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The Conners: Money, Booze and Lies
Episode 14, Season 3

Darlene gets worse with every episode
I like the show and the characters but I find that I get more and more annoyed with Darlene each episode. She's pretty self centered and a little too bossy.

Grey's Anatomy: Good as Hell
Episode 13, Season 17

Tired of the covid thing
They should've just addressed the pandemic for a few episodes or maybe not at all. I'm tired of the c-word. Make it go away.

Grey's Anatomy

I honestly don't think the show should've continued after season 10, when Christina Yang leaves. I hadn't watched the last two seasons until I was bored at home because of quarantine and had nothing better to do. It was terrible, I don't know why they keep insisting on making more episodes, it's just recycled story lines at this point. I wish the producers would do the kind thing and put it out of its misery while it still has a shred of dignity left.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Watching Zac evolve as a person was great
Honestly, my favorite part about this entire thing was watching Zac fall in love with the world around him. I really don't think he was putting on a show. He seems to humbly and genuinely just want to learn more about health, cultures, and people. He also seems to really admire Darin and appreciate his knowledge and sometimes he looks at new things with this wonder and twinkle in his eye and I'm happy for him.

If he needed to get a few sponsors do do this, then so bet it. What's wrong with seeing a few shots of his Visa card or him wearing the same brand all the time? At the end of the day, he is bringing awareness to some very important issues and that's what matters most.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Maybe I was expecting too much
I was so excited about this! I thought I'd be laughing off but genuinely only cracked up once.

Made in Mexico

I love it
Everyone complaining about the show is being ignorant. Yes, they are all rich, so what? The fact that they grew up in a privileged life doesn't make them any less Mexican than the people that grew up in poverty. There are all kinds of people in every single country. I believe the show is just trying to show that Mexico has a lot more to offer than just what the rest of the world thinks. I find it refreshing and I think everyone should give it a chance, the second episode was great. Columba makes this show awesome, by the way.

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