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Trump: An American Dream

I'm surprised you crybabies didn't make one sooner. But it wasn't really compelling #Trump2020


Changing the genre
This is not a comic book film. This is no where close to a superhero film. It is a total character study that get dark and deep. This could've been the same movie without the joker and gotham stuff. I am so impressed with what they did in this movie but I think this will be looked back at as film that changed the comic book genre as a whole like a dark knight or Logan.

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Perfect date night film, messy comic book film
I had fun watching this in the theater with the awesome soundtrack the very nice and colorful visuals were awesome! Also it was pretty funny and I always dig the balance of action and comedy when it's pulled off correctly. However as a comic book movie, I don't really think anyone wanted this movie to begin with, it's a movie of a side character of a side character. The plot was just as, if not messier than suicide squad. The first 2 acts this is a Harley Quinn movie and the birds of prey don't really play a part until act 3. But if you're looking for a date night film and your partner isn't really into comic book films, this is a fun watch.


Why does Kenya Barris get so much big work?
All art is subjective there is no definitive right or wrong with how we enjoy our content. However Kenya Barris plays a big role on blackish and the two other ish shows, had a couple rom coms with decent ratings. But my issue is none of his stuff is ground breaking funny. All the ratings on his tv shows are meh, so why does he keep getting all these jobs? It doesn't make sense there's got to be more talented and clever writers than him. I don't know why he has all the spotlight when he does not have the quality to back it up. I feel a lot of his sketches are biased towards certain people to a point where it goes from art/comedy to propaganda. To me personally his name has a stink factor where I don't want to watch anything with his name attached to it.

Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland

Pointless film
Why build the hype? This movie felt like the cast had a big party and got some videos of some awful one liners. The plot is simple, Alex Moran is on verge of loosing the goat house so he goes to Thad to get help and Thad says he'll help only if Moran throws him this huge party. Then the entire second act is just the party. The whole Donnie being gay didn't move the story at all. There was no closure from the great series, the football team was in it for maybe two minutes. This film really didn't have a point and I can see why the show was canceled.

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