be.

As the world dies in the real world, I am reminded of what King Dick Rick said to the escaped Hilltop Saviors, "All a man's got left is his word", just before him and Morgy Killed Em All (Metalica). Well my friends, we don't even have that. Truth? Forgetabout it. We get "Be Best", Best Episode Ever nonsense. Good luck with that.

The world before the virus was already going down hill. Arrogant idiots thinking they are special. Walking into oncoming traffic because it is so important for them to look at their Dumb Phones for what somebody on the other side of the planet is saying. These are the real walking dead. Rather than knowing what color the sky is, or stopping to smell the roses, or simply seeing what is going on in the Real world, they are locked into someone else's words. Let's face it. We are not as smart as we think. And shows like this just confirms and strengthens the decline in intelligence.

The Walking Dead: Morning Star
Episode 11, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! Ok, I'm back. Sort of. I had it in the background while I was working on my rocket ship.
So we spent an entire episode of Soap. Then the Hillbillies think with about 30 warriors they can kill thousands of zombies. Ridiculous. If we recall back, if that is still possible with our collective attention deficit disorder, we know that Dar and Connie disguised as Whisps infiltrated the Whisp camp as Whisps, caused havoc, killing a bunch of Whisps, and rescued Lyd and Dumb as a Rock O'Henry.

Ok, given these facts. No fake news here. Why didn't Dar do the same with this Whisp herd? Anybody? How about you paid 10 star "Be Best" reviewers. Best Episode Ever. Oh, My God TWD is Back. Greatest acting in the world. What a bunch of crap.

Then we have to listen to Alp and her stupid accent. Neeg? A joke.

The Whips wear Halloween masks and this allows them to walk with the dead. And we have to accept all this? Forget about everything that we were shown with King Dick Rick and Dumpster Glen covering up from head to toe in zombie guts to "walk with the dead".

We can all accept that zombies in a show about zombies can rise from the dead. But making a show unrealistic is simply unacceptable. On top of all that the soap just adds to questioning the intelligence level of the fans.

Look, this show is adding to the dumbing down of our society. It is not alone. A prime example is the Star Wars series, not from the prequels, but with the Farce Awakens. A cheap copy past garbage of a film. Please wake up people, look up from your Dumb Phones and see the oncoming traffic before it's too late.

The Walking Dead: Squeeze
Episode 9, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! Pure garbage. Do the producers realize what they are doing? Better to watch Better Call Saul.
Better Call Saul was great. There's a scene when Saul is recognized while in hiding. I won't say any more. Just watch.

The walking brain dead? What can be said about it? It's story time written with crayons by 5 year olds. Same old nonsense. Soap. Characters acting out of character. What happened to Carol Rambo? She singlehandedly saved everyone in Terminus. She blew away a little girl in the back of the head. Now she's as dumb as a doorknob. Thanks for nothing. I skimmed through the reviews. It's all the same crap.

Forget TV zombies. Watch out for the Phone Zombies. Morons walking around with their head tilted down, eyes peering at someone else's words, their hands holding the phone. Basically these people are being told what and how to think. They are blind to the universe around them. And one or both hands are useless, holding and manipulating the "Smart" phone. People, these are not smart phones. They are Dumb Phones. In the past they called the television the Stupid Tube. Because while you watch, the information just comes in and out, nothing is retained. In one ear out the other. The "Smart" phone of today is a whole lot worse than the Stupid Tube. It can also trace where you've been.

People, we are living in 1984.With the Dumb Phones people are turned into Zombies. Hands are crippled useless, eyes are glued to them blinding the user, and brains are being told what and how to think. We have become zombies.

The phone should be a tool. Once you become addicted, you are the tool. I hope this message wakes some of you up.

The Walking Soap Opera contributes to the decline in intellect, by displaying weak stories, characters without integrity, and to top it off with a cheap soap opera. The zombies are a backdrop. They have nothing to do with the story. If you watch a zombie movie it should be about zombies. Not about Eug and Rosy hooking up. Or Alp and Neeg doing it. I don't care about any of that crap. I want zombies. I want info on zombies. Like how the hell did this whole thing start.

Here are some recommendations for zombie movies: White Zombie, 1932, Bela Lugosi's best movie, real terror here. The Last Man on Earth, 1964, Vincent Price, pure dread. Night of the Living Dead, 1968, best Romero film. They are coming to get you Barbara. Messiah of Evil, 1972. Twisted.

Van Helsing

Excellent Show. Practical and Brutal. Not a BS Soap Opera like The Walking Soap Opera. Losers should watch that show instead.
I just finished watching the season 4 finally. I watched the 1st season last week and I'm rewatching it again. The other seasons, for some reason, are not available on DVD. That sucks.

