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Out of Blue

Unlike most Hollywood garbage
If you want fake dialogue and unrealistic characters, stay with Hollywood. This is an attempt at realistic storytelling, being a detective is non eventful, boring work. While the movie moves slowly I feel the scenes are still rushed. Interaction between characters felt a bit rushed, dialogue cut down, made effective. That is the main weakness. There is nothing wrong with the story or the cast. The movie is not brooding, uncertain and dark enough. A missed opportunity.

Europa Report

Don't trust the glowing reviews
This movie is budget garbage. The glowing reviews are there to make you waste your time and money. Some people find joy in other's misery. Only after you see the movie will you laugh out loud when you read the 10 star reviews. I didn't waste much time but brought out my guitar and silently practiced finger movement on the fret board while watching. This is one nasty sleeping pill from leftwing Europe, detached from reality and common sense. So bad it felt like the work of a madman. I think the actors even thought, "WTF..."

The Hollow

Static, slightly unrealistic screen play from most except the two investigating, from FBI. Better than most movies all in all.

Lars and the Real Girl

Half serious attempt at depicting mental illness
It is a low budget movie and I feel it originated from the idea of doing something strange for the hell of it. With more research and more seriousness to the approach, this could have been done so much better. But I think the attempt deserves respect anyway. I like odd movies if they have some truth to them, and this one does.

If you keep the preconception that it is not meant to be funny, you will enjoy the movie more. It's not fair or right to laugh about an ill person, is it? Where the movie becomes silly and funny, that is where the movie fails.

Out of the Furnace

Mass shooting, one at a time
There is a spreading sense of frustration and panic in the US, which comes from the notion of a deteriorating society. Some blame Wall Street, some blame drugs, some blame lost faith in God, and some, like myself, know it is because of big government. Jobs are drying up, the military is fighting confusing wars, drugs flooding the market carried in by illegals make people do stupid things, and the schools are not providing a good education any more. Mass shootings in despair happen more and more often as the collective mind is cornered and out of options, thinking the enemy is among itself. Though this movie is not about a mass shooting, it is set in that atmosphere. The hopelessness of a nation. The question, why. There will be more and more dark movies done like this one, as we as a country, allow big government to grow bigger and bigger and destroy us all. Obama and the Democrat party is the mastermind at pitting Americans against each other and racking up the national debt faster than people can shoot one another in the streets. The feeling of no future is on. Another movie in this genre that comes to mind is No country for old men.

Excellent acting and very disturbing. I rarely become this affected by a movie.

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