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Star Trek: The Next Generation: Lonely Among Us
Episode 6, Season 1

Average Episode
SJW moment - Riker explains to aliens guests who want to eat live animals that humans "No longer enslaved animals for food purposes."

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Where No One Has Gone Before
Episode 5, Season 1

Boring - Pass on this episode. You won't be sorry...
Boring episode. Wesley Crusher *again* solves a technical problem that trained, experience adults could not. Love the series but pass on this episode. You won't be sorry...

The Spirit

Boring action movie
I came to this movie as a huge fan of the source material, the comic series by Wil Eisner. As a fan of that Series this movie is unrecognizable to the source material. As a person coming clean into the movie without any knowledge of the source material, this is just a boring action film and not worth the effort. Complete style over substance, and an annoying style of that.


Underated classic
Underrated classic made so by the outstanding performances by Jack Palance, and Charlton Heston. A little slow in the beginning but it once it discards the obligatory love interest, which isn't really needed, the movie focuses on the compelling aspect of the movie, which is the rivalry between Palance and Heston's characters.

Worth a look!

The Six Million Dollar Man

Pilot is much more serious than I remember as a kid
As a child of the 70s I love the show. I just recently watched the first two episodes, which was the pilot movie. I was surprised at how serious the tone of the movie was. For example, after Steve Austin wakes up from the accident he actually tries to kill himself in the hospital as opposed to living a life without an arm, two legs, and one eye.

Also, his Handler is not Richard Anderson as it was in the series but was a mysterious unnamed government Black Ops person, play beautifully by Darren McGavin, Kolchak The Night Stalker Fame. His presence really added a Sinister aspect to the show which I think wandering welcome throughout the series.

Absolutely love the television show still, and the pilot still holds up.

Gunsmoke: The Bobsy Twins
Episode 36, Season 5

Solid episode. Each character gets their day. Like so many good episodes unflinching violence of the West. 1 error.

Not a spoiler. And one of them or character Focus scenes, and some of the best of the series, you have a scene where Marshall Dillon and the doctor are having dialogue, bantering back and forth. The doctor quotes the verse below and is impressed when Matt response if that's from "Chronicles" They were both incorrect as it's from The Book of Psalms: Psalm 55:21 "The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart:"

Have Gun - Will Travel: The Teacher
Episode 27, Season 1

Example of why we need Palidan today at our universities
"A schoolteacher is threatened after revealing information about a Civil War guerrilla commander."

This episode is relevant for today where our colleges and universities have now ceased to be places of thinking and objective education, and become leftist indoctrination. In this episode, there is a school teacher who teaches history is it really was, warts and all. I wish we had Palidan today as academia bullies anyone who is not in lockstep with their agenda, and ignores painful truths about history if they don't fit into their current worldview.

Have Gun - Will Travel: Sweet Lady of the Moon
Episode 26, Season 6

Example of the series best
Uncompromising look at the Old West. Paladin has to defend a reformed serial killer. Or is he were formed? Once again the show does not take the easy way out it shows brutality

Have Gun - Will Travel: American Primitive
Episode 21, Season 6

Strong supporting cast
This is one of the better episodes of the later season episodes. Mainly because of the strong Supporting Cast, including Harry Morgan.

Gunsmoke: Ma Tennis
Episode 21, Season 3

This is another episode that illustrate why the early years of this television Western Wear some of the best TV at the time. Considering this episode was aired in the late 1950s, it is uncompromising. Unlike many shows today, when this show has a character that is said to be evil, the show takes it to its logical end

Gunsmoke: Joe Phy
Episode 17, Season 3

Solid Episode.
Another episode that illustrates what made this a legendary western; drama, unflinching honesty, and toxic-masculinity.

Gunsmoke: Never Pester Chester
Episode 10, Season 3

Matt Dillin Unleasehed...
This is a favorite episode as it shows how this early TV Western was uncompromising in its scripts and how its characters reacted to tragedy. After Chester is all the dry to death behind a horse by two Cowboys, Matt Dillon is out for revenge, not justice. As if you were we are not disappointed.

This is an episode that shows that the relationship between Marshall Dillon and Chester what's more than false employer but that of true friends

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Menfish
Episode 24, Season 2

Great fun!
This episode is quintessential "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." Evil scientist, in-human experiments, hilarious creature special effects( I say this is a compliment) duplicite characters, and toxic masculinity saving the day!

Watch it through youthful eyes!!

Gunsmoke: Crack-Up
Episode 1, Season 3

Quentisential western - Toxic Mascalentity At Its Finest!
This is one of my favorite episodes Gunsmoke. Keep in mind I'm not a fan of that later hour long episodes or the color episodes. The first 5 years of 30 minute episodes packed in more plot, story, and characterization than most hour long shows today.