First off, this show is great. Main reason, it's practical, the characters act as normal people given the situation they are in. Of course there are some cliché dialogue and there may be some plot holes. However, the acting is great on the most part. The cinematography is great, unique shots and movements. The editing may be a problem. The best part is the story. You can tell the producers are actually thinking humans.

Unlike The Walking Soap Opera where drama/melodrama, unrealistic and dumb characters without integrity rule. Example most of the characters go through this BS of Kill/No Kill. Everyone from King Dick Rick, to Morgy, Carol Rambo, Coral. Mag wanted to kill Neeg for so long, then when she could, she just walked out. Nonsense. Neeg, a loony tunes character. EZQO, a Rasta Shakespeare with a Pet and Papier-mâché tiger. Jesus Ninja. Aaron TinMan, I wish I had a heart. Whisps - a joke, when they go #2 in the forest they don't wipe. The acting contracts dictate the storyline for Walking. An insult to viewers. Here's the biggest insult. King Dick was removed from the show by way of a piece of metal through his guts, tons of blood loss, a horsy ride, hallucinations, blown off a bridge, down the river and onto the check in line to a helicopter that took him to a 3 movie deal. My last episode of this sad show was just before the mid-season finally. It was a study for me to see how bad it could be. I'm done.

Van Helsing is not The Walking Soap Opera. People get killed left and right. Brutally. Practically. Great scenes. Here's an example. When that 1st vampire bit Vanessa, he puked black crap, then passed out. The gang threw his body with the rest of the dead down a shaft. This dude reemerged as human, crawled out of the shaft, and walking around the corridors, all bloody and confused, calling out for anyone. The gang find him and he says he can feel again, as the camera moves in. Great.

Great show. Not a 10. But 10 is left to balance the losers leaving 1 and 5.

The Walking Dead: Open Your Eyes
Episode 7, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! A pathetic joke. I'm done. Read my final assessment. If you're brave.
We have 4 reviewers: 1) Paid AMC/TWSO 10 Star "Best"

2) Disillusioned former TWSO fans who will leave 7 to 10 stars because how dismal the past few years have been. Any shiny ball will make them happy. Aka high production value, camera angles, zombie kills, whatever.

3) 4 to 6 stars, casual watchers who know this to be a failed Soap Opera with a Zombie backdrop, but just can't stop looking, similar to a tragedy. Hindenburg comes to mind. Oh, the calamity! The screams, the fire, the death.

4) Me. 1 star. I watched for years and enjoyed like category 3, but knowing that AMC and TWSO is contributing to the dumbing down of civilization. Unforgivable.

Characters acting without integrity. Survivors in convoluted contrived events that would only happen if an amateur writer without integrity or talent just wanted to move their idiotic plot.

Examples - Carol doesn't tell Lyd that got a Whisp and that Alp lied to her people about killing her. Why not? What does Carol lose by telling her? Nothing. Lyd, just runs away like she had a falling out with her dysfunctional parents. Except for one major problem. There are dead people looking to put you on the menu.

Sid, a loser character from the start. Dante - who the hell is this guy? Aaron, doesn't tell anyone about the zombiefied water. Why not? His conversation with Gam is unreal bubbly soap. Then Gam runs away after seeing Lyd. Gab? Why is this loser, Father Not Father still alive?

The Whisps are a joke. Recap - Halloween mask, Stench clothing, Not wiping after going #2, and Walking like a deformed bipedal ape, somehow allows them to "Walk With The Dead" - BS Case in point. Rick and Glen covered with guts head to toe to "Walk with the dead"

Here's the bottom line. This is the Zombie Apocalypse and we are witnessing a train wreck of a few communities, with characters who have no integrity, and events that are just too farfetched. It's an insult to the viewer's intelligence. 95% human conflict. 5% zombie time to justify the name Walking Dead.

Nothing of how the zombies animated, where it started, what happened to the government or military. Nothing.

Just a stupid Soap Opera. Best part. The captured Whisp eating jam. Excellent. Then he spit it all onto dumb low IQ High and Mighty Not Carol Rambo.

So, my friends. I'm done watching. No hope left. But I will still be leaving the 1 star for the damage that this show and network have contribute to logic.

The Walking Dead: Bonds
Episode 6, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! An insult to the viewer's intelligence. Total disrespect. Are you losers going to read or just click no?
The Whisps are a joke. For example, Beto covers the top of his head, wears dirty smelly clothing with a cute thin red scarf, and that's enough to "Walk with the Dead". Complete Nonsense. Again, Rick and Glen in the first season had to cover themselves from head to toe in guts to "Walk with the Dead". I guess if you're clothing smells like someone died in it it's apparently enough.

What I really want to know is when a Whisp goes #2 in the woods does it wipe it's arse with leaves. Any hygiene? So many questions but the #2 is very important to me.

Neeg's acting is superb. However, the dialogue and the story/plot/script/arc or whatever is complete amateur hour.

