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Not quite perfect but hugely important
There are some negative reviews (from men) who seem to think that because these women didn't come forward earlier, or they towed the in front of the camera fox party line that they are some how complicit or it middy's the waters. Honestly, it just goes to show how far we have yet to come. Yes these people had the opportunity to take a different path and that was to throw their career, not just at Fox, down the drain. That is no real choice and is no more of a choice than those who slept with Weinstein. This is an abhorrent, powerful and fantastically acted movie with Theron absolutely fantastic with Kidman, lithgow and Robbie not far behind. I think it's telling this movie starts with trump harassing the female anchor but it's a shame murdoch comes out as some sort of hero which loses a star (and it's lucky it didn't lose more) and I would have liked a more negative slant on Fox as a whole but i will be patient in waiting for that movie.

Blinded by the Light

Ultimately disapointing
I love a coming of age story and although I was never a big fan of the boss, I love music , so I was looking forward to this. Though it's by no means terrible it didn't quite hit the mark for me. The acting was good (apart from his mate matt who I just couldn't believe in) premise great and it really captured three 80's in some respects. So what didn't I like about it. The big issue is that is too long and the middle really sags. Secondly, the dance scenes, in my opinion didn't fit at all and felt like a gimic and finally some of it just didn't ring true and I think thats because the secondary characters were just poorly written. A generous 6/10


I went into this with some trepidation as I am not a fan of Emmerich and his gung-ho approach to filmmaking, however some reviews from veterans seem to suggest this was historically accurate. Therefore i gave this a go and overall I would say it's pretty good. Certainly the research and script are decent with a lot of background and the guns-ho approach mostly kept in the background. The actors were all solid enough but the mostly 2nd division actors are what they are and even Woody Harelson was average here and some of the dialogue is cheesy but maybe not as much as I expected. As you might guess with an Emmerich film there is a lot of cgi. What is surprising is that overall it was well done and after a while I forgot it was cgi (and I usually hate cgi) and the battle seems were gripping. Finally a word about the critic reviews, I can only think they reviewed this prejudiced against Emmerich as it's decent, it's certainly more realistic and accurate that Dunkirk and though that's surprising and possibly controversial I would stand by that statement.

Amazing Grace

As it should be it's about the music
There's a four star review on IMDb that says this is great if you like the music! If you don't like the music or feel this needs something else, you really shouldn't be watching this. This is all about the music and rightly so. Another reviewer says it needs a voice over. You couldn't be more wrong, why ruin this historic document with someone else talking. I am not religious but the way that Aretha channels her joy of her beliefs is something to behold and all music does it brings people together. Great stuff

Our Zoo

Good solid bbc drama
This is a good bbc drama although it is a dramatised version of the true story. I wanted to challenge the point another reviewer who says we cannot justify zoos in the modern world. That is an idiotic statement and one that is what is wrong with the world at the moment. Zoos are more important than they ever have been. They are key in conservation and education. They are breeding animals that are in danger of going extinct and educating people all over the world in why animals need to survive rather than killing them directly or indirectly. It's a shame the internet has allowed ignorant people a voice.

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