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Do people still fall off turnip trucks? Apparently. If my brothers and sisters were truly of an artistic bent, and cared about the quality of their work, they would hold up there hands and say STOP! It's okay for couples to be of the same race...and/or creed. We appreciate your intent, Hollywood, with this inclusiveness and everything...but would much prefer better scripts, characterizations, and all-around better movies. Cause in reality...that's what true artists (who care about their craft) would do. Just saying. EVERY movie from 2020 and beyond does not have to be PC. Just have a quota or something.

Love & Mercy

Succinctly. Too much john cusack and not enough Beach Boy music. I useto like cusack...but that was before the era of Trump. Now he's vomit to me. I really wanted to like the movie because I find the Beach Boys sound very unique and entertaining. And it sounds really good. But there was very little of it and I couldn't get into the Brian Wilson character (Which is a must for a movie of this type)...because I just kept seeing cusack-on-qualudes. The kicker was when I remembered I was black, and that made it easier to divest myself of the whole affair. I reached for the Temptations biopic instead. But honestly, I did wanna enjoy it...but couldn't Hollywood actors in the Age of Trump make me hostile. Screw 'em. Sorry Beach Boys.

Pet Sematary

Though No Where Near As Popular As The Almighty Zelda...Timmy Baterman Is My Favorite Flashback Scene
To everything there is a time and a season. I am writing in for the sole purpose of giving some props to the character that drove Pet Sematary home for me as one of my favorites. I'm 20, in the navy, in the barracks where I'm on restricted duty, unable to move around because I'm awaiting a hearing. I grab King's novel for the first time and start reading. It's 5 in afternoon. By 9 that evening I'm still reading. "I Wanna Know What Love Is" by Foreigner is playing in the background, write around the time Jud Crandall is telling Louis about the boy that got buried up in the MicMac burial ground. It's so surreal. I was despondent about own situation earlier, until I'm drawn into this story...that makes me forget about my problems. I'm thinking about Timmy Baterman...and realized for the first time I've been gripping the book in my hands. To everyone who thinks zelda is the most frightful, you're entitled to think so. I can't and won't knock her because so many of you mention her name in these comments she cannot be denied. But my own favorite part of Pet Sematary in both the book and 1989 movie is the Baterman flashback because it takes me bake personally to that night long ago when was at a low point in the navy. I'm Black, and that song by Foreigner is the only one etched in my brain because the Stephen King book. I wrote just to give Timmy some honorable mention because obviously I am the only one affected by his presence in PS. Zelda I don't ever even blink about. I have watched the movie a dozen times and read the book 5 times. Each time I look and pay close attention to her...trying to see what the big todo is all about. I get nothing from Zelda at all. Sorry. But to each his own. I do respect her a major contributor to overall fabric of the story however. She matters. She's just not scary to me. By the creepiness and madness surrounding Timmy Baterman gets my attention every time. Pet Sematary is forever in my Top Ten Favorites...both as a book and a movie (the 1989 version...not the 2019). The reboot sucked BIG TIME to me. Thanks for letting me share.

Pet Sematary

I'm not gonna waste any time, like I did by watching this movie. There was no backstory or character developement ANYWHERE in this movie. Miss Lambert did a much better job in 1989 than these two "hip" dimwits, neither of which should ever be given another dime to direct a movie! WORST EVER!

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Another Yawn Burger. Hold the Lettuce, Please.
Liberals of the hollywood variety...trying to prove more liberal nonsense points to their dumbed-down liberal audience. Where is Eugene McCarty when you need him? Boy was he ahead of his time. Can someone please wrestle our nation's movie-making abilities away from these west coast apologists? Surely there are other creative regions out there. In the words of the tag-team legends Siskle & Ebert. TWO UNAPOLOGETIC THUMBS DOWN!

The Untold History of the United States

Dubious Distinctions
I gave it a two becuase I did glean a few new facts from the series. But after a while I noticed a theme. There seemed to me an almost cheering and admiration in the narrator's voice whenever discussing Russia. (Ex. Their role in ending the war.) At the same time, I denoted much disdain whenever a point was to made about this country, George W., and/or the right wing in general. The same running theme I heard during 8 years of obama. It made me suspect. "To the victors belong the spoils." and "history is written by the victors." True axioms. We learn early how stalin had executed tens of thousands of their own upper military leaders in order to gain power, known is a purge, and may have contributed to his signing the nonagression pact with hitler in the first place, his knowing the weaknesses in his own military. Then after hitler subsequently broke that pact and attacked russia, it seemed the strategy of the russian army was to agressively attack 'full speed ahead' at at cost. Somewhat randomly, and lacking in defensive and tactical measures. Rarely do we here of great russian generals like we do of the Americans (though understandably) or the german Rommel . I definitely heard a lot of cheering when the narrator spoke of both Leningrad and stalingrad however. I am bias however. So shoot me. I love my country. This seemed russia-centric...or commie-based. Just saying.

