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Tom Wake Up
I'm a fan of Tom Berenger so watched the whole 85 minutes of this movie. There is little dialogue and the 5 or 6 characters (Tom included) earn their money by simply walking around in the snow and shooting at each other. Tom tries very hard to be a tired and sickly old timer, Jim Reed, but it is painful to watch this excellent actor in such a crappy role. Clint could have done this better. He's older than Tom. This movie could have been edited to 60 minutes tops. It's terribly tedious and slow.


Undersea Fiasco
This Sci-Fi flick was filmed in the dark in someone's bathroom. It's not scary. It's not interesting. It!s.... well nothing really. I watched this because I thought Kristin Stewart only made worthy movies. I was wrong, and Kristin's performance fell flat. You would find counting cloud formations more intriguing than this movie. It's a total waste of your time. The movie reminded me if the 50's movies that delayed showing you the monster until the last 5 minutes. By that time you were usually asleep.

Richard Jewell

Mesmerizing. Inciteful. Shocking.
The acting in Clint's latest effort is astounding.

He has gathered the best actors he could find (Bates, Rockwell, Hamm) and slam-dunked his movie with a tour d'force by Hauser, a relatively unknown fellow who channels poor Richard Jewell.

This drama is a sobering reminder that government power (like the media) can destroy.

What I found to be the greatest takeaway was this- that "profiling" suspects can be terribly misleading and destructive, a punch in the gut.

Rockwell is the friend and advocate who tears down the government facade. Bates has never been better as the faithful mom. And Hamm is -- well, Don Draper has joined the FBI!

See this movie-you win't take your eyes off the screen.

Like I said in the header: MESMERIZING! I would give this movie 11 stars but alas they only gave me 10.

Eastwood has a home run hit here, but I doubt folks will pay the big bucks to see this without a lot of CG or a light saber somewhere. Clint has beautifully honored a very decent Richard Jewell.

That Jewell managed to endure and rise above the shame is itself a tribute to this true American hero.

American Son

Wow, So Powerful, So Timely!
The plot and the acting will blow you away.here. This is a play-turned-movie and it will punch you in the guts! It is aimed at today's interracial conflicts between young black men and white cops. It covers both sides of the issue beautifully and sensitively. Washington is never better. A speech of frustration from a black cop towards the end of the story says it all. We get it. Plenty to think about after you've seen this. Watch it for sure.


Arghhh! Hand Held Cameras Ruin This!
We turned this movie off after 15 minutes. The director went nuts with jerky, jiggly, bumpy scenes from hand-held cameras - even when the characters are merely talking and conversing. This is ART and ENTERTAINMENT??!! Trust me. You'll get carsick watching this movie.

Don't watch this stuff and maybe Hollywood will get the message; HIRE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS.

The Frozen Ground

Arghhh! Hand held cameras ruined this!
Nick and John are caught in a "true" story here-truly awful. The choppy photography wrought by amateurish filming make this very hard to watch. It 's like watching your parent's okd reel to reel 8 mm home movies. Skip this unless you wanna be car sick.

Blue Ruin

Tense suspenseful thriller... must see
I love revenge movies and this is one of the best. Nicely filmed, good acting, suspense throughout. Grab some popcorn and get going here!

Tarde para la ira

A sweet PAYBACK movie
This Spanish film won awards and deserved them. Thus thriller has it all. Watch it.

Frozen River

Watch This Great Movie
This movie has it all - plot, acting, photography, sound, music. Ignore the few negative reviews because this movie will move you emotionally- the struggles of a single mom to survive in a harsh environment. Melissa Leo, the mom, nails her role. The casting here was perfect; all the characters (including two kids) are very authentic. I love CGI movies but this movie has no special effects. Rather it is a heart warmer in an age of billion dollar super hero's. That says a lot. See this movie. You'll be glad you did.

