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Toy Story 4

This movie is about change. Everything around you are changing with the time. But I am also sad that Woody will be away form Buzz. The good friend have to Respect the decision of other.I hope that other kid will like this movie and learn form it.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

This one is very different form the first one. I think I like it. This movie is about what friend do but the first is like how to make friend. At all this is one of good movie about good friends you must see.

Strange Magic

Great movie
This movie is difficult to explain. When I first saw this movie, I did not think it a love movie and then when I have finished watch it I am surpired! This is one of ten good movies I have seen in this year.


I think this movie is very good. The magic in this movie is so cool. This movie is a musical movie and it's better than others! I think this movie makes me think more about the life if you understend this movie you will see what this movie want to tell you.

The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music

This movie is an international movie and it 's very good. This movie has many stories. All of the story in this movie is about love and music. Finally, I hope someone who is watching this flim would like it!

Marnies Welt

lovely art
This is the movie that is very cute but at the same time it is very interesting too! The lovely character can make the movie feel strong. In short it is a fantastic movie.

Next Gen

The great future movie
This movie has full of imagination I think.So that in the future must be the robot but we must care of our family member too just have a time for them. I think this is th good movie but it's for the kid that up to 9.


The great movie ever
To learn the thing you never know you have to try what you never did before. If you don't know and never try to know than you never know it. so you have to do something diferance and belive the true if you wrong or no that is OK but, you have to open your heart for something differance first.

Peter Rabbit

The best 3D movie ever!!!
I am the one who like rabbit but never saw the ... talking rabbit and it wouldn't be for sure. This movie also teach people many thing too,like you have to open your heart to the wilelife because their have heart too some time they needs their space for their family but they can't talk to you! So I think sometimes you have to be more sencitive to them and put yourself in other people's shoes!!

Monsters University

Something difference
When I watched this movie, I think it's a adventure movie for sure but, it's not. It's a drama movie!! I very surprices when I watched finish. At the same time it's made a hope for the people like,you naver alone like that. So I think this is a very good movie I have watch now.

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