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Everything Wrong with...

Tone down the cursing
I enjoy the "everything wrong with...." series. First I would like to say that these videos are for fun and aren't meant to be taken seriously, they are more like comic relief and little nitpicks rather than actual flaws within a movie. The one thing I don't like is the constant use of foul language, it irritates Me to no end. I would give this show a higher rating if the creator didn't have such a potty mouth.....I don't recommend this show for anyone under the age of 14, because the cursing can get a little explicit. Other than that You may have a few laughs here and there, but it's not the best Youtube show out there.

The Wiz Live!

Worse than I expected
I viewed "The wiz live!" last night when it premiered on T.V for the first time, and I was utterly disappointed. My main issues were with the singing, acting, casting, line delivery, and lastly costuming. Now I know this isn't an actual Broadway musical, but this is closely based off of the real thing, and the T.V version didn't even come close. Because I have so many issues with the play, I'll split my review into different parts.

First I will begin by saying that the play wasn't all bad, the scenery for a stage production was well done, but the good pretty much stops there.

Characters: Dorothy: I understand the young lady who was cast as Dorothy is only 19 years old, and this is Her first time acting, but truthfully I have seen five year olds that can do a better job than what I saw last night. The actress was just missing spunk, personality, cunningness, wit, likability, charm etc......all of the things that make You like a character. The actress didn't become the character, She was quite one dimensional and plain in my opinion. This young actress just doesn't have star quality, She didn't grab my attention or draw my eyes in any way except negatively. I fail to see how She was cast as the iconic character "Dorothy Gale".

Scarecrow: Eligah Kelly's performance as the scarecrow was one of the highlights in this dreary play. He brought life to the stage, His excellent portrayal of the scarecrow made Me smile. He gave that old-time charm, and comedic appeal that fans of all ages would enjoy. Of all of the cast I watched the scarecrow the most.

Tin-man: Ne-yo as the tin-man was the perfect casting choice. Ne-yo managed to keep the classic charm of the tin-man while also adding in His own 2015 spin on the character without overdoing it.

Wicked witch of the west: I honestly must say I expected much more out of Mary J. blaige, as She is one of my favorite actresses/artists. But this role was just not right for Her......The wicked witch is supposed to be frightening, unapproachable, unspeakably evil, and Mary J. didn't portray the character to it's fullest, and She didn't act or sing to Her real potential.

Good witch of the North: Her performance was solid, She was confident in Her role, sang well, acting was on point......not much to say about this one.

Lion: The actor who played the Lion was very good as well, I am not sure He is Broadway material per-say.....but was good enough for the stage play. This Man didn't draw my eye in a positive way, or a negative way, He was just.......mediocre at best.

Oz: I believe I hated this character portrayal most of all! (No pun intended) Queen latifah was without a doubt one of the worst actresses in the whole production! Her line delivery was flat, She did not posses any of the mannerism's "OZ" would have, and Her singing was totally and utterly to say the least, off key. We all know Queen L. is quite manlike in real life, but that is no reason to cast Her as OZ! She just didn't fit the part, something about it just didn't sit right with Me.

The other few character's are not relevant enough to even mention, so I will just skip ahead to my other thoughts.

The music: The lyrics to the music were breathtaking, unfortunately the singers who preformed the pieces were not, particularly Shanice, Queen L., and Glenda.

Shanice was trying to hard to sound like a professional, it was obvious She didn't have much experience with singing or being on stage. Often times She was off-key and shaky with Her delivery of the lyrics.

Queen L.: She cannot sing, end of story. Queen L. sounded like She was talking more than singing, Her deep, gruff voice didn't fit the song at all.

Glenda: Her singing was atrocious. She was off-key in "believe in Yourself" and was trying to hard to sound authentic.

The Dancing: I thought Shanice's dancing was stiff, and lifeless. She was just going through the steps and thinking to much, She didn't feel the music or get into it like Her co-stars. Other than "Dorothy's dancing, I thought it was good.

