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Foxtrot Six

A really good movie
First and foremost a what a great acting from the cast. There is no acting hole, that I'm proud they can deliver an english line with fire and good intonation. Without them, this movie wouldn't work big time because it's rely so much on the actor and the director to deliver. My complaint is there are many unnecesary sadistic and cruel scene with take duration film far too long. Which make me less enjoying the movien. The writing is decent, but some how abit simplistic. But that's okay, overall, this movie carried hard by the actor and the director and I applaud the effort. Indonesia should make another serious movie more often. We love our film product if they can make countless movie like this.

Alita: Battle Angel

Worth it just for cgi.
I watched it on 3D and the CGI is not dissapointing and worth to watch for the performances of Sora. Her screen presence is magnetic. Nah now in terms of plot. I actually like what Is Saw for the first 30 min, unlike any other movie where they are straight to the action first to hooked viewers, the first introduce the world building of Alita Is well done, so viewers who haven't get the chance to read the comic book understand what the movies is about. Nah, the problem start in the second half. They focus on the romances and take the battle at the same time which is out of place and bizare. And it's just getting worse until the end. It's just turn into a cheesy live action movie. I cringe.


A good ride.
What a good ride. The plot is pretty much straight forwards as it gets. But the amazing directorial and performances from Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie (she is an amazing kid) enchance the story and give this movie so much heart that I cried alot while watching it. And I have to admit, they did a great job for making bumblebee not looks as strong as he lookS and that make me feel for him and the way any human first look at him at first glance. Thumbs up.

Yip Man ngoi zyun: Cheung Tin Chi

Amazing martial arts and good directorial carried the show
An epic tale martial arts coreography and a nice setting from the era down to the tiniest detail. A mandarin classic movie full of action pack carried by a good directorial overcome a lackluster acting from the leads(I have to give them credit for pulling off a brilliant martial arts scene btw) and mediocre script.

Milly & Mamet: Ini Bukan Cinta & Rangga

Story is suffered from too much product placement and out of place humour. Useless character is present for the sake of humour relief and alot of is not fungtional to the story. Mediocre story at best.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Fun to the point I want to watch it over and over again.
I have been grown up become an vid fan of Spider Man series. After facing several dissapointment from previous Spider Man movie, This movie saved me and my watching experience in 2018. Simply one of my best movie 2018 so far. And my best spider Man series. I even want to re watch it again with my friend.


It's boring. Seriously waste my 2 hours watching this. Why this movie is got full and dominate the amount of screening this movie in my country is beyond my imagination. It's filled by character I don't care about. No character I can root because they're just feels not real and I can't relate to anything they talk and their action. A fantasy doesn't mean you won't touch realism.

Mortal Engines

Beautiful Relationship
Watch it for Hera Hillmar performances which is AMAZING for me. Watch it for her bonding relationship with character starring Robert Sheehan. Their build up relationship is really beautiful for me and geniune that you root for them to overcome every challenge of their relationship who will tear them apart. The only downside of this movie is the plot is really convoluted and has too many of introduction character to fill in 2 hours movie. Also too many conicidence to drive the plot moving forward. Or else really entertaining movie and worth my time and money to spent in movie theatre. The scenery and the directing is really a top notch and really elevated the script, the plot keep moving which make it not boring.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Better than Original
For me, this is even better than the original. It keep you intertaint till the last screen. There is no one dimensional villain that ruin the flow of the story for me. I understand if people think the original story is better, because the underdog story often relate to us that touch our hearts. But this is got different narrative and message compare to the first one. It's about friendship and when your friendship got challenged. The product placement is abit irritating. But that's okay

Wreck-It Ralph

Good but forgettable ride
I watch it today, and have high expectation given the good review. i watch it so I can continue to watch the sequel. The idea is good, who wouldn't love an underdog Story who used to get threw away by your environment? The first half is have a good start. But somehow it's just fall short with the villain presence wHo is caricature at best and the other twist which is unnecesarry and just to satisfy our desire of our protagonist got what they got. It's miss the mark to make something more memorable. GooD but forgettable ride.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

This is basically a filler chapter
Dissapointment. So many character, so many filler scene Which I have no idea what the main purpose is. If the main purpose is intRoduction character to for upcoming Fantastic Beast, I have to give you an advice to fire Half of the actor they have present in this movie, because they can't emote for real. I have to laugh when dramatic emotional actually happen, it's basically turn into unintentionally comedy

Robin Hood

Entertaining watch, good directorial that can cover up Mediocre story
Taron Egerton is so good. His screen presence alone make this drama worth watching, despite underwhelming several performances of the cast. And any director who can make mediocre story watchable have to take credit for it. The timing of the backsound music, cinematography, the realness of the action scene, attention to detail, make you hooked immediately just from the first scene alone. . I Think A movie can still be entertaining carried by director and cast. An Entertaining watch.

