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Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side

Much ado about nothing
A contrived concoction of Hindu mythology, the movie Saw and a few CSI procedures... A few plot twists are decent but they don't help the gaping holes existing in the writing. Production values are ordinary, acting pedestrian. Asur overall is a very underwhelming experience. I could go on pointing out the dozens of inconsistencies in the script, I could point out stupid cliches which are all over the place but none of them matter because finally we have a wannabe who got lost all over they place.


Much ado about nothing
There are a band of film makers who are getting away making a new genre of movies in India- Political exploitation!! On both sides of the supposed great divide, The Right and The Left wing of political refection comes in the movie made and by God they forget the fact that they first need to make an interesting movie and then go on a trip with thier ideologies. Tanaji was unbearable and contrived. And so is Thaappad... A flimsy premise and hare brained story love which tries to be an alternate to Kabir Singh, expect one simple fact, the makers of Kabir Singh didn't try to make a political point. They made a movie which they thought was a good story... Thaappad is an exercise in futility and faux liberal. Pls avoid!


How to spoil a good premise!!
A smart movie. Just 137 mins. All fine. But so many silly high flowing Urdu songs!!! Farhan Akthar is miscasted. Amit ji under utilized. Could have been a much better movie! And then the last bit where there is the pen drive explanation, Indian audience is stupid anyway 😭! The film makers need to respect the cine goers and stop spoon feeding us!!!

The Equalizer

Cliched but a fun ride yet!
Cliched and done to death formula! But still fun to watch on a night when you don't want to be bothered with something cerebral. Denzel Washington is good as ever & the Russian Mafia doesn't stand a chance in hell anyway! Am gonna hit the sequel next folks...


A fun filled ride
Chandramuki is a movie that has aged well. It does has its moments of futility and has its more than required share of unnecessary red herrings. But cast all that aside and bask in the glory of The Super Star! Rajani is in fine form and the comic timing between Vadivel and Rajani is probably one of the best. As the make believe Mad King Rajani sparkles and makes us realize what a fine maniacal villain he could have been... We gained a Super Star and hell, we ain't complaining!!!

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