Pacing: The play started off slow, and nearly uneventful. By the end it was basically still slow and uneventful. Even the climax scenes were not all that interesting in My opinion. I also believed that the ended was slightly rushed, and looked foolish. Didn't Aunt Em' wonder were Dorothy had gone? If She was outside during a tornado wouldn't She have been presumed dead? Were are the other members of the cast at the end of the play that were present in the beginning? Such as Uncle Henry or the other farm hands? Wouldn't they be running out to greet Dorothy as well? Costuming: The costuming was fine, except for accuracy. Dorothy was dressed as a modern day teen-aged girl, while the other characters were stuck in the 1800's time period. It made no sense to have one modern themed character, while the others look like farm hicks from 1812.

Overall I thought the play was weak, slow, tedious, and a chore to watch. I would not recommend this abomination to anyone who would like to see a good musical, not even my worst enemy. Avoid this musical disaster at all costs!!!!!!!!!


Good.....but not a classic
I only recently watched Coraline after hearing so many positive things about it. I think it has some moments that causes the viewer to think about the deeper hidden meaning of the story, hence the whole "be careful what You wish for" title on the DVD. The moral is obvious and simple, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on how it comes across. Basically the movie is about a 12 year old girl who has parents that could care less about Her, She finds a door to a secret world, thinks it is all fun and games but soon learns otherwise.....from what I heard I expected a little bit more out of the plot, the trailer makes the movie look a lot more interesting than it really is to be honest. The movie has good moments towards the end, but before then the movie was a little flat. There could have been more detail about the main villain of the movie "the other mother" and why exactly She kept children's souls locked away. I must say however the voice acting, and animation were on point. This film is probably enough to entertain a kid 12 and under but it is not my taste.


Undoubtedly dull
I first saw this movie the year it came out, and I could barely keep my eyes open throughout the whole thing. The story is simple and easy to follow, unfortunately the simple plot line is the movies downfall. Wall-E brings nothing new to the table, I felt like I was watching a documentary rather than a movie that was meant to entertain people of all ages, offering a timeless appeal. This film could be a lot more, but the potential was wasted. In order for this movie to be qualified as "good" I would have to say the plot line would need to be less predictable, create three dimensional characters, and go more in depth with the story. On the bright side, Wall-E has morals that people today can relate to, such as how humans need to start preserving the natural resources we have, or one day it could all be gone, but despite that nice point in the movie, Wall-E still fails to impress Me.

Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B

Princess of R&B? Really?
Now I am not a big fan of Aaliyah, and I absolutely feel She does not deserve the title "Princess of R&B" under any circumstances, that is just blowing up Her legacy more than it should be, there were by far much more relevant, talented, and original artists with better voice range, but this movie was just sad. From the beginning it is weak in so many areas, the lip singing of Young, teenage, and adult Aaliyah was just off, and it sounded like something You would here at a child's birthday party, not a professional soundtrack.

A major problem with the film was the casting, Alexandra ship is a subpar actress at best along with the rest of the cast, and did not have a strong enough performance to be a main character, and carry the movie. The supporting cast had acting below the level of a middle school play, they rushed their lines, and did not become the Characters, none of them dug deep or tried to take on that person. Alexandra's sad attempts to imitate the way Aaliyah moved and talked just made Me feel sorry for the poor girl, who told Her She could act?! The singing and dancing as I mentioned before, is truly pathetic. When "Aaliyah" danced on stage with Her back up crew the routines were off, and She (Alexandra) looked liked a wild chicken, She had no sense of rhythm or coolness whatsoever.