Carol and Dar. Carol's big plan, kidnap a Whisp for info. What about asking Lyd? Carol has become another loser. Battered wife, loses her daughter, other adopted daughters, become a superhero Carol Rambo and saving everyone, recluse, Queen to a Rasta Shakespeare, again Mother to one of the dumbest characters ever in the history of the world, Price O'Henry Mr Zombie Post Head, then she abandons her Rasta King and takes off sailing around the world tour, comes back and starts an unnecessary war with the laugh out loud Whisps. To the writers, I say, Thanks for nothing.

Yes, as viewers, we are so drawn into these characters, and we love the actors, that we will put up with seasoned survivors doing dumb things. I don't know about you. But I don't like these characters. I don't think the acting is so hot, besides Neeg. But Neeg's character is completely unreal. And the story. Whisps. Come on.

Then we have Eug with his Radio Love. Nothing to say. I actually find Eug's acting entertaining. However, again his character, dialogue and scenes are ridiculous.

Then we go to Sad. What a mess? What's up with his Doctor buddy. Unreal. As another reviewer mentioned, why didn't Aaron tell them that the Whisps were contaminating their drinking water? Just plain amateur hour

Dumb and Dumber in the Zombie Apocalypse. These are not people who supposedly survived for over 10 years.

An insult to the viewers.


What a mess. Convoluted story, dialogue, acting. Laughable accents. Basically amateur hour.
I got this part of a 10 film set for $6. I like to watch low budget films, hoping to find something unique. If that fails, then I find the comedy in the production. I get through all this by practicing and paying guitar throughout. Usually the film inspires the guitar playing. If the scenes are pure garbage, no problem. I just turn up the volume on the guitar.

Anyway, this film is garbage. Basically a low budget, they had some money, but not on the story. The story is the most important to me. Even more than the acting or production. The story here is just convoluted mess of so many different ideas, it just does not work. Laughable accents. The actor's accents change throughout. The dialogue, acting, hairdos, etc all garbage.

The filmmakers were way over their heads. Better if they simplified the story

The critic Culture Crypt has written a decent review of this garbage. If you like to torture yourself with crap films, by all means see it, and read the reviews.

The Walking Dead: What It Always Is
Episode 5, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! 10 Stars for Neeg. -10 Stars for everything else. Better to have an hour of Neeg reading bedtime stories.
Here we are. Neeg escapes. Nobody knows how. He is trailed by a wannabe Savior, son of a former Savior. They save a mother and a son from zombies. The drooling Savior's son is ordered to get lost. While Neeg is out collecting firewood, he sees this fool has killed the mother and son. Promptly Neeg brains this fool. Neeg puts on his leather and along with his sidekick Lucile the Chicken Wire Bat goes Whisp Zombie mad. Oh, Snap! Jeffrey Dean Morgan Should just have his own one man show.

The rest of this garbage episode was the deaf girl's sister going blind or deaf or both and in danger of zombie meat. Dar, Connie and Magna searching for her. And we have soap. We have EZQO and Sad back and forth. You sit, you watch, and the horror becomes clear. They will kill you, with boredom.

This episode, between the garbage of amateur writing was saved only by Neeg. Even his story and verbiage was nonsense. However, the actor did a great job. He should kill Alp, Beto, all the Whips, and a bunch of Hilltop and Alexandria, including Dar, Carol, Sad, Eug, Rosy, Gab, The Blacksmith, His sidekick, Mic, and only leave Judy and Little Rick alive, before heading to Fear and making sure Morgy is Dead.

If you people can't produce a horror show, then try comedy.

The Walking Dead: Silence the Whisperers
Episode 4, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! Simply boring melodrama with loser characters, just add zombies!
Quick recap of this crap episode. In Alexland Lyd is bullied by friends killed by Whisps, and while Neeg saves her from being beaten to death, he accidentally kills one of the bullies. In Hillbillyland a tree crashes through the wall and zombies attack. Boring and Garbage.

We are talking about the 10th season of TWD and this is it. Nothing about how zombies walk. In 1969, Night of the Living Dead, we had some vauge TVB broadcast of a virus from space. Dawn of the Dead, we had some verbiage about voodoo, something about no more room in hell. 1964, Last Man on Earth, with Vincent Price, it was something about a dust cloud from Eurasia. In 1932, White Zombie, we got Bela Lugosi ad Murder Legendre as a zombie master.

TWD all we got is in the first season CDC with some interesting CGI of a dead person brain reactivating. 1 episode in how many?

The Walking Soap Opera is just a stupid show, a vehicle for amateur writers and supporting actors lucky to have jobs. All the characters are losers. I have in the past gone through all the inconsistencies with these characters. I just don't have the time or interest to go over it again. EZQO, Mic, Judy, Dar, Carol, Lyd, Eug, Gab, Aaron, etc. All losers. Nothing to care about. The acting? Forgetaboutit.