Hunter Killer

I feel sorry for the writers
The screen writers has a nice idea and good at build up the tension. Unfortunately, the actor and director are not supporting their idea. The actor start to wake up when the movie is going to end. Like wtf!.

A Star Is Born

The idea is good. very Lackluster execution
Simple. This movie bored me to tears... Nothing exciting or meaningful happening. The acting is just very lackluster for me. Emoting it's not only produce some tears and screaming. The idea is good... The execution bored me to tears. It would be awsome if this movie handle by a more talent production in front and behind the camera


One of the most satisfying movie this year for me
At first glance, I really thought it's just an average animation movie with adding adventure to the mix. But look between the surface, and you will enjoy every minute of it and getting surprise at how geniune the message they are trying to convey.


Waste of time
There is no story in this movie. Every action is for testing Audiences heart rate. Don't ever bother to looking for character we are supposed to root for. Because once we start to care, they aim to get killed! The villain is just a killing machine without add any real arc. Furthermore he is not that smart, he is just too strong even for a serial killer! Who cares about other franchise movie? Not every watchers is a halloween franchise fanatic. So please add real depth to your char first before you want us, audiences, start to care.


Become Alot of fun In the second act.
I don't know why critics is too harsh on this movie. I admit, the beginning is lackluster. I know they try to make sense why Eddie end up what makes who he is. But the setup is too formulaic, so watching formulaic setup bring less joy at first, I even want to quit from theatre. Then the fun is there when Eddie and Venom merge become one. From their banter, action scene involving them, heck even character surrounding them become alot more enjoyable and fun to watch. If they create sequel, I definitely will looking forward to it.

Johnny English Strikes Again

Hillarious but offensive.
It's hard to watch a comedy which is too heavy- hand and slaptick. At times Johnny is too violent to some people around him even to a weak old woman who used a wheelchair and Johnny act violently and it's supposed to be funny and we are supposed to root for him to success . It won't work. The main doesn't has the quality characteristic to make us audience rooting for him other than his funny side. You are just stop caring to our main hero before reaching the scond half of the movie. It would be awsome if the movie is all about Johnny and his student and not about his useless mission.

Crazy Rich Asians

Dare I say, The Worse Movie I've Saw? And I already have watched alot of bad movie. From Uneven Acting (From underacting to overacting, WHich makes this whole production look much worse), non-exsistent script (Where is the scriptwriters, Is She/He on a holiday while writing this?) to The Directing which his main purpose is to advertising Singapore instead of telling a story through visual. And I get through all of this for 2 hours ! Thank you for wasting my previous 2 hours (Plus the time I spent to go to the movie is also should be counted).

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Can't believe this is a big budget movie
There is a show that has a good script despite mediocre directing and vise versa. There is also a show that can be saved by a good directing despite mediocre writing.

This show have none of that..

But after all, if you don't know how to tell a story, It must be writing a script is not your thing, and I suggest you better find alternative job you good at. Because create an incoherent script is the same as making the whole production suffered.

This show is a prime example about a big budget movie goes wrong in all aspect from directing, writing, and acting. The directing is just plain awful, just look at the first half of the show, the dramatic tension is all over the place without flowing well. My brain hurt from just watching the first act trying to rationalize what happen. It's all "in your face" dramatic scene.

The acting is plain terrible. Amy Adams is the only saving grace that put a decent performances, the rest is just are not up to par. Well your actor might be confused and going on "what am I supposed feel because your awful script and directing" mode (well your character is just carricature, I'm sure your actor knows it). Can't believe this show get a good rating.