The script in this film was obviously done by a...I will just say it, moron. The way Aaliyah's teen years and relationship She had with Her family were all wrong. Aaliyah was said to have respected what her parents said, and was very close with Her brother Rashad. Instead in the movie She disrespects Her parents when they force Her to divorce R. Kelly, who She was supposedly illegally married to for a short time at the age of only 15. She spends most of the movie being upset with Her Father, and seems to be distance from Her brother, rarely interacting with Him. Along with all of these flaws, the chemistry was all wrong with the actors, it never clicked, or fit, they did not convince Me that they were a real family, instead I got the impression these stale People had been pushed together on screen suddenly and were merely reading meaningless lines off of a page.

One of the major issues with the film is that it never shows the highlights of Aaliyah's career, such as winning an award for Her 2000 song "Try again" written by Timbaland. It does not show the filming of two of Her films, the makings of some of Her biggest hits, or how much it really meant to Her. The film just seemed to skim by it like it was no big deal, only bringing some of these things up for a few seconds.

Another thing was the pacing and spacing between events, I would have liked to see more of Aaliyah's childhood, and what inspired Her to become a performer in the first place, along with the rise to fame, it did not just happen over night, there was a lot more to it. I fail to see how this film got such high ratings as far as T.V movie listings, the way I see it, this film was plain poor.

The fact is, not effort was put into this film period. It may have been better had the Family given permission for the Film to be made in the first place, then the creators would have been able to use Aaliyah's songs.

This movie does not deserve a rating, and my heart goes out to the Family, it is sad that their late Aaliyah's name is even tied to this atrocious abomination.

As I said, I am not a fan of Aaliyah, but She deserves better than what was given. Do not waste Your time on this movie, it is not worth watching.

Cabin in the Sky

Even though this movie was done in the 40's I found it to be really bad. Although I enjoyed the singing, dancing, and parts of the acting it was still a cheesy and somewhat offensive movie. It is so far off from the actual gospel, and it seems to make a joke out of everything to do with spirituality. If You are going to make a Christian movie that is supposed to teach a lesson, at least make it serious, and don't act idiotic miss information to it. The scenery and the graphics were awful, but this was the 40's so I won't really speak about that. Other than these issues a major problem I had was the poorly thought out scripting. The story could have been much better, and a lot more complex, they could have fixed this even with the low budget the producers probably had. The talented cast was wasted, and by the end of the film I wished I had never turned it on in the first place. It may be a "classic" to some people but I fail to see why, You may enjoy it if You like old musicals with a bunch of foolishness in it, but this is not my taste.


Just the previews alone were sickening to Me. How could anybody be entertained by the foolish crude humor in this film? I think on an imbecile would find this nonsense entertaining. Is there truly nothing better to put in theaters? This Women is the ultimate disgrace to the Human race, She has no dignity, no class, no stability, no morals, no values, act like a complete goober, and has nothing to stand for! What kind of a vision or role model is that?! Besides all of this The Women who plays the Leading Dumpster Hoe, is not to be rude....butt ugly, how does She even get dates with all these Men? She is total trash! She doesn't even act like a Lady, or a respectable one at that. This actress and everyone involved should be embarrassed and flee the country! Were have the quality movies gone? That involved more than something that looked like it was made by some lonely, Femenist, washed up, Skanky, nasty, dirty, drunk? Sorry to be harsh, but I didn't enjoy this film at all. In all seriousness, it was a dense film for hicks with nothing better to do with their time than to get drunk, crack pea-brained jokes, and slap their Knee while sitting on a porch in the country with Mama and them.

Timon & Pumbaa

Good show for Youth
Timon and Pumbaa is a nice show for kids of all ages, sad to admit it but I still watch it at my age. I find most of the story lines to be fairly entertaining but at times if You have the wrong storyline, and the Character just doesn't fit it makes the difference. By that I mean at times in the show there would be a bland story with Timon and Pumbaa that would have fit well with another Character, and made it more interesting to watch, simple mistake in all honesty. The show offers some simple lessons for kids while stepping from being to corny or to preachy. The Realism of the show is not like in the movie, and the laws of nature don't seem to apply, but that is not a big issue for Me, I think it expands I child's imagination.