Whisps, wear a dead mask, and dirty clothing, slouch like a deformed bipedal ape and this allows them to walk with and steer zombies. Nonsense. The zombies can't smell these dirtbags? What happened to covering themselves with guts, like what Rick and Glen did in the first season? Dumb.

Last episode was painful. At least I found something to laugh about in this episode. Unintended comedy. Like when EZ says "I lost the Kingdom". No S*** Sherlock! You also lost your abandoning Queen Carol, your adopted low IQ son O'Henry, and your real and papier-mâché tiger.

One more thing, Dar and Aaron should have seen the problem with Lyd and should have put a stop to the bullies. They did nothing. All in the name of a dumb plot sequence.

This show, like I suspect most movies today, propagate illogic, a dumbing down of our society. So, here's a shout out to AMC and The Walking Soap Opera for doing your part in spreading mental decline. What's the story with hiring fake 10 star reviews? What's the story with not hiring talented writers to give us something interesting, new and entertaining?

The Walking Dead: Ghosts
Episode 3, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! Slouch like a deformed ape, wear smelly clothing, and put on a dead face? This is a joke right?
Ok, "our heroes" are again dumb as a rock. Why don't they simply dress in "Whisp" face and infiltrate the Whisp camp and destroy these smelly dirt bags? Oh, sorry, I was just trying to come up with a logical plan. These so called survivors act like they were born yesterday. Alp, (what a name), calls a meeting with our heroes and they go, and drop their weapons! Who the hell does this? Better to go with my plan which the not so bright Dar already pulled off with Deaf Girl Connie in rescuing Dumb O'Henry. So WTF. They meet Alp, Alp demands new lands, Carol tries to shoot her and is stopped by Mic and Dar. This is done to extend the episodes.

Let's look at Carol. This woman goes from battered wife/mother, to widow, losing her daughter, losing 2 more adopted daughters (one by her own hand), then becoming one bad arese Rambo woman saving their entire entourage. Then she goes through doubt and retreats, comes back strong becoming Queen to a Rasta Shakespeare, adopts a truly idiotic kid by the name of O'Henry, only to see this idiot on a zombie stick. Her King loses the kingdom and like a worthless loser, she abandons him. Nice going. And this season we see she had been sailing around the world in isolation and has returned to be a careless idiot like her son O'Henry and invading the Whisp lands. And to top all this Crap Cake she is a Speed Freak. Nice going AMC, and the truly amateurish writers of the Walking Soap Opera.

Mic is an idiot. At least we don't get to see her Soap Face, looking to the side with concern. Dar is an idiot, for letting Carol wander into Whisp lands like a stroll in the park. Not Father Gab is a coward idiot, not a leader. This complete moron pairs Neeg with Aaron. Forget logic. At least Neeg wanted to stay behind or not be paired with Aaron. Their interaction was the best part of this episode. Very good acting by both of them. The Neeg Aaron Redemption Project.

If all of that is not enough, this scatterbrained nonsense of a show brings us to Rosy and Eug. These two sidewipe characters walk into Rosy's living room with what looks like chocolate syrup on their faces, completely exhausted after killing zombies at the gates, and the Soap falls heavy and all over. Eug wants Rosy, Rosy wants to be friends, Eug upset takes off. What the hell is this? Someone tell me that there are dead people walking around, and enemies all around and why we have to witness this garbage.

As I mentioned last week, Fear is a truly trash show, but at least we can make fun of how bad it is. This, this is just plain garbage. Not good. Nothing funny here except the fools who are so distracted by the next shiny ball, like a little kitten chasing its own tail. Good luck with that.

I'd like to send a special shout out to the team at AMC and The Walking Soap Opera for contributing to the dumbing down of our society.

The Walking Dead: We Are the End of the World
Episode 2, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! Yes, without fail the Soap is back as predicted. Whisps are the most ridiculous villains in all storytelling history.
Only 1 scene warrants a 1 star for this episode, and that is the scene when a woman is trying to escape her car and is brutally eaten by zombies. Great job.

Now, onto the garbage. First Alp as a character is a joke. And I don't know what kind of drugs have been taken by her fans and/or they possibly have been dropped on their heads as babies. Let's start with the Whisps in general. They wear the dead's face, head and part of the shoulder area as masks, throw on some stench clothes, and most ridiculous of all slouch and walk like deformed apes and this allows them to "walk with the dead" and steer them for their nefarious schemes. Please roll around on the floor in laughter and disgrace for the writers and these characters. The writers think the viewers are stupid. And maybe they're right. Frank Zappa had a tune called "Dumb All Over" dumb to the point that we are not as bright as we may think. If you think you're bright you are in danger of being arrogant. Dumb people are conned. On television it's just a stupid show. In real life people die. Wake the F up.

