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Buried by the Bernards

Well needed for times like this
Gives me the same warmth of reality show family like Runs house. They're so authentic & funny. Very loving, no drama. I love them like my family

Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

A masterpiece
I don't understand how this has low ratings, but because it is Beyonce, it will always be biased (people will go out their way to discredit her).

She was so humble and grateful to be the first black woman to headline Coachella she paid tribute to one of the most essential black experiences: HBCU & their Greek life.

The behind the scenes showed how she came up with concepts how she managed to put everything together especially at a high point of her career, she also had a complicated birth/pregnancy from her twins & she didn't think she'll ever be the same

But she outside herself per usual & it was as brilliant as it was beautiful.

When They See Us

A must see
Casting & acting is stellar, let me say. It was so amazing that it really got me thru watching such a tragedy. Niecy Nash & Jharrel Jerome deserve their flowers & awards. Heartbreaking what has happened to these young men, especially Korey. Watching the back story & the trial it was shocking & discerning to see that they still were found guilty

What they had to go through, the aftermath was hard to watch I'm so sorry this had to happen & I hope it never happens again. The more we are aware of what goes on the better we are at fighting it.


One of my favorite movies of all time
Great movie, has everything that a good movie could have. You can feel the emotions of the family from start to finish, especially from the daughter Troy. This movie is a good with the character development of her especially when she grows to become the woman of the house. Perfectly captures the childhood of Troy and what growing up that time was like. Being raised as the only girl of a family . Subjected to violence(being chased down the street by dope heads, sees family friend arrested for assaulting neighbor) and poverty (scenes where she is embarrassed to use food stamps, family is split up when they can no longer pay bills) she but she still manages to have a good childhood. Such a good movie, a masterpiece, Spike Lee's best work in my opinion.

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