Although the show is very good, there is one thing I would like to add about it, they should have involved Simba a little more because He was only in about three episodes, He made The Lion King practically! I also think a series featuring Timon and Pumbaa wasn't the greatest idea, personally I feel they should have used cub Simba and cub Nala to give it more spice.

Overall the show Is great for an afternoon cartoon after school, and You will enjoy it, one day it may even be considered classic.


Pathetic is the nicest word I could find
I saw this poor excuse for a Disney Movie a couple of Years ago, but the awfulness still sticks. Dadnapped is in all honesty one of Disney's worst films to date. The writing was utterly ridiculous, there is no way any of this madness could actually happen in real life! Do not, I repeat do NOT watch this film ever! Along with the poor writing, the acting was laughable, they used a cast made up of Disney stars that were already well known, and most haven't had a job since.

So this movie is a about a teenaged girl, who's parents are separated. Yeah, like this has never been done before! The young girl (played by Emily Osment) lives with Her Mother, but is going on a holiday trip with Her Father right after School ends for the break. She is resentful, doesn't want to go, thinks Her Dad is a geek, and the story really starts to kick off! So Her Dad is a comic book writer, and has to attend a convention before they can continue with their Father and Daughter bonding time. But, this strange group of kids kidnap Her Dad and take Him for one crazy ride! In the end as You would expect the Girl saves Her Dad, the kids get of scott free, and these to goons who were in on the plan to destroy This girls Father end up in jail! That's pretty much the sum of the movie, not much to it.

The movie is to predictable and paper thin for words! A 5 year old could write and produce a better film than this piece of mess! This isn't even deserving of a single star but I am being kind! Don't waste time, just don't bother!

Finding Nemo

I am being honest
I will not say this film was excellent, and I will not say it was plain awful either. It was somewhere in the middle for Me, it is a cute family film if You have Young kids, but it is missing something. The beginning is everything, it can make or break a film, now the start to finding Nemo set the tone for the movie and served it's purpose well. The movie had nice points but at times became boring and seemed to drag on, leaving Me wishing that I could skip on to the good parts. Basically this Male clownfish has a wife in the beginning with dozens of newborn eggs who will develop into little fish, a large creature comes attacks the family, knocks Him out, kills His wife, and all of His eggs but one, Nemo His Son who He will become protective off. Then We see how Nemo becomes a energetic but hardheaded child and get's into trouble, even landing Him in a situation were He is taken by Man and dropped in a fish tank. His Dad searches for Him like any parent would, and He runs into a few new friends on the way, including an unintelligent Female fish named Dori. After this, a bunch of foolishness they find the kid and the end...yay? Anyway the movie is short of heartfelt and emotional, just simply to keep Your 5-8 year old kid's attention. It can teach You to keep going in life though, I will give it that. I have seen better, but then again I have also seen worse. It is a pretty simple non-complex storyline that is easy to follow, but doesn't leave You with anything to think about. I have high standers for Kid's film actually, I believe they should be given quality movies and life lessons because they are our youth and the future, not just any mindless old thing. It's okay to have a comedy once in a while that is funny hahaha, but this movie just isn't it and leaves a lot to be desired. It is just plain flat and stale for Me, in no way a classic, or something I will remember for years to come. I would say let Your little kids watch the movie, older ones may not enjoy it.

Are We There Yet?

Really Bad
I am not going to lie, this show is very distasteful. Not because of crude humor or anything like that, it is just naturally terrible! First off the casting is all wrong for the show, and it really has nothing to do with the 2005 film "Are we there yet?" but was created by Ice cub, and uses the same Character names as in the film. I didn't expect the show to last for more than a season or two truthfully. Besides bad casting the bad acting is one of the worst parts, none of these people can act and sound like they are just reading a script. The story lines are just plain corny, and do not relate to real life situations whatsoever. There was one episode that I liked though, the one were Lindsey tried drugs and had a hallucination about it that taught Her a lesson, that was a good episode, but other than that the show was utter trash. The bad jokes and puns were just sad, who told Ice cub He could produce?

