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Die Wand

What happens when you realize you are alone?
What happens when you are a denizen of the modern world and you are cast into the more primitive world? And alone? How do you cope? How do you survive? How do you tell the story, even though you have no idea whether others will hear the story? This is a walk through the human mind. An excellent story. Watch it.

Cross Wars

Wasted time.
There are no actors in this movie. These are just people off the street reading lines off a white board. Tom Sizemore and Danny Trejo do appear in this flick but they forgot how to act. The writing was grade school level. And don't even get me started on the "special effects", even the guns they shoot use horrible special effects for the muzzle blast. What is really strange though is there is one scene of action early on then there is nothing but dialog for about an hour. Really bad dialog. This show is probably the worst film ever made. That's all I got to say 'bout that.

Finding Dory

Made by the gods of political correctness
This movie is about a fish 'child' with short term memory loss. Why would Pixar make a movie about a fish with short term memory loss you ask? Because it is the politically correct venue of the day. It's not meant to entertain children but to "teach them a lesson" of how they should treat other children whom they happen to meet that have short term memory loss, which, in any person's life time, the odds of meeting anyone with this disability is almost nil. I'm really old and have never met any. But YOU have become so brain washed by political correctness that you don't even notice when it's being thrust upon you. I say YOU because I am too old to buy into this freedom stealing bull crap. This movie doesn't deserve to be given even a 1(one) but I can't give it anything lower. Watch this and know you are losing a portion of your life that you can't get back and that you are being fed propaganda. On the other hand the CGI is outstanding so if you want to watch for that part only then turn off the sound and enjoy the CGI. 'Nuff said.


Couldn't be any more horrible

Crappy acting, crappy story, crappy plot, crappy physics, crappy movie. When They got in trouble and Sandra Bullock is running low on oxygen she hyperventilates just as hard and fast as she can and continues this hyperventilating through the rest of the movie, even when she is doing nothing to physically exert herself she continues to huff and puff to the point it gets annoying. She and what's 'is name are flying along tethered together and they reach the ISS and her foot is caught in the lines of the Soyuz parachute and he says "you gotta let me go." I have no idea why because they are securely attached to the ISS, but some mysterious force is pulling him away from her, so instead of her grabbing the parachute lines and pulling them both to the Soyuz space craft he, for some unknown reason, frees himself from the tether that has him safely attached to her and floats away toward Earth, even though there was no force to cause him to float off. Sandra Bullock proves in this movie that men and women are not equal. She is a horrible clutz all through out the movie. She has to have a ghost of what's 'is name come and tell her how to get her sh*t together. Yeah this broad has got major mental problems and she is sent into space by NASA.

All communications go out between Earth and the space monkeys about 20 minutes into the show and NASA is so incompetent that there is no more communications between Earth and space monkeys for the rest of the movie even though the space monkey travels in and out of 5 different vehicles during the movie. Evidently NASA only has one radio.

When space monkey finally gets in the Chinese space capsule and heads back to Earth and the safety of the ground below, the capsule TUMBLES through the atmosphere, Yes TUMBLES, but it doesn't burn up. The entire space capsule is glowing red hot, not just the tiles on the re-entry side of the capsule but the whole thing is hot enough to melt from tumbling through the atmosphere but space monkey is plenty comfy inside the capsule, not even getting hot. But then once the capsule hits the water OMG, the radio starts working again. Damn who'd a thunk it.

This is one of the worst movies of all time, with the worst acting and writing and plot.


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