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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

A sequel that is definitely faithful to the original.
A lot of people complain about Home Alone 2 being just a rehash of the original and I will not deny that it is a rehash but this is one of those times that it doesn't bother me that much. In fact this sequel is almost better than the original. There are a few things I actually think they do better in this film. Uncle Frank and Buzz are more entertaining this time around, the New York setting gives it a more adventurous feel, the scene where they discover Kevin is missing complete with the iconic "KEVIN!!" scream taken up to eleven and Kate fainting in front of the entire airport is better than what they did in the original, and the addition of Tim Curry and Rob Schneider is a lot of fun. This is the closest Tim Curry has come to reprising his iconic role as Wadsworth from Clue. And Brenda Fricker as The Bird Lady brings some heart to the movie. So Lost in New York does rehash a lot of the original but it retains the heart that made the original so timeless and I will take this any day over Home Alone 3.

Home Alone 3

One of the worst movies ever made! A total cash grab!
Ladies and gentlemen this is the sequel that made me like the original a little less. Yes this movie is in the words of Muffy Crosswire from Arthur "Vomitrocious!" It's a cash grab in every meaning of the word. I would have been okay with another Home Alone movie if Macauley Culkin came back but he refused so the studio got desperate and green lit a piece of crap second sequel that takes away the charm, humor, spirit, and heart of the two classics that came before it. It also takes away the star studded cast. Just scroll through the cast list and see if you recognize any names. The only well known people in the cast are Scarlett Johansson and Neil Flynn and this was before either one of them were a big deal. What made the director cast a bunch of no names!? Raja Gosnell is notorious for making generic movies but I think Beverly Hills Chihuahua and The Smurfs are masterpieces compared to this crap. Skip it altogether I say. If there was a Heaven and hell for movies this one would definitely go to hell.

Noises Off...

Not the greatest movie but one of the funniest and most relatable movies!
I watched this movie recently and boy is it very relatable and very hilarious! It is a movie that I especially recommend to people who have done any form of theater. If you have participated in theater you will find this movie hilariously relatable, but even if you haven't I'm sure you will get something out of all the humor. I find this movie relatable because earlier this year I was in a production of the Larry Shue play The Foreigner where up until our preview night things were not coming together and it was very anxiety inducing. This movie was not well received by everyone. I will admit it doesn't entirely work as a movie and it doesn't feel entirely like a theatrical film. What makes it work is the comedy, the writing, and the cast made up of Michael Caine, John Ritter, Carol Burnett, Christopher Reeve, and Denholm Elliott. It's not for everyone but it is certainly for me.

Arthur: Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll
Episode 0, Season 7

The Best of the Arthur specials and maybe even the show itself.
I love this special so much! Even though it originally aired in 2002 I was introduced to it in 2010 and I have seen it many times since. The thing I love most about this episode is the music. Nothing But The Music, Manager Of Your Dreams, the infamous We Stink Song. This special is easily better than the other three. Unlike Arthur's Perfect Christmas there is not one moment where D.W. throws a temper tantrum and unlike the other two specials this one actually feels like a special and not like an extended episode of the series. It is also a million times better than that Arthur's Missing Pal crap! That never should have happened the way it did! I also like that Arthur and Buster are not the central characters, but they do have an entertaining subplot where they start a band with George called We Stink and that name explains itself. They are terrible but what makes it entertaining is that they don't realize it. Watching this special made me want to start my own band. I asked different people but forming a band is not as easy as this makes it out to be. Also this made me think The Backstreet Boys are a rock band. THEY'RE NOT. Honestly this special doesn't feel like something as old as 2002 it feels like something from either the late 2000s or early 2010s. Probably because 2010 was when I first saw the special all the way through. I can see where this special might annoy people because Francine and Muffy spend a good chunk of it bickering and whining and not everyone enjoys The Backstreet Boys. I personally love it though and I'm glad I have it on VHS because it NEVER airs on PBS anymore. Bring it back please! There's no reason for it not to air anymore! It doesn't have Lance Armstrong! Also Spoiler Alert Francine's band U Stink disbands at the end and is almost never mentioned again afterwards. They should have a comeback. Bring them back in an episode, a special, or a theatrical movie and let them have a new song! I love this special a lot! I've seen it many times before and I plan on seeing it many times in the future!