Similar to Jimmy Stewart's performance in many of Anthony Man's best western feature films, Matt Dillon is portrayed as a man that speaks softly but carries a big stick, and only uses it when pushed to the brink. This episode is quintessential Matt Dillon. Men want to be him, and women want to be with him.

Also, JohnDenver, well-known character actor through the 1950s to the 1970s, perfectly plays the coldheart gunman.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Best western in years...makes my all time Top 20 list
I'm not unbiased because I am a fan of the Coen brothers and their movies. Couple that with the love of Western genre movies and for me this is perfect match. This is less of a full length movie but a series of vignettes, an anthology of different stories that take place in the American West. In most cases anthologies are hit-and-miss but I thoroughly enjoyed each one of the vignettes, and of course love the quirkiness of a Coen Brothers in each one.

That said you don't have to be a fan of western movies to enjoy this. As with most stories, the human nature element of each is what if you are finds compelling, regardless of the genre.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Just bad
As an action flick it was boring, as a drama it was predictable.

American Made

Solid movie
This was an entertaining movie on many levels. Not only did I enjoy the story context of the main characters contribution to history (no spoilers) I thought once again Tom Cruise did a great job. I have one point which is not necessarily a negative but I thought in this movie Tom Cruise was doing his best Matthew McConaughey. I couldn't help but see McConaughey in this role and I have to suspect in my opinion Tom Cruise felt the same.

The Last Outlaw

Bad face lift was distracting
Enjoyed the movie but was distracted everytime Mickey Rourke was on the screen. Why do people in Hollywood persist in having bad face-lifts? Not to be insulting but his character in this movie resembled 1980s pop music performers from androgynous pop and rock music bands. I kept thinking "What are Prince and the Revolution, and Michael Jackson doing in the Wild West."

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Jonah and the Whale
Episode 1, Season 2

Bible verse quoted twice
This episode is a lot of fun but ridiculous and predictable from the title. For a reason that only serves move along the plot, a lady Russian scientist is on the Seaview. Admiral Nelson and the Russian scientist enter a diving bell and descend to the ocean floor to investigate a damaged Russian science lab, which is also on the ocean floor. This happens to take place during a "massive whale migration," which per the writers means that the whales are in a frenzy as a migrate, and dangerous. Anyway, a sperm whale ala Moby Dick swallows the diving bell and both the scientist and Admiral Nelson are in the belly of the Beast.

While waiting forrescue, ,Admiral Nelson tries to encourage the Russian Scientist to hope for rescue by quoting Jonah 2:6 from The Bible, "I went down to the bottoms of the mountains; the earth with her bars was about me for ever: yet hast thou brought up my life from corruption, O LORD my God.(KJV)"

The Russian scientist isn't buying it and remains pessimistic about the chance of rescue. Admiral Nelson continues to encourage the skeptic by stating that Jonah must have been telling the truth because he was called "Jonah son of Amitia, which means truth." He continues saying that "He must have been pretty good at his job otherwise the Lord wouldn't have sent him to try to save the corrupt City of Niniva."

Admiral Nelson really knows his scripture!

The whale settles on the bottom of the ocean and falls asleep. Three divers from the seaview swim to the bottom of the ocean in only scuba gear - the writers must have forgotten that earlier in the same episode there was dialogue about the dangerous pressure at the bottom of the ocean and how they needed the diving bell to survive - anyway,... the three divers swim into the mouth of the sleeping whale and begin to wdd through muck and junk to get to the diving bell in the belly of the whale. All three divers get into the diving bell but not before attaching a cable to the top of the diving bell, which is attached to a big pulley inside the Seaview.

The whale begins to awaken at this point. The Seaview uses the pulley that yank the diving bell safely out from the stomach of the whale through its mouth, to safty. ( the whale was not injured) The whale swims off obviously having had enough of this nonsense and the diving bell gets back to Seaview safely.

In the epilogue, when everyone is safe other crew persons or questioning the Russian scientist about her experience. She slyly looks over at Admiral Nelson and quotes Jonah 2:6 and without actually winking, all but winks at Admiral Nelson. Question credits.

7 Men from Now

One of the best westerns of the era...
As a fan of western movies I find a good bit of those produced before 1950 to be formulaic and predictable, though quality. That said, "Seven Men From Now" is a classic and hold up very well. This movie is IMO where Scott transitions from the standard western movie of the day into what will be come a more "mature" western genre trend beginning in the 1950s. His performance is one of his best, and the opening five minutes where. No spoilers but with this scene he proves, "This is not your father's Scott movie!"

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