We all know from the 2nd ever Walking Soap Opera, when people acted like people, that Rick and Glen had to cover their entire body with fresh guts and blood to "walk with the dead", and they didn't slouch like a deformed ape. That made sense. If you don't agree with me, please stop reading. You're already lost. Just continue lying to yourself and enjoy the show.

As an experiment, maybe for Halloween, try walking like a deformed ape for prolonged period and see how long you last.

More? How are these people living? In dirt holes? What food? What medication? The disease must be rampant in their filthy camps and underwear. Man, the stench alone. When they go #2, do they wipe? These are questions I need answered, if you're going to shove nonsense characters like the "Whisps" on us.

The Whisps are BS. Filthy Woopy Zombie Wrangler from Fear's last season was more convincing.

Alp's actress may be performing her part well by direction but her character is nonsense.

We spend an entire episode where Alp and Lyd meet Beto. Then the Whisp woman who gave up her baby loses it and her sister saves Alp after the first woman jumps on her back. Why didn't this woman just put a knife in the Alp's back? Just dumb.

Last week we had the big shiny object of a season opening. Tons of our cash spent on satellites, fires, zombies, gladiator outfits, and Aaron's tin man arm. And everybody was like The Walking Soap Opera is back. The shiny object was entertaining, but where was the story? We got to see loser Carol carelessly going into Whisp land. Carelessly! This person The Artist Formerly Known As Carol Rambo last season loses her dumb adopted son O'Henry to a zombie beheading, and dumps Why Do I Smile No More EZQO like a sack of rotten potatoes after he loses his kingdom and his real and papier-mâché tiger. Carol goes from hero to a careless idiot. Yes, you may disagree. But you're wrong. Only way you are right is if you lie to yourself. Carol just goes into the Whisp land, with her idiot friend Dar, and faces down Alp. Oooh. What a showdown. Alp struts up a hill, posing, and trying to look oh so cool. How freaking ridiculous. And Alp's accent? Nobody speaks like that.

Boring. No story. Not funny. Just there. At least Fear was so bad and beyond ridiculous that one could make fun of it. Not here. These people are serious, seriously impractical and loss of any character and story integrity.

Last week I made it through the episode because of the production/shiny object, and I played guitar along with a Cream cd in honor of the passing of the great Ginger Baker. This week, close to boredom except for that 1 woman kill I made it through the end by practicing scales and exercises on the guitar. You may want to try Yoga or Tai Chi.

The Walking Dead: Lines We Cross
Episode 1, Season 10

The Walking Soap Opera! Boring story, low soap, high action. Money was spent on production but not story. No more Soap Face! RIP Ginger Baker.
They spent money on the production. So we got to see some great scenes of zombie kills, satellites falling, fires, overhead shots of horserides. The soap was mainly low, here's looking at Dar and Carol. But where was the story?

We are basically treated to a bunch of survivors surviving. That's a good thing. However, the villain is still a joke. She was a joke when she was first introduced and she still is. Also, take a look at her daughter. She's sitting in a classroom slouched like an ape. What the hell is that about? Man, I hate the Whisps. Put on a mask and walk with the dead. Yeah, right. That makes no sense at all. The scene at the end with Carol and Alp looking at each other was nonsense. Put an arrow in the middle of Alp's head. I hate Alp's character and the actress. It's dumb. Stupid accent. She walks out posing and strutting. Nobody walks like this. It's just a pose. She's posing people. Is this a fashion show?

I also don't get the Dar Carol relationship. Dar wants to move to Montana and become a dental floss tycoon (Zappa), and Carol wants to go with him. Crap. Judith with that dumb hat, playing checkers with Mini Rick. Dumb.

At least we didn't get a bunch of Soap Face from Mic. Last season was full of it. Soap Face = after two or more characters converse, one character is left, just before fading to a commercial break, the character looks to the side with concern on their face. Specific example when Mic and Sad were speaking at Rosy's hospital bed, Rosy wakes up and bolts out saying the Eug search party don't know what they are facing. This was just before the introduction of the garbage Whisps. Sad also leaves, and we get a close up on Mic's face looking to the side with concern. Soap Face.

EZQO drops the Shakespeare act. Why do I smile? Because I don't have to hear his dumb accent. Maybe next season he'll adopt a Bob Marley accent.

Eug is a pervert spying on Rosy breast feeding her baby. Rosy with Baby and The Three Stooges. Coward One Eye Not Father Father Gab, Eug Should Have Been Killed Many Times Over Pseudo Intellectual, Sad with Post Traumatic Head Pike Syndrome.

So, given the garbage from last season. And the truly cartoon garbage with the Neeg seasons, this was fine opening episode. It was realistic. That's what I want. Grading on a curve this episode is a 10. 1 for all the bogus 10 star reviews. Next week we will go back to the 1 star. I'm sure.

The only way I made it through the boredom was while watching I played guitar along with a Cream CD in honor of Ginger Baker's passing. RIP.