Sicilian Ghost Story

Arghhhh. This movie is NUTSO! AWFUL!
Do you like kid napping, torture, and child abuse with your love story? Here you go. The producers think they're Ingmar Bergman, but they're NOT. Settle down here for confusion, frustration, boredom, and plain old angst as you try to watch this mess. If I want to see the Mafia misbehaving i'd Rather see 9 hours of the GODFATHER trilogy. Trust me and Skip this awful flick.


After 45minutes of sheer boredom, I walked out of this movie and saw Dumbo instead. As the honest reviewers have aptly noted, SHAZAM! is designed for younger children age 8-14. Older teenagers and adults will find this movie tedious, unimaginative, and hard to watch for more than 15 minutes. The reviewers who gave this a "10" are purposely fooling you; they likely were paid to do it. Don't fall for this amateurish mess. I've seen better CG on cable. It's not exciting, it's not funny, it's nothing!

First Man

Weird claustrophobic Camera Work
If you like closeups you'll love First Man. Even though this is a movie about man's conquest of SPACE for Pete's sake, the director (La La Land) focuses the camera largely on closeups of the actors. It's a low-budget device to spare what was really needed here -- COMPUTER GRAPHICS! Instead it's way too soapy, never fully revealing its stoic but courageous hero, Neil Armstrong. What a missed opportunity!

Mile 22

There goes $35 million... what a waste
All of the low ratings here are spot on: Wahlberg's character is annoying and one-dimensional (yelling); the hand-held cameras will leave you carsick; and the complicated plot would make Shakespeare blush. They should have used the $35 million here for Dramamine tablets for the audience. This is a "spaghetti on the wall movie" with hopes that something would stick. It didn't. Director Berg should have vetted this with colleagues before subjecting us to this mess.


After wrapping this flick, Jennifer Lawrence has to be saying "what was I thinking?"

90% of this particular movie is fixed either on her face or the back of her head, all with a handheld camera. How fun is that? You'll end the movie carsick.

Lawrence has the unenviable task of looking perplexed, surprised, and disgusted at the constant arrival of unwanted guests in her remodeled Victorian. You'll feel like you're watching Chevy's CHRISTMAS VACATION without the humor.

MOTHER! is a frustrating and unceremonious examination of weird house guests, including Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer, who simply want a place to rest their head. Is that tedious? You bet.

Why does Lawrence's husband, Javier Bardem, entertain and house these guests against her wishes? Frankly, like Rhett Butler, we don't give a hoot.

The movie will find you taking deep breaths, not from shock or dismay, but sheer boredom or anger at the appalling insensitivity of Bardem to his wife Lawrence.

Perhaps if Bardem reprised his Oscar-winning role as serial killer Anton Chigurh, our 2 hours of this misery might be justified. Didn't happen.

For two hours I thought I was watching a new "hip" version of ROSEMARY'S BABY, but that didn't happen either.

Instead, there is no real closure to this movie and we find that Lawrence has been a simple chess piece in a loop of never-ending abuse. If you really LIKED this movie, you need therapy. It's really painful to watch.

Aronofsky, the Director, likes to throw spaghetti on the wall hoping that enough critics will see the Mona Lisa there somewhere. I suppose if you put 1000 monkeys in a room with 1000 typewriters they will eventually come up with GONE WITH THE WIND.

But this strategy, like Aronofsky's strategy, means that audiences will have to figure out just what he's pitching to us on his way to stardom. I don't want to take that train. It's a very bumpy trip.

My fellow critics have asked the same question: What exactly is the theme of MOTHER!? Perhaps it's a biblical allegory? Or perhaps it's a protest piece from the misogyny suffered by women? Or perhaps it's a statement about the failure of the world to address homelessness? Or the trials of remodeling your Victorian? Take your pick. It's a bunch of spaghetti on the wall.

Skip it and watch ROSEMARY'S BABY, a classic horror flick with a great director, Roman Polanski. It has a shocking finale but it least it has closure.

MOTHER! is so darn vague, it's plot so loose, that it would make a great dribble painting by Jackson Pollock. Don't subject yourself to this cinematic nonsense by Aronofsky.

