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  • MSG- 2 is simply a masterpiece, it's one of my favourite movies till date. The movie gathers a lot of great aspects as it brings a more realistic view of tribals. This is a great movie with an interesting story which has an ancient feel, excellent pace and awesome stunts. This film provides an expert glimpse into the cultural habits of remote tribes and the not-so-apparent social change in their lives. The presentation of the cinematography could be largely enhanced. The stunts performed by the MSG did create more attention. MSG 2 is hilarious from the beginning and until the ending credits. The makers have really managed to create credible and convex characters: a nasty-looking Azgar; open-hearted and clever tribals. Though the plot is truly based on the personal experience of MSG with the tribals, watching MSG2 is really interesting. This movie will definitely have a long term effect on the youth who always enjoy an action packed drama.This movie transcends a genre into new territories and with it enhances the entire level of Cinema. Just about every aspect of this movie was flawless. Though it abides religiously to its title, "MSG 2 The Messenger" but it completely remains a spine-tingling well- staged, chillingly relevant, and brilliantly monumental addition to the MSG dynasty. Rockstar Saint has no equal for sure. It's everything that you come to expect from a film, taken to a whole new level. This is not just a superhero movie but also has equal parts of drama and thriller and it's a well written story offers some interesting new characters. For a movie filled with such joyous, danceable beats, there's still a note of sadness playing through. It's not surprising, the sequel really gives me a new perspective to consider MSG 2 to be more than just a movie. Thumbs up to the directors and script writers. Without giving any spoilers I would like to state that MSG 2 is a must watch.