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Chris NEO

What da hyell?
Worse version of Irate Gamer, Bores forgot how to act and his Chris Neo videos contain nothing but clickbait thumbnails and wacky titles with him putting stuff like "Video Game Review Play Through Retro" or "Review Lets play Retro". Face it, breakfast is ruined.

Irate Gamer Neo

Irate Gamer Neo: IGN, Can't spell Ignorant without IGN
Chris bores reviewing games as fast as he can and doesn't even take the time to talk about the features within in the game like in his Tekken 6 review he claimed that the VS mode was hidden in the menu and he only covered the first 2 missions of the story mode. Splatoon review only shows him playing the first few training levels and not mentioning the multi-player or online, Smash Bros Brawl review he calls Pit "Kid Icarus", Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games he called it "Mario VS Sonic" and said to wait for Smash Bros for it. These reviews are very rushed and they show for every single video he puts out. Irate pick for worst reviewer!

Smosh: The Movie

Started watching Smosh in 2007 and now this is just sad.
-THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!! BEWARE- Honestly this felt like some direct to TV movie, and a bad movie. I was a big smosh fan in 2007 but stopped watching after 2013 due to there forced acting, using same video ideas, and them just milking out other series (Pokemon, if _____ were real, etc). I watched the movie hoping It would be decent at best but what I got was a cringe fest of bad acting, a lame plot, and barely any laughter. The plot is that Anthony doesn't want his high school crush to see an embarrassing video on youtube so him and ian go inside youtube and change the video. Already Anthony is the cliché guy who has no confidence in himself and Ian is just the dumb character who's suppose to be funny. The problem is that the plot isn't all that great considering in the youtube videos Ian and Anthony travel through time, fight Italian mafias, life hack, do crazy food battles, escape from jail, etc. In the movie they constantly re-use the same youtube clips that they travel to and it gets old like seeing Jenna marbles for the third time. All the youtube cameos you see in the trailer are 95% of the cameos in the movie, there's shane dawson and the Smosh Games guys including Mari, and dtrix. To my surprise, no Nigahiga or Kevjumba. The acting in this is very poor, in the old smosh days they had better acting then they do now. Ian being a douche thing in the movie gets old and isn't funny. One thing that I think many smosh fans will agree with is that NOT having Ian's actual mom in the movie is really stupid. Instead it's some women we've never seen before and for the first time we see Ian's dad...okay? If you couldn't get Ian's real mom, don't put it in the script. The special effects are decent but there's one part where Steve Youtube catches them in a forest and it's obvious that he's green-screened into the scene while Ian & Anthony aren't. For a Smosh movie, there's almost nothing Smosh about it! I was hoping to see Smosh characters such as Boxman, Teleporting fat guy, Damn Neighbor, Billy Jean, Charlie, & Food Battle Reporter. Not saying they had to be main characters but not even a cameo or an Easter egg? What a joke! The only thing they reference is there Pokemon video but since they had to change the name for obvious copyright, it's not all that special and feels very forced. You can tell there was no passion in the making of this movie, they didn't even write the script themselves! Overall, this movie will probably appeal to those under the age of 13. This wasn't the way to go with the movie at all, oh and one more thing, the title screen in the movie is so bland, it's just white text font with a backdrop shadow, the logo they used for the trailer and poster was even better. You would think they would do some cool graphic explosion like they do in the Food Battle videos with some epic orchestral score but nope, simple white text with some song playing that sounds like a theme song for a teen sitcom you would find on Nickelodean.

The Irate Gamer

Face it, video game reviews are RUINED!
Chris bores AKA The Irate Gamer has to be the one of the worst game reviewers I've ever watched and there is more bad of him then just being an AVGN Ripoff. Bores constantly uses green screen effects that aren't needed at all, he always does a stupid montage scene when it's clearly obvious that he's not actually playing, he uses game genie in almost every game he plays, he doesn't do his research, unfunny forced jokes and majority are food references, he has bad grammar, over uses his stock explosion effects, forced video game spirte jokes (to make him look retro), and he forces the way on how he's a "gamer" with obviously trying to look all retro by showing his posters or saying "Now I've always been a big fan of ____ when I was a kid". Not to mention, Chris Bores sells his Irate Gamer DVDs with COPYRIGHTED FOOTAGE! In his volume one DVD he kept the Back to the Future music AND in his Season 4 "Rise of red" DVD, he kept the Power Rangers TV show footage and music! Does this guy not know the law?! Speaking of Rise of Red, bores is so unoriginal he had to use Power Ranger footage to end it off, and in that same episode there's a scene where Archfiend says "F*ck you AVGN!"... Wow Chris, what the heck did James Rolfe ever do to you? Chris Bores has been making fun of James only because James wanted to make his first ever feature film which was his dream goal as a child, and Chris makes it seem like he's some criminal. Irate gamer mainly nitpicks a lot in his game reviews and dies on purpose! It's so obvious when he does this and sometimes when he takes the game out of the system, the system isn't even TURNED ON! Now in 2015 he's reviewing classic good games and trashing them because "it's hard!". In his Megaman review not only does he die on purpose but he's using game genie too! Irate gamer can't even play Megaman without cheating?! You honestly can't trust this reviewer. Did I mention that almost all the characters in his show is just him green screened wearing another costume (ex: Kool Aid Man, Evil Gamer, News reporter). The Irate gamer character compared to Chris Bores himself isn't really no different, they're both ignorant and aren't funny. The Irate Gamer character isn't even likable as he's always trying to kill some other character for no reason. Irate gamer has been doing reviews for almost a decade and he still sucks, give him criticism and you'll be blocked.

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