If you paid good money to see this, ask for a refund. I gave it 2 stars because I liked the brief visuals of the Canadian countryside where this was filmed.

Jennifer, you need a new agent!

Phantom Thread

SKIP IT .... watch Scarlett instead.
Daniel-Day Lewis is a consummate actor capable of channeling and bringing just about any character, including Lincoln, to life for us.

PHANTOM THREAD is no exception. Here, he must play a self-absorbed fashion designer in Great Britain, a bachelor attracted to a much younger woman.

Lewis pulls it off beautifully, so much so that at the end of two hours of his whining, grumpiness, anger, and selfishness you will want to watch an old Marx Brothers movie.

The main character "Reynolds" in this movie is the male equivalent of Scarlett O'Hara - spoiled rotten, insensitive, ungrateful, moody, and downright obnoxious. This is why I can only watch GONE WITH THE WIND once every 10 years. Scarlett kills it for me.

Likewise, watching "Reynolds" for 2 hour's is like watching spoiled children misbehave. Except THEY'RE ADULTS!

Watch the 1939 Selznick movie instead. Even though it's 4 hours long, at least you'll get spectacle and a Clark Gable to counter the obnoxious Scarlett. In PHANTOM THREAD, you'll have no such alternative.

Other critics have praised the soulful silence and deep meaningful stares of the characters in this movie. A little bit of this technique goes a long way. In PHANTOM you'll think you're watching a yacht race, not a movie. It's exceedingly slow and difficult to endure.

PHANTOM eventually goes psycho here, with the young female character (in love with Reynolds) actually poisoning him with mushrooms for attention. This is called factitious disorder imposed on another, which refers to the abuse of another person in order to seek attention or sympathy for the abuser.

This was a totally unexpected (and frankly revolting) development that only strengthened my impression that PHANTOM was most definitely not a true love story. There's not a hint of true love, only sick love, in this movie.

Napoleon Dynamite

This has become a CLASSIC for very good reasons:

1. THE WRITING is absolutely spot-on, reflecting the angst of teenagers who (like Charlie Brown of "Peanuts") are loners and losers. If you aren't entertained by examining what it is like to be a loser or outcast, you won't like this movie. I found myself constantly saying OMG as the writers introduced yet another character of hilarious (and losing) proportions. If you have a relative who wants you to sell Amway or Tupperware and become a millionaire in the process, you"ll "get it" when you see Napoleon's uncle. If you have a male relative who has fallen in love with a girl who is "inappropriate", you"ll "get it" when you see Napoleon's brother. If you're a person of color and you've experienced racial discrimination, you'll "get it" when you're in the middle of a high school election involving Napoleon's close friend who is Mexican, Pedro. These are only a few of the characters who make Napoleon Dynamite so captivating and entertaining.

2. THE ACTING is in short PERFECT! Jon Heder nails his character, an aimless teenager trying to find meaning in his middle class (if not lower class) lifestyle. All the actors were cast in roles that fit them perfectly, and they carry off their parts in a convincing way. Remember, these characters fall far short of perfect, in fact they are very imperfect. It ain't easy carrying off a part which has so many negative features; but the actors do it. Therein lies the genius of the movie. We are first astonished and shocked by the characters, then come to appreciate their inherent goodness as the movie develops.

If you don't like Napoleon Dynamite, then you'd better have your funny bone checked. This is a very different comedy, but it is of a genius genre -- made up from an excellent knowledge of how teenagers relate to one another, an excellent knowledge of what it is like to be a loner, and an excellent knowledge of how teenagers somehow survive that very challenging, anxious, fearful time in their lives.

Gerald's Game

Graphic Abuse of Child. Yikes.
Carla Gugino is a beautiful woman handcuffed to her bed by Bruce Greenwood. These are two fine actors, but the script of this movie is horrible.

Gugino is shown as a child being abused by her father, who manages to pleasure himself while she is sitting on his lap.