The Princess Bride

A Classic That Has Something For Everyone!
I first saw this movie when I was 13 years old. I will admit I wasn't as into it as I wanted to when I first saw it but it has for sure grown on me. This movie is a classic and one of my favorites for sure but I don't think it's necessarily perfect. My problems with the movie are that I don't think Robin Wright is very good as Buttercup. She's not a bad actress (I loved her in Forrest Gump) but her accent sounds more like she's imitating someone from England rather than someone who is actually English. Also the romantic dialogue is corny. But just about everything else in this movie is great. One of the things that's great about this movie is it has something for everyone. Even if you don't like the romance, you will find the characters like Inigo Montoya, Fezzick, and Miracle Max to be great. This movie is endlessly quotable. The writing is excellent. The humor is great. The sword fights are great and classic. And most of the performances are great, most especially the performances of Mandy Patinkin, Cary Elwes, Billy Crystal, Andre the Giant, and Christopher Guest. This movie is very inspirational, magical, funny, a lot of fun, heartwarming, and very rare in quality. If you have never seen it you should definitely check it out. I will give it an A- and four out of five stars.


The "Hook" to kids of the 2000s in a way!
People seem to regard Cars as one of the weaker Pixar movies, but it's a childhood favorite. When I was a kid this movie was huge! All the kids (myself included) loved it, Rascal Flatts' cover of Life Is a Highway was extremely popular, everybody loved Tow Mater (which is most likely the reason he was the center of attention in the sequel), the tractor tipping scene was everyone's favorite scene, and everyone owned the toys. Now that I'm older I realize that the story is definitely weak compared to the other Pixar movies, but what makes up for it are the characters, animation, voice acting, humor, the music especially Our Town by James Taylor, an emotional scene, and the movie's tone. It's no Toy Story or Finding Nemo but I still love Cars.