Are We There Yet?

Great Movie!
I actually enjoyed this movie when I was growing up and thought it deserved a 10. I liked some of the comedy, but the movie can be corny at time to be honest. It is good for children to watch, but an adult may not enjoy it. It is not utterly horrible like many of the other reviews say, it has it's good points and flaws like most other movies, but it is nothing special, or awful to me, just there really. It is something a person might watch if they get bored or nothing else is on. I liked it, because it has some family values despite all of it's silliness, and few sweet tender moments. I may recommend this film to Kids under the age of 12, because by then You will have outgrown it.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Best one in the series so far
Catching Fire, the second installment in "The Hunger Games" trilogy was by far the best movie in the series that I have seen so far. This film goes more in depth with the story and the Characters feelings than the first one did, and explains more about how life is in the districts. It seems like the camera work, make up, lines, the writing, and what they did a did not cut out of the movie from the books was done with more care and thought than before. Catching fire was somewhat like the book, and kept Me on the edge of My seat until the end of the Movie, and I have seen it about 6 times sense 2013. The actors really put their hearts into this one, and gave off a believable performance, especially Jennifer Lawrence, and I am usually not impressed by Her. It left Me wondering what was going to happen next, and my anticipation for the next film was at an all time high( but that was for nothing, but that if for Me to talk about at a later time)and I really got into the story. Catching Fire deserves I higher rating than it received in My opinion.

Bring It!

Ghetto Fabulous
Bring it! Is one of Lifetime's newer shows that premiered back in 2014. I think this program is okay for the most part, but the constant use of obscene language irritates Me at time, along with the coaches horse mouth and yelling. This dance show centers around majorette dance (which looks more like stripper moves if You ask Me)in a mostly black community. The team featured is the dancing dolls, run by their loud mouthed coach Mrs. Diana Williams, who is married with a young son. The show is centered in Jacksonville Missisipi and focuses on girls between the ages of 12-18. This show was entertaining in it's first season, but the quality has gone down sense then, and nothing different seems to be happening. It is an average show but goes nowhere, don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching this every Friday night, but mainly because of the dancing, I don't care for all of the yelling and arguing that goes on between the parents and the coach. I would recommend this show if You have nothing better to do with Your time, overall this season has been so-so.


Excellent but probably not the most historically correct
I will give this series a 9, because I found the casting, the acting, costuming, pacing, sets, and storyline to be extremely well done! This is one of the best T.V series about a historical figure, or based on one that I have seen in a long time! Even though "Tut" keeps your creative juices flowing and entertains You it may not be the most accurate information or take on Ancient Egyptians, or King Tut's life. I feel the writers may have made a lot of this up for ratings, because little was really known about this boy king as the called Tut. I'm sorry, but I have to nitpick here. Ancient Egyptians had dark skin, they were not white People or Mexican People made to look darker than they truly are, other than that I was appalled by the graphic sex scenes, so this is possibly not a movie for children or adults that do not like to see that kind of content.

Preachers' Daughters

This show is a bad portrayal of how Christians act and raise their kids. Why can't their be a positive show on about decent Christian Youth? Seasons 1 and 2 were not nearly as appalling as season 3 was, the things that went on in this season were just ugh! I have since then stopped watching the show sense the new girls came on. Each and every one of them needs to have their devils cast out immediately! There parents act like they are scared to discipline them! and they are no more mature than their daughters! Season 3 just took the cake for me, it discussed things like being Gay in a positive light, they accepted it, and acted as if it was okay! Being Christians they should have told Her that it was wrong and not just accepted it, or they should have prayed for Her! They also had these disgusting Men smacking their jiggling butts and swinging on a pole in the club! This show is just to perverted and sickening for words, just ban it from T.V completely! What is this world coming to?!

