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MSG 2 the Messenger

MSG2 Amazing Heart wrenching inspiring story
Yes MSG2 is a stellar movie. Like MSG1 the film takes cool humanity concept and does some interesting things with it. The story is engaging and suspenseful even if you can predict it. The film is long but it allows you to feel the length of the journey and let the characters breath. The stand out is the presentation with the film being beautiful to look at and is a must see movie... Another solid film from Guruji. As a big fan of action exploration I was more than pleased. Cinematography and visuals were breathtaking, capturing both the warmth and beauty of heart and also the subtle message in it surprises you. It surprised me with mind bending concepts, some of them I wasn't even expecting. MSG2 is just a perfect film. And in fact, the first hour amazed me totally. If I were home, I would have seen it again BUT no God I was not and did not. MSG2 simply blew me away. I'll definitely catch it next Sunday. MSG 2 has amazing heart wrenching inspiring story/visuals and soundtrack. It makes you think about what we should REALLY be aiming for in life. I was crying my eyes out on more than one moment in this masterpiece. Pros: Great action Scenes.

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