The Expendables 3

Not as good as the second but better than the first. The best one in regards to acting and story.
This movie gets a pretty bad rap but I personally enjoy it. These movies are meant to be fun, not Oscar winners. I don't think this movie is as good as the second film, but it's better than the first. However, this one is the best in regards to story (which isn't saying too much) and acting. With the additions of Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, and most especially Mel Gibson the quality of the acting improves. Wesley Snipes is really entertaining but unfortunately after awhile he is pushed to the side. Harrison Ford puts a lot more effort into his performance than Bruce Willis did and it pays off. Mel Gibson easily gives the best performance in the entire movie and I want to see him play more villains. He is a phenomenal actor and people need to forgive him for the mistakes he's made as a human being. We all have flaws. Kelsey Grammer is okay but he feels miscast in this role. He's not an action star. This role would have made more sense if it was played by someone like Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Dwayne Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, or Tom Cruise. Antonio Banderas is trying to play a version of Leo Getz from the Lethal Weapon films and it does not work. Ronda Rousey needs some acting classes if she is serious about acting. She has potential but she is not very good at all in this movie. Terry Crews and Jet Li are very underused in this movie. I know people complain about how this movie is rated PG-13 instead of R. I do think the movie could have benefited from an R rating but the action is still really good. I love seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger shooting from a helicopter with sunglasses and facial hair. He looks awesome. I also love the ending to this movie because it's awesome to see all these people hanging out in bar and having a good time after saving the day. This movie is not without it's problems but it I find it fun and it's cool seeing all these people in a movie together.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Not a great movie but definitely a nostalgic one!
Thomas And The Magic Railroad was one of my childhood favorites. I was a huge fan of Thomas The Tank Engine back in the day. I owned a bunch of the videos and toys. I remember one day thirteen years ago my Mom brought home this movie from the library and I was instantly intrigued by real humans on the cover with Thomas. I watched it and I loved it. Later on, I got it for Christmas and I've watched it countless times since. My family may have suffered a bit. Now that I'm older I can understand that it's not a very good movie, but there is definitely some good things about it. The scenes with the engines are magical, the soundtrack is great, the set designs for Sodor are really well done. This movie definitely has flaws though. It's way too Americanized, the acting is not the best, the voice acting is okay but nobody seems to own their role, but the two biggest crimes this movie commits are the film focuses way too much on the humans and not the engines and they left one of the most important characters Edward out of the movie. I want to see humans in this movie, but the amount of screen time given to them and the amount of screen time given to the engines should be reversed. And making a Thomas The Tank Engine movie without Edward is wrong! Edward was an important character and he should have been included in this movie! Not including him is like making an Arthur movie without Buster Baxter, or a Muppet movie without Fozzie Bear, or a Sesame Street movie without Oscar the Grouch. My point is it doesn't work and there's no excuse for not including him. Speaking of not including, this movie only includes the main engines from the show (save for Edward of course) plus Bertie, the four new engines, and two background characters. Come on, this is a Thomas The Tank Engine movie! Throw in, Duck, Oliver, Toad, Donald and Douglas, Diesel, and the Little Engines! Stop focusing so much on the humans and make the engines your main focus! One complaint this movie gets that I don't agree with at all is that the engines mouths don't move. Who cares!? Their mouths didn't move on the tv show! They did eventually but that was when the show became CGI animated and sucked. In regards to the acting performances, Alec Baldwin is over the top as Mr. Conducter. He plays his character like Mr. Rogers, Willy Wonka, and Nicolas Cage all in one person. It's not very good but he's at least entertaining. I do feel like the role could have benefited from being played by Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, or Will Ferrell. Peter Fonda's performance is nothing like Baldwin's. Peter Fonda is playing his role like he's in some sort of depressing Oscar winning drama. It's not bad, but this is Thomas The Tank Engine not Titanic. Mara Wilson is cute in this movie but at this point she wasn't the freaking adorable little girl she was in Mrs. Doubtfire. If this movie could have stayed true to it's British origins and waited several years to be made they could have cast Georgie Henley from Narnia in the role of Lily. That would have been better! People talk about how the movie would have been so much better if they didn't cut out the main villain. Sure it would have been better but I still don't think it would be an acclaimed masterpiece. Despite this movie's flaws I don't hate it. I don't think it's good but I loved it as a child and it still has a special place in my heart. I wouldn't mind collecting it on VHS and watching it occasionally. This movie gets 2.5 stars and a C+. If I wasn't a Thomas The Tank Engine fan it would most likely get a lower rating and if this was 13 years ago I would rank this up there with Forrest Gump.

Mrs. Doubtfire

A movie that shows off Robin Williams' strengths as both a comedy star and a serious actor!
This is one of my favorite comedies and one of Robin Williams' best performances. I love how Robin Williams plays a woman convincingly without being over the top. This movie shows off a lot of his comedic skills and some of his serious acting chops. Robin Williams will always hold a special place in my heart as one of the greatest actors of all time and one of my biggest acting inspirations. Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, and the child actors are also really great in this movie. The themes of divorce are handled very well. I wish Robin Williams was still around acting in movies. Rest In Peace, Sir!

Fathers' Day

A passable comedy in my opinion.
This is not a comedy classic by any means but it's good for some laughs. First of all, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal have amazing chemistry and they're going to make you laugh a little. I do think they could have been in a far better movie together but considering the fact that Robin Williams is no longer with us I can make do with this. It's not the greatest movie in the world but it is FAR from the worst movie ever made. If you want a decent chuckle from two great legends check this out, but if you're looking for a fantastic comedy watch Blazing Saddles instead.

