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The Beverly Hillbillies: Jethro's Pad
Episode 28, Season 4

Here, Kitty Kat!
This episode is one of the greatest, & it features three of the hottest women of the sixties: Edy Williams, Phyllis Davis, & the incomparable Bettina Brenna, a legend in her own time.

My Three Sons: My Four Women
Episode 10, Season 11

But I Don't Want To Be A Pirate
This episode reminded me of the Seinfeld 'Puffy Shirt' episode. Much like Jerry, Steve Douglas doesn't want to wear the ridiculous looking, flaming, pirate shirt. Hilarity ensues.

Enterprise: Vanishing Point
Episode 10, Season 2

There have been many beautiful women on Star Trek, going back to the original series, but Linda Park as Hoshi is in a class of her own. Not only is she the most exquisite creature in the galaxy, but she's one hell of an actor, as she shows in this terrific episode where she is featured. The worst thing about Enterprise is that it got cancelled after 4 seasons & didn't give these great characters a chance to develop into full maturity. I'm just glad we have wonderful stories like these to cherish forever.

Dragnet 1967: The Bullet
Episode 17, Season 1

In the opening voice-over Jack Webb says that Los Angeles has a baseball team, & they play here (Dodger Stadium). Los Angeles has had 2 baseball teams since 1961. Why didn't he mention the Angels? Maybe he just wasn't a fan of American League baseball. Oh, & by the way, this is another well written episode with outstanding acting.

Back to Life: Episode #1.5
Episode 5, Season 1

Back To Laffs
This is the best & funniest episode of any show I've seen in many years. Dark humour at it's best. Whoever wrote the dialog should win every kind of TV award that there is. The best decision I've made during this pandemic is to watch this show.

Dragnet 1967: The Masked Bandits
Episode 5, Season 1

Someone Can't Count
Virginia Vincent was born on May 3, 1918 so she was NOT 43 at the time of this episode, she was 48. It's amazing how many people can't do simple math!

Dragnet 1967: The Interrogation
Episode 4, Season 1

I Hear A Timpani
Kent McCord is a GOD. He shows what an incredible actor he is in this episode.

Dear John: Love Stories: Part 1
Episode 14, Season 3

Jumped The Shark
This show started out as a great idea with a terrific cast. As it evolved it picked up steam & became one of the funniest show on television. Unfortunately, it couldn't sustain the laughs, & the addition of the Denise character, which was brutalized by actress(?) Olivia Brown was the beginning of the end. And when Harry Groening's character left that was the nail in the coffin.

Broadway Fanny Rose

I have to admit I've never seen this movie, but I'm dying to! Broadway Danny Rose is one of my favorite films, so naturally I want to see this parody really bad. If anyone knows where I can purchase or just watch this PLEASE let me know.

The Dick Van Dyke Show: Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband Is in Jail
Episode 29, Season 3

Lots Of Fun
This was one of the best episodes of this series. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jackie Joseph, who is one of my all time favorites. I too would also like to know who the third girl was, but it was definitely not Kathryn Leigh Scott.

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