Fear the Walking Dead: End of the Line
Episode 16, Season 5

Fear the Walking Soap Opera! AMC Tax Writeoff! Beware, may cause brain damage on the level of Zombies.
Just make stuff up. That's what writers do. But there are differences in quality from good writers and bad writers. Here we have bad writing. Our Heroes, led by Morgy and his Helper Mentality, are stranded in the middle of Camel Dick Point Texas. As another reviewer mentioned, pick a point on a map and just head there, expending all your resources and when you get there, just give up. Rather than going back to the mill or Dan's warehouse, Cowboy John's great idea was to head to the middle of nowhere. What about food, water, deodorant? Forgetaboutit.

So, Morgy calls Virginia and hands his people into slavery. That happened in the first few minutes of arriving at Cowboy's dumb town. Seasoned survivors? Not here. Here we have losers. People that would have been killed off the first day of the zombie apocalypse. Scraface Dwight bailed out real quick. What a bunch of losers. Scarface finds a horses and brings them back to Morgy. Oh, now they decide to clear the town and find water and food. How about someone calling Virg back to tell her the party is off? No.

Well, they decide to use the horses to lead the zombies towards Virg, then call it off because Lucy is with them. Nonsense. We have some fake out nonsense of Scraface on horseback being attacked by zombies. Glen Dumpster. Carefully listen to the Spaghetti Western tunes. I had flashbacks of Bonanza.

Meanwhile at the cleared town, we have Alyc and Wes, wait for it, painting beautiful pictures on a barn. What nonsense. If that's not enough we have a formal wedding of Cowboy John and June, Backstab Charlie playing Deliverance on the Banjo. These people are supposed to be hungry, tired, drained emotionally and physically, but they have time for a wedding scene. Give me a break. Please, no more cartoon logic.

So, Virg shows up and everybody has to be split up. Cowboy and June are split, tons of I love you. Charlie is split from Dan. Dan is split from Scratchems. Wheelchair is split from Truckes. Morgy is left behind with Virg. Virg shoots him, while he slaps her face with his stick. He's all messed up. But I would have like to see Virg losing an eye and her cheekbone opened up. No such luck. Her gun fell from her hand, she picks up a toy gun and as she tells him "I Hate Your Face" the toy gun just shoots dust. Virg gets a call from the Doc who took Grace, only 10 minutes before! It appears that Grace is not radiated but is pregnant from a one night stand. What a diagnosis? While traveling in a truck. So stupid and so convoluted. Virg leaves Morgy to die. He's on the walky with his speeching while zombies approach. Fade to black.

Now let me guess what will happen next season. Scarface Dwight's wife Sherry or Honey or whateverhernameis will save Morgy, so we can have more of his speeches.

A better scenario would be if they spend half of the first episode showing Morgy fighting and being eaten alive. A half hour of Morgy slow burn gore. I think we deserve it.

It's a disgrace to humanity to insult the intelligence of the viewer. Maybe the writers think if they throw in a bunch of fx and zombies it will just cover up for their illogical scenes and characters without integrity. Only reason to watch this is for comedy. No comedy tonight. Just stupid.

Wind Chill

Script Failure. Decent acting and production. But amateur writing fails this film.
Here's the basic story. A girl arranges a car ride home for college break with a boy, a stranger. It happens that he is a stalker. So far so good. So, the viewer is lead to believe this will have any consequence to what happens later. It doesn't. He drives off the highway, to avoid hitting an oncoming car, he crashes the car. Now the story goes off the rails into some nonsense ghost story about a psychopathic cop that killed a bunch of people and now all of their ghosts are out to haunt the girl and boy. Complete garbage of an idea that should have died the moment this "writer" came up with it. The whole ghost idea may be put in a different movie but not this one.

There's a scene at a rest stop where the girl is locked in the bathroom. Then she gets out and nobody has any answers for her. Just plain stupid scene here folks.

The relationship of the girl and boy are first strangers sharing a ride. He's boring. And she's an A Hole. She finds out that he's lied to her about living in her hometown, and that he's been stalking her. Fine. Then later when the ghosts come out, they joke about the stalking and bond even sharing a kiss. Simply garbage story telling here.

Once you start watching it, the only reason to continue watching is because it has decent acting and the production, including the camerawork and editing is fine. But the story? Man, what a steaming pile of crap.

Fear the Walking Dead: Channel 5
Episode 15, Season 5

Fear the Walking Soap Opera! Only reason to watch this is to laugh at all the nonsense these amateur writers throw our way. Complete Nonsense.
What a mess. The only way to get through this is comedy. The writing is so bad I just watching to see what else they can throw in the mix. Just like in the mothership The Walking Soap Opera, I'm waiting for the Starship Enterprise to beam down Captain Kirk and Mr Spock onto the show. Why not? Beer Balloon anyone?