Nine Months

A great premise that is executed poorly!
This movie is not very popular to begin with but the trailers made it look at least passable. BOY WAS I WRONG! While it has it's moments of being funny and heartwarming this movie for the most part is atrocious! The characters played by Tom Arnold and Joan Cusack were very annoying! Hugh Grant in my opinion is a little miscast. Juliane Moore is a good actress but she is wasted with bad material to work with. Jeff Goldblum is fairly entertaining. Robin Williams as the Russian doctor was one of the movie's only highlights. He actually made me laugh a little but it's a shame that he's surrounded by such a bad movie. The scene with the Barney like dinosaur should have made me laugh but it didn't. For some reason that scene was painful to watch. This movie is not without it's moments but for the most part it's terrible. It's a shame because this movie could have worked as something like Mrs. Doubtfire. I'm going to compare this to another unpopular comedy called Father's Day with Billy Crystal and Robin Williams. That was not a great movie but I think it's at least passable because those two actors play well off of each other and it has some laughs and there's absolutely no way now that those two can be in another movie together. This movie however is not passable and hardly works at all.

Lethal Weapon

This is my favorite action movie of all time! Sorry Die Hard.
If somebody asks me what my favorite action movie is I'm going to answer Lethal Weapon. Yes, I like Lethal Weapon better than Die Hard. There is just something about this franchise that really speaks to me. This is not your average run of the mill buddy cop film. This movie has a lot of fantastic action, some great drama, and a little bit of humor. The chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is magical. The character of Martin Riggs, portrayed beautifully by my favorite actor Mel Gibson is one of my favorite movie characters in all of cinema. Shane Black apparently hated the way Riggs evolved in the later installments but I personally loved that. He was a character that was very well developed and seeing him grow as a character was a pleasure to watch. These films don't have the most memorable villains in the world but the villains in this movie are my second favorites after Jet Li and Company in the fourth film. The fight between Mel Gibson and Gary Busey is one of the greatest in cinema history. I love how a broken fire hydrant rains over them as they fight. The suicide contemplation scene is one of the most well acted scenes by Mel Gibson but he has a bunch of those. Lethal Weapon is not only my favorite action movie of all time but one of my favorite movies and it's spawned a great franchise. Lethal Weapon is fantastic. Lethal Weapon 2 is almost as good. Lethal Weapon 3 is weaker but definitely has it's strong points and Lethal Weapon 4 is fun from start to finish with great action and funny comedy. If I had to grade these films I would give Lethal Weapon an A. I would give Lethal Weapon 2 an A-. I would give Lethal Weapon 3 a B. And I would give Lethal Weapon 4 a B+.

Lethal Weapon 3

My least favorite film in the franchise but still entertaining.
This is the weakest film in the Lethal Weapon franchise but that doesn't mean it's bad. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover still have the chemistry and there is some good humor and drama. Joe Pesci is good as usual but he looks ridiculous with blonde hair. This movie introduced the character played by Rene Russo and she and Mel Gibson have fantastic chemistry. They work really well together in these films and Ransom. The series in general does not have the most memorable villains but the villain in this film is by far the weakest. Also this movie has the worst opening of the entire franchise. The first film began with a suicide. The second began with a car chase. The fourth began with Riggs and Murtaugh trying to stop a madman dressed in what looked like Tony Stark's first Iron Man suit. This movie begins with Riggs and Murtaugh trying to stop a bomb from going off and a cat shows up and it's just ridiculous. That could have worked as an individual scene in the movie like the toilet scene in Lethal Weapon 2 but not as the opening scene. Don't make the same mistake Lethal Weapon 5. I guess the opening credits beforehand made up for there not being a terrific opening scene. As I said this movie is not as good as the other three films but it's still pretty good. It has one of the best songs used in the franchise: Runaway Train by Elton John and Eric Clapton.

