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Even CT could not backpack Johnny hard enough to carry this
First off, I went into this movie with absolutely no expectations. I didn't pick it and I didn't even catch the synopsis before it began, and was genuinely surprised when CT was on my screen. In fact he's the reason I was able to find out just what was being streamed. I only made it 4 words into the synopsis at that point to know exactly how low quality this film would be. That said...

THIS IS NOT A HORROR MOVIE. IT IS A SOCIAL COMMENTARY WITH GORE. The gore & social commentary however don't really go together. The movie pulls in two different directions and I'm never hit by dread or any real emotion.

Gore I give it a 8/10. Sure there was bad splatter, sure there was lack of wounds to go with the blood, but the overall gore was something that would have made me happy in a true horror movie of this caliber.

Story I'd give it a 2/10. Drug popping "ravers" and the throes of their addiction are the story. There's not a true sense of horror. There's a bad guy, and an even worse "guy"...which is where the social commentary begins; and that's exactly how the movie ends.

Acting 1/10. Seriously my toddler could have done a better job than Brittany the psycho from Are you the One. Every time she was on screen was painful. The rest of the cast wasn't much better, outside of our blood soaked crazy in a mask. Even CT wasn't hitting the mark for me and I wouldn't have cared for his character either if I weren't a longtime fan of The Challenge. And like everyone else, it's very hard to tell the characters apart. Perhaps that was intentional since the film was filmed and edited to disorient you. All the women pretty much bleed together and given the lack of character development didn't make me care for and of them. Again, perhaps that was intentional given the social commentary. While it wasn't overly sexual, there was more than enough ass out simply for the sake of some skin/nudity during a "horror movie".

Would I recommend it? No, not to anyone. Not unless they want to watch a movie about being taken over and eventually killed by your addictions (especially drugs) and they also didn't mind blood...

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