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Kal Ho Naa Ho

Awesome movie ever!!!
This movie is one of my favorite movie. I would like to say the content of the movie was nice. The script is well written as according to Ur Indian Movie i.e. an emotional, full of drama, suspension and yes that Happy Endings. I liked it Theme song Kal ho Na ho. It gave me hope that one must live his life to the fullest as might be we cant get this moment to live again. The acting of Sharukh Khan is best in the movie. He played the role well and yes the acting where he behaved as the needle pinches him but actually the needle was not injected by Sonali Bendre(doctor) in a scene. She had a short role in the movie but yes she also played an important role in the movie.

MSG 2 the Messenger

A blockbuster Hit Movie
MSG 2 the Messenger (2015) is a movie based on true events that how anything can become possible by working hard by the Almighty's blessings. The movie revolves around how the tribal people used to live in the jungle and the jingle rules are applied to them, their life style which is totally different form ours and like this. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan played the role of a warrior who fights against the wild & primitive lifestyle of tribal and succeeding in turning them into civilized human beings. This is what the Saint ji has tried to convey the message to include the tribal people, after converting them into civilized beings, into the main stream with the society. Since its a true story, so it is possible to make all tribal people a civilized people.

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