Lethal Weapon 4

Such an underrated sequel!
I think one of the reasons people aren't as crazy about the fourth film in one of my favorite franchises is because of how comedic it is. One minute this is an action movie next it's a silly comedy and I actually commend it for that because both of those aspects really work. I know that's not really how the first two movies were but I like it in this one. The chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is still there but there's also a good back and forth between Chris Rock and Joe Pesci. They have two really funny scenes together and they work so well because these two guys are both loud mouths in their own right. There is just a lot of chemistry in this movie. Mel Gibson and Rene Russo have fantastic chemistry that I as an aspiring actor would love to have with an actress someday. Jet Li in my opinion is the most memorable villain in the franchise. This is not the best Lethal Weapon movie but it's one of the most fun. It has so many great moments. Towards the end Joe Pesci talks about his backstory and you can't help but feel sorry for the little guy or at least I did. Whoever thought that Joe Pesci should be nominated for a Razzie Award has no heart. This movie is not as good as Lethal Weapon or Lethal Weapon 2 but it's an improvement over Lethal Weapon 3. I personally enjoy every movie in the franchise and I hope Lethal Weapon 5 happens. I will be paying money to see it if it comes along.

Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!

It's sugar coated for the sake of children but still entertaining.
Veggie Tales is one of my favorite shows from childhood and I still enjoy it today. My favorites include Where's God When I'm Scared, Dave And The Giant Pickle, The Toy That Saved Christmas, Very Silly Songs, etc. and this one is in there too but I have a love/hate thing for it. First of all it gives me creeps. In the very first episode of Veggie Tales Junior Asparagus was facing his fear of "the monsters on tv" and in this one he's facing one for real. He's five years old and he's in a situation where he could very likely be a monster's lunch. The idea of a five year old in that sort of situation sounds terrifying. The Fib is an alien who pretends to be friends with Junior and encourages him to lie about breaking his father's bowling plate ensuring him that "a little fib couldn't hurt anyone" but eventually the lie grows out of control and becomes a monster. Junior is visibly frightened when he first sees the Fib for the first time in monster form but he takes it surprisingly well compared to real life where a kid would most likely be screaming, crying, and begging not to be eaten and put down. Junior acts more like a damsel in distress than a kid in danger. It baffles me how sugar coated this episode is but I understand it's for the kids. I know it's for comedic purposes but an officer would not run away in fear in a situation like this in real life. I don't think fainting and staring up at a water tower would be all that parents do in this sort of situation. I think they would also be stressed, crying, and yelling at police officers, etc to do their jobs. They would be a lot like Mel Gibson and Rene Russo in Ransom. It's so far fetched that the city is only relying on a superhero who doesn't have super powers and that Junior actually saves but as I've said it's for kids. What else baffles me is that when Junior is rescued his parents don't ask him if he's okay or hug him in desperation because they almost lost him. Junior just apologizes and they go home. He seems okay but if I was close to being eaten I would be in therapy. Okay this episode is extremely toned down for kids but I still enjoy it. It's fun, exciting, and actually has some funny parts. It does give me the creeps and I don't watch it very often but I still think it's one of the best Veggie Tales and Larry Boy episodes.

The Great Muppet Caper

Not quite as classic as The Muppet Movie but close!
This is my second favorite Muppet movie after The Muppet Movie. One of the reasons I love it so much is because it relies more on Muppets and gags than humans and cute moments. Two things that the two most recent movies are bad about (as good as those movies are). This was long before Walter came along and Gonzo was one of the stars. I feel like all the Muppets really come to play here (Although Statler and Waldorf are underused) most especially Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Pops, and Beauregard. The music in this movie is great. You can't watch the bicycle and water scenes without being a little impressed. I am an aspiring filmmaker and I want to make some Muppet movies someday (partly because I'm worried that Muppets Most Wanted was the final nail in the coffin) and if I do I want there to be humans but I want them to take a backseat to the Stars themselves and that would be the Muppets. I intend to do a better job than the most recent movies have. The Great Muppet Caper is a perfect example of this and I highly recommend it! It's a classic!


Maybe the greatest kids show ever!
This show is up there with Little Bear, Franklin, Sesame Street, and Veggie Tales as one of my all time favorite kids show. I love most of the characters. There are a lot of classic episodes such as Arthur's Eyes, Locked In The Library, Arthur's Family Vacation, Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm, The Chips Are Down, The Cave, Best Of The Nest, as well as the special Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll and many more. And there are some not so great episodes like So Funny I Forgot To Laugh, You Are Arthur, and the one I stopped watching after five minutes Vomitrocious. I would say that after Season 15 the show became a lot less great but there are still great episodes such as Lend Me Your Ear. I mean come on it's awesome seeing Mr. Ratburn play a Nirvana like song. This show does have problems but like some other children's shows it holds a special place in my heart and I still like to watch it but mostly the older episodes.