At this point, we had seen quite enough and hit the off button from our Netflix application.

What were the producers, or more importantly the Netflix censors, thinking? Have we become stoic and immune to child abuse this way?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Save your Money and Time
We admit we stopped watching this movie at about 45 minutes. It's a mess. For example, throughout the movie Ritchie inserts 1/2 second bursts of unwatchable clips, which appears to be full-length segments drastically cut by Ritchie to shorten the running time of this expensive flick. Think SAMURAI EDITOR. Another reviewer stated that there's some good action sequences at 90 minutes into the movie. We didn't have that kind of patience. Watch the musical CAMELOT instead of this misadventure. You'll be entertained and actually be able to see it until the very end.

War Machine

Instead See Kubruck's DR. STRANGELOVE
There are definitely some good laughs in here grounded in our well-known but sad history in Vietnam and Iran. This Netflix movie takes place in Afghanistan with none other than Brad Putt as the commanding general, full of himself. The general is patterned after a Westmoreland-type character who thinks that the sheer power of his charisma will win the day. We then see how badly this approach works in the Mideast, where true leadership among the natives is simply nonexistent (Ben Kingsley plays an Afghan leader more concerned with his new TV and remaining unavailable than he does leading his country). This movie asks the question: If the natives won't even support their own leader, how are they going to follow an American General? There's no action in this movie, so it's basically a personality driven comedy. In Kubrick's STRANGELOVE, there's a better balance of suspense, action, and comedic personalities. See it instead if you want to see a movie about the futility of war and the dangers of placing too much power in the hands of the military.

Alien: Covenant

An Unwanted Alien History Lesson
Ridley, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? We all realize that coming up with a "new" alien movie is a challenge, but why clutter up your successful franchise with such a messy, confusing, and unwanted plot. Does the audience really care WHERE these aliens originated? Do we want to see their gory planet? This movie and Prometheus were valiant but unsuccessful in furnishing us information we could care less about. The recent LIFE movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds got back to the basics and scared the dickens out of us. Ridley, do the same. Get it back to the chase between humans and aliens in a confined environment which is plenty suspenseful without the distractions of sitting through ALIEN ANTHROPOLOGY 101. It's plain old boring. And one more thing: All the alien movies end somehow with an ironic but predictable "twist". The audience knows it's coming and smells it a mile away -- namely the aliens, though defeated by humans, will ultimately conquer earth. LIFE with Jake and Ryan was no different. Give us a happy ending please.. we really are angry about seeing so much ugly death and destruction, only to see the battle-worn victors vanquished by the stupid aliens. Just kill the darn things will you please? The human race is already in jeopardy, so give us something different.

The Face of an Angel

Arghhhh! Worst Movie in Years
ALERT ALERT ! THIS IS A BORING AWFUL MESS. It bears no resemblance to the Amanda Knox story. It is soooo bad that I have been avoiding Daniel Bruhl movies...did he even read the script before signing up for this? Kate Beckinsale, a very fine actress, must feel ashamed for participating. Do yourself a favor. Count your ceiling tiles, watch some paint dry, view a yacht race from afar, or rearrange your sock drawer. ANY IF THESE ARE MORE EXCITING THAN THIS MOVIE!!

The Survivalist

Low Budget Low Interest
5 minutes into this 100 minute movie should have been enough to alert me to the fact that: YOU ARE WATCHING A MOVIE MADE IN AN IRISH GARAGE. Instead I watched the whole mess -- gory wounds with graphic surgery, about 3 minutes of badly written dialogue, male and female genitalia, and aimless wandering. Did I mention the medicinal use of maggots? Skip this flick and find one that was actually a properly financed film with something entertaining in it. Another reviewer captured this film's essence in a single word: GRIM. Perhaps the best word is CHEAP. I should have followed my instinct and stopped watching this amateurish effort at minute number 5. Shameful. How does this movie get distributed to innocent audiences like us? We were had.

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