A Madea Christmas

This Movie brings nothing new to the table, but a different cast. I think Tyler Perry has lost His touch as far as comedy and offering a pleasurable experience. None of the Characters are likable and come off as idiots without an independent thought. The movie as a whole is to dry and meaningless for words, not to mention it only had a few moments that made me chuckle. Half way through the movie I lost interest and couldn't keep my eyes open to finish this sad attempt at a good film. There isn't much to say about it, mediocre at best. I wouldn't waste money or Your day to go see or buy this movie, nothing more but a cheesy mess. Tyler, You have most certainly lost Your touch! Stick to plays from now on!

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Didn't enjoy it
I went into the film when I was younger with an open mind, but was sorely disappointed with this movie. It nowhere near lives up to the first film it proceeded by "The Lion King", but was not all bad. First I will say My first problem with the film was the Character attitudes. In this film the Main Character in the previous film Simba, is made out to be a bad Father and a bad King which is not true in My Opinion, Disney tried to ruin His previous Character build up, dragging Him through the mud the whole movie, when at some points He was actually politically correct. Another Character issue I have with this Movie is Simba and Nala's Daughter, Kiara. She is one of the brattiest Disney girls that has ever been! She is rude to Her Father, doesn't give a crap about who She is or Her legacy, and complains all the time about petty things! What problems does She have?! She says She is so sheltered and wants freedom, but I would be protective of My kid to if some insane, bloodthirsty Lioness who sang about ripping My throat out had the sole purpose In Her mind to destroy My family! But that just didn't set in Her ditzy Teenage brain! She is also very immature and vein for my taste. Besides these things the rest of the Characters have very different personality's than in the first film, it's like it wasn't even them! The animation was also lacking in some place and looked like it was done by a 10 year old to be honest. The movie is not to terrible however, it could have been better and has plenty more potential than it was given. If Disney used the same Character personality's from the first film, better Music, created a better plot line, and spent more time on it then it would be decent. It was an alright film, but didn't give Me the same feelings the first did. In conclusion try this film out, it depends on Your personal taste to decide If it is good or not.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Perverted Trash
I do not see the appeal in the show. Tyler Perry is supposed to be a "Christian" but He puts very ungodly and unethical Morals and Values into the show, and often leaves me disgusted. It is also a pathetic attempt at a soap opera, made out to be more than it is. I have nothing good to say about this show, even the sets look cheap! Besides this it looks like Tyler Perry got these "wonderful" actors out of the back of the ally! They probably just couldn't get work anywhere else! Compared to His other shows there is nothing Lighthearted, innocent, pure, or good for that matter about this show. It should be taken off of the air immediately!

House of Payne

Good show up until the few final seasons
House of Payne is an enjoyable show with all different types of Character personality's. I can relate to a lot of the story lines on the show, and it offers realistic situations. Despite these good things, in the few final season the writing was a little off, and I found Myself irritated with nearly every Character. The show should have ended after it's 6th season with a final episode that would have satisfied viewers, this was supposed to be a family comedy, not a soap opera! There really isn't much to say about the show, it is not terrible like everyone makes it out to be though I can tell You that, but it does have it's weak points like every show. When it first came on it started slow but picked up the pace, it's strong point was the middle seasons, but by the end it was just like the beginning, weak. With all of that being said I would recommend this show to anybody who is looking for entertainment or a good laugh.

Love Thy Neighbor

Tyler Perry's worst show
This show by far is not up to par with Meet the Browns or House of Payne. Love thy Neighbor fails to entertain Me, with their lackluster brand of comedy, subpar writing, and one-dimensional characters who serve no real purpose. Tyler Perry needs to go back to the drawing board because this certainly is not it! This show is nothing but mindless nonsense to make a quick buck, You can't just throw any type of mess out there and expect people to like it! The show Is sloppily done, from the poor set, to the embarrassingly bad acting. This new cast He has is already washed up and dried out, just disappointing! They once had an episode were Curtis and Ella stared, and I barely batted an eyelid, it was supposed to be funny with a decent plot line, and I really was excited, but I got my hopes up for nothing! Do not waist Your time on this show.

