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MSG 2 the Messenger

Paisa-vasool family entertainment
MSG 2 is a great mix of gripping storyline, heart-throbbing action, superb background elements, and amazing musical compositions. Noteworthy point is this, whole composition has been done by BABA RAM RAHIM HIMSELF.. Simply amazing..I liked HIS appealing looks in the movie, I mean, HIS way of dressing, talking and expressing were majestic, even HE has not taken any training in all that.. Great work by Baba and I am so impressed with the fact that A Spiritual Saint can take the step to make movie.. Amazing..The eye-catching designer cars, dresses and sets are the center of attraction in the movie. Specially designs of cars were very unique. I loved the green coloured car the most,which BABA drives to go to minster's home.. Fab.. When we look at the sets designed by Guruji, it seems he imports these marvels from the heavens. The scenic beauty of all songs takes me to heaven.

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