Little Bear

One of my favorite shows from childhood and I still love it today!
Little Bear is one of my favorite shows from childhood and even now when I'm 18 I still love it and like to watch it. This show is not as upbeat as shows like Franklin or Arthur but it's still great. Sometimes when I watch certain shows I have to skip the theme songs but with this show I have to watch the theme song at the beginning because the music is wonderful and it's very imaginative to watch. This show also has a lot of imagination and that's one of the reasons it's so wonderful. I'm tired of people acting like you have to grow out of kids shows at a certain age. You know what I'm almost 19 and I love a lot of kids shows. There are lots of great ones like this, Franklin, Arthur, Blue's Clues, Curious George, Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, and Veggie Tales, and ones that are awful like Wow, Wow Wubbzy, Fireman Sam, Teletubbies, and the worst one of all Yo Gabba Gabba. The good ones that I mentioned teach kids lessons and maybe it wouldn't hurt for us older people to be reminded of those lessons. Little Bear I'm sure will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope I can introduce it to my nieces and nephews eventually and even my kids if I actually have any.

Muppets Most Wanted

I hope this isn't the end.
When The Muppets came out in 2011 people really liked it and therefore a sequel was made. The sequel Muppets Most Wanted was not as successful as it's predecessor. It wasn't as much a financial hit and people didn't dig it as much and it seems like The Muppets are back to the way they were after Muppets From Space. I actually really loved Muppets Most Wanted. At the time I thought it was better than The Muppets and in ways it is. The jokes are smarter. The songs are better and it feels more like a traditional Muppet movie than it's predecessor but this movie is not without it's flaws. The flaws are that Walter has more screen time than Gonzo and even Fozzie. That's just wrong! And the humans need to take a huge backseat to the Muppets. Tina Fey more than Ricky Gervais and Ty Burrell. Overall I think this is a great Muppet movie but it's so depressing how underrated it is. I hope this is not the end of The Muppets on the big screen. I'm an aspiring actor and filmmaker, maybe I should be like Jason Segel and try to bring them back if nobody else does. Even then I've always wanted to make a Muppet movie.

Muppets from Space

Not as good as the original Muppet movies but still good.
A lot of people say this is the worst Muppet movie. While I can't deny that this is one of the weaker Muppet movies I can say it's still a good movie. There are Muppet fans that won't like this movie because it's very different from the other movies but I personally really enjoy it. It's hard to make a Muppet film that I don't like. This is a movie you either like or don't like.


I'm not gonna lie this is one of Adam Sandler's best.
I love this movie! This is one of my favorites from Adam Sandler. It felt like a birthday present from Adam Sandler because it came out the day after my birthday but I took advantage of the early 7:00 showings and I laughed throughout the entire movie. Adam Sandler was funny as usual but was eventually outshined by Josh Gad. I liked Kevin James as the President. A lot of people thought he was a poor choice but I thought it worked for this movie. Michelle Monaghan was great. I don't think Peter Dinklage was the best thing about the movie but he was good. I really liked the presence of Brian Cox but I wish there was more of him. I liked the fact that Sean Bean was in it but I don't care for the accent he used. I was surprised that Ashley Benson had no dialogue but she's pretty and I thought her character was pretty cool. I honestly think this and Pearl Harbor are some of the most underrated movies I've ever seen. I don't entirely get why people hate this movie because it has a great concept. It's like people think a movie's automatically bad because Adam Sandler's involved. He has talent. Sure he plays the same character in almost every movie he's in but if you're like me you can set that aside and enjoy his movies. I'm not saying all Adam Sandler movies are great but I enjoy most of them. Why was this the movie that had people saying that Adam Sandler has to quit movies? This movie is an Academy Award winner compared to what I've seen of Jack and Jill. It makes me sad that after this movie he basically started acting in Netflix movies. I am glad that The Meyerowitz Stories is getting a limited release in theaters but I do hope Adam Sandler comes back. This movie is not without its problems. I don't like how it just jumps into the some of the action sequences without any set up and it would have been nice if there could have been more 80s songs like Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. I also wish (as I said before) that Brian Cox appeared in the final scene congratulating the arcaders on their victory and apologizing for doubting them. Maybe the movie would have been more successful if it had actors like Robert Downey Jr but it's great for what it is and I enjoy this movie..


