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The Plague Dogs

Too Scary to be Cute
I never heard of it but one of my friends loaned it to me. I like cartoons and talking dogs, and the cover was cute, but this made me cry. More than once! It was really scary. Even that song upsets me. Rowf and Snitter don't even understand just how bad those lab guy whitecoats were messing with their bodies and minds, for no good reason at all. Snitter knows not every person is like that, but no one ever loved Rowf, which really upset me because he deserved better. Nothing works out for them, even other dogs don't want to be their friend. And even though they might or might not be really sick, you just want them to walk down you're street so you can adopt them and hug them!


This was really dumb. There's this boring guy from the Matrix who smokes, the movie's all about him. Shia LaBoeuf is the cutest sidekick ever! Even though he cut his hair! The other guy makes Shia do all kinds of stuff, like he's a slave or something. Wherever they are is probably real cold, because the guy from the matrix decides that his superpower will be how he can drop by hell whenever he wants just by taking a bath with his clothes on, not that you want to see him naked anyway. SPOILER Then there's this ugly angel whose wearing bad neckties and suits.The matrix guy is so dumb he doesn't even realize that in heaven nobody wears suits! So he hangs around his bathtub and keeps smoking some more until he gets to meet the devil whose kinda mean to him.

Troll 2

A weird movie
I thought Joshua was pretty hot first time I saw this, but now he seems ugly to me. Plus he spend's to much time with that dead guy worrying about trolls. And his mom is so 80s. I did not like how the movie makes fun of freckles; thats just mean. Holly is a good person who does not put out! Its not her fault that her boyfriend turns gay! I feel bad making fun of midgets now, they eat people, so you should really try to be nice to them and not be like Arnold who thought he was cool by telling them off. Probably you should not eat food that is green, it might be moldy or turn you into plants.

I learned how popcorn makes guys go crazy for you, so it wasn't a total loss.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Hayden is nice and bad
This movie was kind of cute because Hayden is so deep.

There's a lot of geek outer-space stuff that gets in the way of how he's so love and how that makes them both so beautiful. You learn a lot about love from how Mannikin and Padmay talk to each other.

Yoda's like this cuddly teddy bear you just want to hug! Most people in the movie dress like role-playing geeks. Pretty annoying.


Hayden's so perfect that I guess he gets afraid of how nice he is,and knows how some girls find that boring after a while, so then he realizes how most girls like a guy who's kinda dangerous, so he starts acting like he's bad. He gets to be really good at that.

Meet the Deedles

Paul Walker!
I was a kid when I first saw it, but when it was on TV a couple years ago I realized how confusing it was because they're twins and you think both of them are equally hot, but Stew has the best hair, but Phil is better because the ranger girl wants to go out to the forest to eat worms (like the gross white maggot kinds!), but Phil put gummy worms out instead so he doesn't have to kiss a girl with worm-breath.That was the nicest thing ever!

It's pretty wild how Phil Deedle grew up to become Paul Walker and the other guy was in Bubble Boy or something. Paul Walker is pretty hot and you can tell he's smart cuz he helped figure out about the P-Dogs. Petey the P-Dog was cute, but not the same way Paul Walker is!

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