Johnson Family Vacation

Fun for the Family
I don't understand the bad reviews on this movie, I think it is a silly lighthearted comedy about Family. It is not meant to be to serious, and will give You a few chuckles here and there. I thought the casting for this movie was subpar, far from outstanding but the actors did the best with what they were given. The script is lacking is some places along with the storyline, I feel that more could have been done with the film, it has a lot of potential. The Child characters are charming, but the Adults act a bit ridiculous for my taste. This is a nice film for Young children under the age of about 13 to watch, I feel that age range would enjoy it more than an older teen or Adult. If You look close enough the Movie does have good morals and values, while also offering light entertainment.


Just plain sad
I have said before, it is difficult to get a good review from Me, sometimes I give movies the benefit of the doubt, but not in this case. Frozen is arguable one of Disney's poorest films, from the laziness with animation, to the awful songs. I feel that the trailer is better than the actual film, and I don't see what the hype is. First of all, the beginning of the film is weak and hardly tells You anything about what You are watching, I mean a song about Ice? Besides this the story is entirely to rushed, and can be confusing at parts because the story is moving so fast without a pause. Now, let Me say something about this soundtrack....Just No....Most of the songs in the movie were pointless, came in randomly, had little to no thought or story, and didn't make Me feel anything but annoyance (Yes, I even thought Let it go was a bad song) Moving on to the Characters, all I can say is what was Disney thinking?! The characters in this movie are way to goofy and hokey for my liking, they don't even act like real people! They are simply nothing more than one-dimensional, cookie cutter, forgettable, and complete disgraces. Half of the characters are not needed in the movie and their roles could have been so much better! None of the characters had a strong personality or something about them that just stuck, they are nothing to rave about, they were all just flat to Me. Despite all of these things the worst part is there was no emotion! There was nothing real about this movie! It's just a pathetic excuse for an entertaining family film, the other thing is the villain is just sorry! Even though this was successful in the box office I would NOT waste my time watching this film again, I wish I hadn't seen it. Also I have to be honest, this is the most irritating film I have seen in a long time. So with that I say please, don't waist Your energy or time on this supposed "movie".


An alright show for Teens
This show is the typical sitcom of the 90's. Arguable, I feel T.V shows back then were better than the trash on television today. This show is wholesome in most cases, has likable characters, and offers enjoyable plot lines.....up until it turned into more of a drama than a light hearted show for teens. Even the show is good, I have a big problem with the main character Moesha. She is not really a good role model, more often than not She Is rude to Her parents, disrespectful to authority, acts holier than thou, walks over Her friends, get's into everyone's business, lies, and it quite frankly a very sneaky, judgmental little thing who often overeacts to certain situations. Yes, I know no teenager is perfect, but their should be a balance were a character especially a main character, should be both likable but have flaws. Another problem I have with the show is the Feminism, which I am not a big fan of, I mean it is brought up in many conversations throughout the show even in the smallest of situations. Also I feel that at times the actors overact in certain scenes to try to seem like more, and it is more forced than natural. But overall there are some good morals in "Moesha" that can be good for children, and the whole family.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Not as bad as everyone says
I found this movie to be painfully slow, but the acting was on point in this one. I needed something more though to be considered a good movie, like more action, anticipation, thrill, romance, etc....when I go to see a film I expect to get my money's worth, or it's just a waist of time to Me. I enjoyed getting more of an insight on the Characters and what they were feeling, which should set the tone for the next and final film coming out in a few months. I am not a big fan of this movie, but it will give me something to look forward to, I just wish it had lived up to my expectations. The movie looked rushed and thrown together just so the producers can get the series over with, very disappointing....

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