Rather than showing a scary dreadful world of what would happen when the world goes to S*** we have romance, speeches, comical villains, endless supplies of bullets, cars, batteries. People having enough time to paint trees. Nonsense. Flying, crashing and fixing airplanes. Man, this makes the Woopie Zombie Wranger episodes look like masterpieces. In the past few episodes we were shown an oil refinery that was not guarded, because our heroes are out looking to help people. How can anyone watch a bunch of low IQ MoFos conduct themselves this way. People acting out of character. The list goes on and on.

Last week Morgy and Al were in a race to get to Grace before she finally died from radiation poisoning. Before that we got a duet with Grace and Dan. I mean just break into a tune why don't you. Where the hell is the dread. This is supposed to be a zombie show. Take a look at Night of the Living Dead and you will see the dread. The terror in Barbara. The coward husband trying to protect his family. The confusion. Now that is a movie. Take a look at Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price. The dread. It's there. Take a look at White Zombie with Bela Lugosi, his best film. When we're are shown the zombies and their predicament, the dread is there. Take a look at Messiah of Evil. The dread is there.

What we get with Fear and the other show is unrealistic circumstances with Soap opera with comic villains.

I'm here for the occasional comedy and a study of how stupid tv writing can be. It's manipulative. And anybody who buys this nonsense is doing long term damage to their logic centers.

Fear the Walking Dead: Today and Tomorrow
Episode 14, Season 5

Fear the Walking Soap Opera! Simply, Utter Nonsense. These writers are committing a social crime!
I use to write an in-depth review of each scene, with characters' actions and statements and how ridiculous everything transpired. Very much a soap opera, but worse, very contrived to the point of it could never happen. Fixing airplanes, beer balloons, Filty Woopy Zombie Wrangler, Peace Man Morgy. And on top of that pile of dung, they add so many characters that we don't know who the hell they are and why we should care. They add a freaking rabbi out of nowhere. Come on. Characters acting stupid. Like all of a sudden they can't kill zombies, after killing them for years. Here's looking at you Alycia. The freaking speeches. Hey, Morgan.

Anyway, I just can't get into all the details because, I just don't care. I sit and watch this show for laughs. The unintentional comedy. Like when Morgy starts with his stupid speech. And like the new Cow-woman sticking her nasty finger into a jar of jam, and her dialogue. Nobody. I mean nobody speaks like this. Ever. Never did and never will. Not here not in China, not in Australia or in Siberia. Just stupid.

So, what happened this week. Morg and Al are out putting out the "Helper" Boxes and they bump into Tom Dick Harry and he says he escaped from a community that is holding his sister. So what do Morg/Al do? Sure, they go in. Total BS. This would not happen. Al, thinks she's going to find her girlfriend. And Morgy just want to help. But look what happened. They go in, make a bunch of noise, Morgy can't kill a zombie, Dumb Al is in Spy mode videotaping the unsecure central command. The zombie that Morgy couldn't kill is now wrestling with Al in a pool. Not a bad shot. But what would make it worth anything is if Al got bit. Morg jumps in finally kills the walker. And Surprise! The pioneers got them. The smarmy leader gives them the short talk, which tells us noting, and lets them go. Total BS.

Now, if Morg and Al had a redshirt with them and they got killed, that would be something. It took me 2 seconds to think of that. That would be a bitter wakeup call for Mr Peaceman Morg. Please someone kill Morg.

While that's going on Grace the Radiation Lady, and Dan along with his cat Scratchems are out collecting supplies. So much soap time. Dan tells Grace that Charlie the Backstabber aka Killer of Nick saved his soul. Their moving van breaks down because of too much weight. Yeah, right. Walkers show up, and Mr Dan risks his life for vinyl for Backstab. They make it to a cabin and we get to hear a duet. Send in the clowns. Oh, they're already here.

So, to top this brilliant episode off, we get Morgy speaking to Grace who has once again fallen ill. And now it's a race for Morgy to see Grace before she bits the big one. A ticking timeline is always good.

Maybe next week Morg and Al will make it to the cabin and find Grace and Dan dead from zombies while Scratchems is taking a dump on Dan's forehead. Then Morg goes outside and blows his brains out for being too stupid to live.

Fear the Walking Dead: Leave What You Don't
Episode 13, Season 5

Fear the Walking Soap Opera! Scatterbrain, No direction, Amateur Writing, Simply Ridiculous, At least there's unintended comedy.
How many times do people stand around with guns and let other people walk right up to them with guns? It happened with the Vultures last season, and our heroes only got one scratch. It happened twice in this episode. Once with Logan then again with the New Bad. In a real world situation, as soon as Logan drove into the gas pump they should have lit him up with a bazooka aka Rambo. And to protect the precious pump? No guards. Right. Logan just walks right in and hold everybody hostage. Then Scarface and Truckes come in after they steal Logan's man's truck, Cowboy has a shot on Logan but doesn't kill him, and Our Helper Hero's just give in. Nonsense. BS. This would never happen. In the real world, Cowboy would have shot as many of Logan's idiots as possible, just as Scarface and Truckes drove up to finish the job. No, we get Truckes with a teary confession, that she feels bad she stole Polar Bear's rig, ending his life. Soap.