Inside Out

A refreshing story with great message, but unfortunately, I can't relate to it fully
It has amazing refreshing plot and new setting in animation world. It has overall great message, that happiness is great, who don't want happiness in your life? But sadness is important in your life too, if you doesn't feel your sadness, your feeling will be empty because it means you are no longer have that feeling that makes you feel human.

Unfortunately, I get that message only at the end of the movie. I start to feel the character after The center of the plot get to our main girl feeling. For the rest of the movie, from first act to second one, I don't feel attached to any of the character despite I already know the messages they want to convey. I disagree if someone said this movie is not popular because it touch sensitive issues that children don't understand, It's the opposite, this movie is easy to understand and really made for children around 9 - 12 years old if your children are smart enough.

I's a good movies, just lack character attachment like Toy Story gave me.

The Revenant

Awesome Camera Work, with not so good script
I came to the theater with so much expectation, because well, Internationally, It gets very high rating in many website. I should have learn my lesson. Sometimes several movie critics is just a bit clueless what it makes a good script. The camera work is outstanding I will give you that. But Masterpiece? You must be kidding. This Movie lack so many key aspect and element that makes a movie a masterpiece. The main element is a good script.

Too much style, but little substance.

The first act already have amazing setup and build each character nicely that makes us rooting for the hero and the rest. but the screenwriter somehow lost the plot at the second act (just like many other with not so good script has suffered), too many filler scene (the same circumstance keep showing. lazy writing) and Leonardo Dicaprio character become the most center character and we hardly see others character development (in which Leonardo Dicaprio's gain because it showcase his acting talent). This movie can scrapped into 1 hours movie and it won't lost the main narrative, that's how bad the writers has waste his 2 hours 30 min to make a movie more meaningful.

I will give the show credit for make the movie watchable just for the real setup that it's really look too real at the beginning of the movie (well, the writers really lost the plot because it's become ridiculous the more you watch it). If Only it can handle with a more capable screenwriters. such a shame. But Nice try by the way.

The Good Dinosaur

Cliché IDEA, good execution
Ouwwww The actors who participate for this movie is doing a good job, especially an actor who act as Spot... OMG, All his expression is so spot on.... It makes me cries my eyes out. So is the actor who act as Arlo

This drama really do the extreme to convey their message, But it's just hits all the right notes and have a lot of heart I can't help to makes it as favorite. I appreciate a little detail they put to make us appreciate a character struggle. Arlo is one of the weakest Link between the three. He is born with little body and big foot and head. Since he was Young he never had the experienced went into the real world, both of his parent want him to grow slowly, but his slow growth in mentality it's not what they are both expecting, he is still hasn't grow. Lost patient make his dad do the extreme and eventually led to his death.

I love the little detail they put in, I love the emotion and sincerity they shown. Throughout the movie. The overall idea might be cliché, but execution is very good in my opinion. It's just hits all the right notes for many parents thats want their children to grow but didn't saw what they have been expecting.

Toy Story 3

A really memorable one
IF there is Animation movie that brought me to tears. It's Toy Story 3 and I can't believe I become emotionally invested with this wonderful executed animation movie I've ever watched. and I'm a 26 years old woman at the time I watched it.

I even suggest this movie it's not for children considering how much they touch a sensitive aspect that only 13+ years old that knows the issues.

When you watch it, you will start to care more about a tiny little detail you have miss in your life. You will start to care about aspect you haven't noticed before.

The Walk

Such an awesome storytelling, what an awesome director / screenwriters
If there's a movie that carried by director and screenwriters, this movie will take the cake. They appreciated the power of a good storytelling, and I'm in awe! Many Screenwriters and Director always fail to see this and build the tension out of nowhere without decent build up story. The man from The U.N.C.L.E is the prime example. This drama will be boring start at the first act to second act, if not handle properly. But this writers and particularly this director is just so genius and know exactly how to build a narrative and connect the the second act to the last without random intensity for the sake of intensity without purpose to the plot. It's just well executed. If there is something I critics, I wish they build Philipe's Petit desire to walk across between two tower more slowly, so it will be more believable and more relatable, You would thing despite his background, He was insane to think that. But thanks to first act, I can relate to his desire because there is people that has talent to do something and has drive / desire to challenge himself more, they tend to think a crazy think.

It's well executed movie, and if there is someone who called it boring, they don't know how a good story-telling is!

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