Not as memorable as Office Space but this movie is funny and I like the actors.
This is not a super memorable movie but it's funny and has a great cast. Obviously most people are going to dig Office Space more than this. Office Space is a good movie and is definitely more memorable. I thought this movie had a great cast. Jason Bateman was great in it. I'm not a fan of Mila Kunis. Kristen Wiig was fine. The presence of J.K. Simmons was great. I liked Ben Affleck's presence but he could have played his role better. I thought he was too restrained. He should have played the role as Chuckie Sullivan as a stoner, but I still liked him. David Koechner to me was the closest thing to an Office Space character. This movie's soundtrack was very entertaining and much better than Office Space. I would much rather listen to She's All I Got by Johnny Paycheck, I Thank You by ZZ Top, and Rainy Day Woman by Waylon Jennings than any of the rap music from Office Space. This movie is forgettable but I still like it.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson Are Hilarious and Should Make More Movies Together.
It took me awhile to get into this movie but after awhile it really became hilarious. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are hilarious together and I would love to see them be in more movies together. This may be my favorite Samuel L. Jackson performance yet but I haven't seen Pulp Fiction. I like the music they used for this movie. It was a little strange because there was one scene where they were playing a Chuck Berry song during an action sequence. It was a good song but it's not my idea of a song to play during a scene like that. That's kinda like playing Josh Groban during a chase scene. This movie is not without its flaws. The action while good is not very memorable. Gary Oldman is forgettable as the villain. I wanted to enjoy the movie more than I did. It mostly works because of the humor and back and forth between the two leads. This movie is a hilarious action comedy. I hope this movie will eventually be considered a classic.

Son of the Mask

The Trailer, The Nostalgia Critic, and the General Public Are How I Can Tell This Is One Of The Worst Movies Ever Made!
I have never sat down and watched Son Of The Mask but I can tell it's a very scary, disgusting, horrendous piece of crap because I have seen the trailer, bits and pieces and the Nostalgia Critic's review which showed me more than I should have seen. And after hearing about a vomiting scene I knew that I should stay away from this. From what I have seen this movie is very creepy and ugly. The baby is disturbing to watch. The dog has creepy imagery written all over him. And I wonder why they chose Jamie Kennedy to play the lead role. Seriously, I would approach Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Dave Coulier before approaching him. I have a hard time eating when I think about this movie. It gives me a bad taste in the mouth. You know you made a bad movie when the poster leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Why is Bob Hoskins in this? Was he missing the days of Roger Rabbit or something? If I was in something like this I would be ashamed to show my family. I hope a true sequel to The Mask (a great movie) happens someday and if it does it should totally make of this movie similar to how Deadpool made fun of Green Lantern I will never sit and watch this movie as long as I live. Are there any movies that are worse than this piece of crap?

Happy Gilmore

Tied with The Waterboy as Adam Sandler's second best movie after The Wedding Singer.
This is not only one of Adam Sandler's best movies but one of the best movies of all time in my opinion. I love Adam Sandler in almost everything he's in. Most people say Adam Sandler was only good in the 90s but I disagree even though I do think his older movies are better than the newer ones. This movie is a classic in its own right but not on the same level as Caddyshack. This movie has great slapstick, funny one liners, pretty good music, and some fine performances but Adam Sandler is the best thing about this movie. I also like the fact that it's one of the only times Adam Sandler shares the screen with Ben Stiller. I look forward to seeing them both in The Meyerowitz Stories. I love this movie!

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