Best part of this episode was the flashback when Logan was racing to help someone and got there just in time for zombie dinner. Well done. However, 2 minutes later the Pioneers just ride in. Too many people. Not enough zombie danger. Last week we had Backstab Charlie (Nick Killer) running off and finding a Rabbi, and the Cowboy Couple ridiculously trying to ladder jump a bunch of cars. Who the hell writes this crap? Where is the logic. People we need some logic here.

So, zombies fall into the gas pump. Logan's people bail on him, hiding in a shack. Truckes saves Logan. Then Logan's men come out looking for trouble. New Bad come in and kill Logan and his men. Oooh, the intrigue. They must be affiliated with the Helicopter People. They don't kill Our Heroes, or order them to put their guns down. They just walk right up to them. Then a truly nonsensical showdown. Our Heroes could be killed in seconds, but they want to show their steel. This just would not happen. Sorry.

If you buy all this nonsense, I'm sorry to inform you that you have officially become a Living Dead, a member of the Brain Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead: Ner Tamid
Episode 12, Season 5

Fear the Walking Soap Opera! A study in amateur writing and unintended comedy. Oy Vey! Shalom!
Charlie the Backstabber ran away from the Morgy Convoy and is at a somewhat fortified synagogue with the lone Jewish Rabbi. Just a recap. Charlie is the Backstabber because she was a spy for the Vultures, causing the destruction of Madison's Diamond and literally killed Nick. Nick who? Madison who? No worries, Charlie is born again now. But that does not exempt her from being dumb. She's tired of driving around aimlessly so she runs away on her own to find a new home without telling anybody. Simply, dumb.

The rabbi is keeping his zombie congregation in another building. Think Herschel and the Barn. Think the coward loser Father Gabriel, not so Father, Father.

The convoy is now lead by Nurse June/Naomi while Morgy, Alycia, Al, and Vic are out trying to "Help" people. At least we don't get to see another dumb speech from Morgy. June, Cowboy John, Scarface Dwight and Truckes converse. What happened to Daniel, Broken hearted Radiation Lady Grace thrown into the gutter by Morgy, or the Radiation Kids. Scarface tells them 1 person is missing. There's only 36 of them, and he doesn't recall Backstab. Take a look at Scarface's haircut and shave. Please laugh!

Anywho, we get a conversation with June, Cowboy, Scarface and Truckes. A mix match of non-accents, conglomeration of South African/Icelandic and Dixie. Please laugh!

So, the rabbi runs out of battery to light his idol, even though he lost his faith in God. At this point Backstab decides to walky the convoy, not to let them that she's safe and that she's dumb as a rock, but to bring a battery. The Cowboy Couple come to the rescue, the rabbi's zombie congregation surround the temple. Who could have seen this coming? Oy vey. Please laugh!

Now Backstab, rabbi and the Cowboy Couple are on the roof. Cowboy's not so bright idea? Use a ladder to jump cars to get to Al's sway van. What could go wrong? This scene is so dumb. Of course the ladder is lost, and the Cowboy Couple are stuck on top of a car surrounded by zombies. What follows is on top of the roof Backstab and rabbi have a tearful chat, while the Couple are stuck! Please laugh! They decide to sacrifice the synagogue by drawing the zombies away from the Cowfolk.

While this is going on Truckes and Scraface share a romantic beer while on guard duty on top of the truck. Maybe not such a good idea getting drunk while you're supposed to protect your flock. The convoy is setup like Circle the Wagons. Oy Vey.

They spot Logan's team. Rather than fighting and killing them all, they run way. Again. What happened to Daniel, Wheelchair, Grace and the Radiation Kids. All they have to do is get Grace or the Kids to go touch Logan's men and they would be dead meat. Chemical Warfare. Dracula to Slayer! There's over 30 of them. They must have weapons. But they decide to take off. Forgetaboutit.

They radio the Cowboy Couple for help. Then they run out of gas. Logans' men look at them. And in a very tense moment when we may see the demise of Scarface and Truckes, (No just kidding) Cowboy Couple, Backstab and Rabbi come to the rescue.

Logan and his team have found the gas reserve. The chase was a decoy. There's nothing here folks. Even the comedy is unintended and difficult.

A couple of episodes earlier I had an idea that the best thing they could do is have Dwight secretly rebel against Morgy's dumb pacifism and go on a Rambo/Bronson/Kill Them All - Metallica Vigilantly killing spree and go kill Logan and his pestilence. Maybe if our "writers" have any brain cells at all they will go in this direction. Otherwise, what we have is just watching a bunch of dumb characters. Shalom.

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