Trump: An American Dream

The True Puppetmaster Is the One We'll Never See
Even if everything in this series IS true, and there is worse, that makes his rise to the Presidency even more astounding to me. What bothers me is Netflix, and their puppetmaster-in-residence, having the 'audacity of an I'm-better-than-you" mentality when it comes to running this. Everybody under heaven knows there would be an even juicier series on barack obama, if someone other a republican or conservation (cause then it would be branded a right-wing conspiracy and nothing more) undertook the effort to show us the "real" obama, and the sordid connections he formed during his rise to POTUS., Except we'll never see a treatment like this geared toward him. The O-man would be fawned over, to the degree of putrid sentimentality...and everyone would walking on egg shells not to offend the first HALF-African;American president in this country's history. What galls me as a black man is that the fragileness of my people's psyche was on full display for 8 years during that fiasco...and now, even though the the lame stream media has real threads that they can follow (such as the Steele dosier) that could unveil how obama (along with hillary) and their ilk conspired to overthrow Donald Trump's election. Something that, if it ever came to light, would overshadow anything revealed about The Donald in the series. But we will never know, will we? Because obama's on the left, and he gets to sit back, smoke weed, and throw rocks at a better President, because he's a smaller man. Everything obama does is sleight of hand. At least Trump has had the unbridled gall to allow us to see his true nature. That's what bothers me about this treatment. It reeks of obamanism. Which is weak and whiny.

Wonder Boys

Once Is Not Enough...for Dylan's Song. But For The Movie Itself. Blah.
I rented this once and managed to suffer through it. Then the day came I was to return it, and I remembered I liked Dylan's "Things Have Changed". I fast forward through to whole movie once just to hear IT again. Loved it! As for the movie boys? Not so wonder-ful. The pretentiousness displayed by half the cast was a turnoff for was Douglas' morbid voice-overs. So--sorry, Ebert. One thumb down on this one.

George Washington

Where Did My Last Posting Go?
I see my posting giving the Washington mini series a (1) ruffled the feathers of liberal censors. What's the matter, you can't handle a different point of view? I LIKE George Washington. His face is on every dollar bill I've ever owned. The fact that I don't want his history sullied by liberals in their never-ending attempts to rewrite history was the whole point of my previous post. And just as I eye suspected, it was too much for you guys. You are totally in need of those safe zones which you so eagerly tout. GEORGE WASHINGTON WAS A MUCH LARGER CHARACTER THAN THE ONE YOU AND YOUR COHORTS EXHIBITED IN THAT SERIES! That's all I was trying to say. Live with it! And if you do not allow this this be shown are proving my point that you are weaklings. (I will be back!)

Birds of Prey

No Toxic Masculinity Here
And here you have it. folks. From Superman to Batman to birdie girls. Good Show? Not!

The Mist

This Movie Left Me Cold
And since I'm cold, I suddenly feel cruel. Now, I suddenly wish it was Stephen King who left us in the 80s...and Steve McQueen was still alive.

The Conners

A Liberal Bellwether Show
This show will not fail...because liberals will use it as an indicator that Roseanne was SO wrong to say what she said. The show sucks...but liberal won't let it fail. Whenever I tune in, which is only for a few instances to peek in at the humor, I find none. All I find is a group of ungrateful actors and actresses who stabbed Barr in the back. I am especially disappointed in john goodman. He looks so silly mouthing his lines.

This Is Us

Hollywood Likes This Tripe So I Got A Better Idea
Synopsis. We're introduced to these two 20-something black males who are very gay, married, and wear dreadlocks. They decide they want to adopt a WHITE baby girl for a daughter. You know, Modern Family-style! Somehow, out in California, they manage. Now they get to change that little blond-haired Barbie doll's diapers and everything. Now gather up your writers and crank out those story lines. I'll tune in every week to see that.

The Dark Half

Needs A More Supernatural Feel. This IS Stephen King's Universe Right?
It's too bad that Sheriff Alan Pangborn, who succeeded George Bannerman after he was slaughtered by the rabid Cujo, and must've none SOMETHING of the Creed murders that took place a few years earlier in the town of Ludlow, where the Dark Half took place...and hence that wacky burial ground. It's too bad that he was not more attuned to the preternatural nature of this case when he first saw Stark's unearthed grave at the cemetery. That would've been the perfect time for him the utter something like "My's happening again..." or something to that effect. He of all people should have been a co-protagonist with Thad Beaumont all the while...and not just some clueless law officer sidetracked by the standard routine of police procedurals. This IS the Stephen King universe is it not?

Juliet, Naked

Bridesmaids Revisited (Allegorically speaking!)
Some parts were okay, but I was distracted during the entire movie because I kept thinking Kristen Wiig of Bridesmaids was gonna show up in the next scene...and was disappointed when she didn't. I realize these are actors an, they're entitled to move on to other projects. But Bridesmaids is/was one of my favorite movies. And in it, Dowd plays Wiig's boyfriend, and he spends that entire movie calling her by her name, which was Annie (Walker). Byrnes was also in Bridesmaids, and she played Wiig's rival throughout the movie. Now, in Juliet, Naked, Dowd is mouthing that same name again, over and over...and I keep expecting to see Annie Walker (Wiig) walk on the set. I realize we in the audience are supposed to suspend our disbelief when we view these movies, but sometimes it's hard when we keep bumping up the unoriginality coming out of today's Hollywood. The producers, director, and writers of this movie could have easily avoided this dilemma (for me anyway)...if they'd simply taken the time (all of 5 seconds) to give their Byrnes character another first name. (Mary, or Sue, or Ellen. Anything but Annie.) It's downright laziness on their parts...and for me---distracting.

Valentine's Day

Flush Worthy
I knew it was an alphabetical billing, but when I saw Jessica Alba's name first, I knew it was a toilet movie. Ouch.

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