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Wonder Woman

The Redeemer
First I wanna say, 'Bravo, that you are finally getting it right'. It's been a very long time since a decent DC movie has came out and this movie, Wonder Woman, is beyond decent, it's phenomenal. Far to long, DC, with major help from Zack Snyder, have been given us weak and poorly written superhero films that dragged just as bad a Transformers: Age of Extinction. Now, I know that Zack Snyder had a hand in writing this film but I also know he was not alone. Two other writers, Allan Heinberg and Jason Fuchs helped. Thank you guys so much. I also noticed that Heinberg wrote the Screenplay. So even though Snyder had a hand in writing the story, Heinberg writing the screenplay is what mostly helped the film along with the Director, Patty Jenkins. Also, just want to point out, I believe this is the first time a female has directed a major superhero film and it was exactly what was needed.

Sound/Music| The sound in this film was top notch. The horses, ocean waves, arrows flying in the air, thunder, it all was used correctly. There are many times in the film thunder is heard and it feels real. The clash of swords and the sound of bullets and bombs are crisp. It was intriguing to my ears. The music was so well placed and very different from DC films. At times I felt I may have been watching a Marvel film. All music is placed at the right time with the right mood. It really helped set the tone. Especially Wonder Woman's theme song. There is a part where whatever instrument that is drags and sounds as though there is trouble, turmoil, war, and fear wrapped up in one. Applause to the composer.

Costume/Sets| The costumes seem so real. It looked as though they were wearing real armor of metal. I'm not sure if they, the Amazons, were, but if so, it would explain why they walked and carried their self as they did. The German, British, Native American, Moroccan attire and more were very accurate. The makeup was very good also. Very realistic. I only know they wore makeup because I know how they look regularly. The sets were well placed also, very believable. There was only one scene that needed work in this area and it was the scene where they set camp in the woods. Someone told me the CGI on the Amazons' island was bad, but I honestly didn't notice and it could be because it was an extension and not totally CGI.

Acting| The acting was very good. There were parts where I honestly cried. It's very rare I cry in a superhero film but it connected and in that 2 hour and 21 minute movie the director and writers had me connect to Steve Trevor. Not just him but all characters. They carried on as though they were really Generals and soldiers. Gadot and Pine had a good chemistry along with the Amazons and the others Gadot's character comes in contact with. With the training Samantha Jo said all the actors who were Amazons had, it's no wonder they seemed to truly have a bond.

Story | This was a very captivating story. There was so much to cover and Patti Jenkins along with Allan Heinberg did wonderful covering it. It starts off in present day, where Diana receives something that makes her reminisce about the past. From there, it gives us a look at her as a child and the vigor she possessed. The young actress did very well portraying a child who is innocent yet curious and determined. In this part, Part A, background is given about how the Amazons came to be and who the villain is. It shows Diana as she ages and the love that her mother, Hippolyta, has for her. Like any mother she wants to protect her daughter, but Diana is not like others. In this section of the movie all is well for a while until the first male character is introduced. Here, in the transitioning period we get to see the Amazons at their finest. What a fight scene indeed. From there things become dark and serious, but there are jokes here and there, and good ones at that.

From this point, Part B, Diana is assimilating to the outside world. She experiences the gender separation and belittlement of women in this society. Along with this, more of her abilities. Then we eventually get to Part C, where Diana experiences war the way the outside world has. This is where she shows out and becomes a known hero along with her comrades. One thing I find satisfying and very different between her and Captain American among others is she is very humble and honorable. She never takes full credit. If she is helped in any way by others it is "we" and not "I". I love that! In Part C/C.5 there comes a part where she gets an understanding that everyone has something that they sacrifice and deal with. Many thought provoking dialogues. If we fast forward we get to the pre-climax. Diana finally gets to her target and completes her mission and confused and unraveled that war still persists. Steve comforts and encourages her yet she dismisses him. He, being an honorable man does what he must and then the twist I was expecting but not entirely happens. I won't say anything except that at the end of the film a tear will be shed. If not the men, surely the women.

I hope you go see Wonder Woman. You will not be disappointed. If you are and love Marvel films it is mostly a bias or can be due to the many films DC has released and have disappointed. This film is not one of those. Go out and give this film some love. Patti Jenkins did great!!

War Room

A Movie of Empowerment
This movie came out at the right moment. When the trailer first came out you could see and feel the presence of the Lord on it. This movie has been a blessing. I was so happy to see this the #1 movie out after it opened. And at the time I'm writing this movie theaters are being added! This movie is about prayer as it says in the trailer and it makes sure you know it is. There are many precious moments. Some will make you cry, laugh, and then think. It will make you re-evaluate your life. Every couple, dating or married; child and friend, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and any other race should see this movie. It is helpful on so many levels. Those who are not Christian might not like this, but some might. So check it out while you can. There truly is power in prayer.

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