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Waco: The Strangers Across the Street
Episode 2, Season 1

Great Episode.
The acting, the script, the dialogue, and build up are very amazing in this episode. It gets the point across to the viewers of the personal feelings each character is going through while successfully moving the show's plot forward. Most importantly, it keeps audience hooked into the series.

The Dark Knight Rises

Great movie and satisfying conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy
The Dark Knight Rises was filled with action, good acting, great music, and a wholesome plot. Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy did not fail to bring a strong antagonist to follow the legendary performance by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Bane, portrayed by Tom Hardy, gives a strong vibe of violence and psychosis although half of Hardy's face is covered throughout the whole movie. Harry's performance cements him as one of the greatest actors of this generation and perhaps ever. There were some minor plot holes but nothing seriously out of place and a few lackluster fight scenes, mainly with Christian Bale. If there's one flaw in Chritopher Nolans movies it's hand-to-hand combat choreography. But all flaws aside, The Dark Knight Rises is me of the best batman movies to come.

Alien: Covenant

Great yet horrible
Alien: Covenant had some really great scenes, characters, and acting but still a really bad movie. Michael Fassbender's acting was amazing, his portrayal of David and Walter were awesome and you can really see what they're thinking just from his acting. All the scenes of David conversing with Walter were excellent and the suspense of the aliens attacking the crew were exhilarating, but it doesn't change the fact that fans wanted a Prometheus sequel not a weird blend of Xenomorph origin and a Prometheus sequel with one returning character and the story told in flash backs. Ridley Scott should have stuck to his original plan of a Prometheus sequel instead of selling out to make a bad movie pretty much no one wanted. The stupidity of the crew is once again frustrating and the death of Elizibeth Shaw is just evidence of poor writing. Hopefully the sequel to Covenant will be satisfying, but based on the ending of covenant, a good sequel is not happening.

The Mummy

Why would they make this? Why would anyone like this?
The Mummy is the introduction in the Dark Universe which is a cinematic universe where Mummy, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and many more mythical creatures all exist. My biggest question is why would they make this movie? The plot was unbelievably bad and so was the acting. Tom Cruise really damaged his career with this Performance. The Mummy was a very sorry attempt to start a franchise that is seemingly interesting, but after the disaster which is The Mummy I don't know if anyone would want more Dark Universe movies.


I want to like this movie but I just can't
Logan is a movie loosely based on the comic book Old Man Logan where an old retired wolverine takes a cross country trip in search of money and redemption. The comic book was great but I can't say the same for Logan. Many people say they love this movie and the dark rated R format really captures the true essence of the wolverine character which I agree with but as a movie, I just hated it.

The movie starts off strong with Wolverine dismantling a Mexican gang and the portrayal of an ill Professor X, but after that all that really happens is a boring back story of X-23, Wolverine yelling at X-23 and Charles, Logan and X-23 flailing their claws killing people, and more of Hugh Jackman yelling. By the time the movie was 2/3 through I couldn't take it anymore I was overwhelmed with boredom and bad acting (mostly from the actress who portrayed Laura/X-23).

Overall I just felt let down by the writers. They could've done so much more with the script but they kept it to a long boring Wolverine movie with an unnecessary ambiguous destruction of the X-Men and Mutants with very little Easter eggs on what actually happened. This movie completes the Wolverine trilogy of bad writing and a waste of the Wolverine character and Hugh Jackman.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Best Spider-Man movie ever made
After 3 awful Spider-Man films (Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Sony and Marvel were able to create the best Spider-Man yet! The acting was great and humor was fun yet there were some dark moments that really gave depth to the characters and the plot. It's also extremely cool to see Spider-Man finally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Overall a great movie and you'll definitely get your money's worth.


Dunkirk, worst movie of Nolan's career. Dunkirk is an awful movie with a confusing non-linear story telling that didn't include any titles to direct audience in the direction of the plot. Also, there was a huge lack of dialogue so even more so the audience got lost. On the bright side the visuals were spectacular and the acting was amazing but that alone can't carry the lackluster plot and bad writing.

3 Minutes

3 Minutes of greatness
3 Minutes by Ross Ching was great and action packed. Ross Ching is a very good up and coming director. This story can really work out as an actual movie if he puts his mind to it and adds more scenes.

3 Minutes is really great and I can totally see it becoming a movie with suspense and revenge. At first, you think this movie is just one of those action kind with no brains or plot but within 3 minutes you get action and a twist at the end leaving you wanting to see more.

Ross Ching is a great director and editor. He has a definite future in directing because the shots and choreography of the fight scenes were superb. The effects were great too it almost looked like a real movie done with professional editors and CGI.

Star Wars: Wrath of the Mandalorian

The story is good but the acting and effects are ruining
The story was interesting seeing Boba Fett work for Darth Vader after the events of clone wars and I wouldn't mind seeing that story as a animated movie or TV show or even a stand alone Star Wars movie. The problem with Star Wars: Wrath of the Mandalorian was just the acting and the effects.

When the characters started talking I started breaking into laughter seeing how bad they were and the effects were not on point. For a fan made short film, Star Wars: Wrath of the Mandalorian had pretty good effects such as the light savers but the back grounds and walkers were not good.

Overall I wouldn't mind watching a animated version of this because the idea itself was great and I really like Boba Fett so this wasn't a terrible thing.

Already Gone

Another great short film by Ross Ching
Ross Ching delivers another great short film with a lot of action and entertainment. Already Gone is another movie by Ross Ching I think can become a movie or a TV show. I definitely encourage him to make something more of this.

Already Gone is good great with good effects, acting and entertaining fight sequences. After watching this, I totally wanted to see more and behind the scene stuff because this was so well done and the effects were so convincing. The characters may be criminals but you feel something for them once the film rolls on and you start to root for them.

Justice League: Doom

Awesome adaptation of the comics
Justice League: Doom is one of the best comic book adaptations there is. The characters match their personality and their abilities. I watch this movie whenever I have free time and I'm always entertained.

The way the plot unfolds is great and is an awesome story from the comics and the movie does and excellent job transferring it to the film. At first I was a little confused with who some of the villains were, but once they explained and the story rolled out everything made sense.

If you were a DC fan then this would be a 1st pick to watch but if you are not a DC or superhero fan then this is probably a 3rd pick movie if you have nothing to do but still it will leave you entertained and craving more comic book movies.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

A strange and dark comedy with love and adventure
Although the movie starts off in a slow weird way, once you watched through you'll learn to like the characters and love their friendship. WristCutters is worth watching.

Despite it's box office earnings "wrist cutters" is fun and takes the audience on an adventure through the dreary afterlife in search for Zia's love. The acting is good and the story is excellent for a low budget movie. WristCutters is not long and has just the right amount of "funny" leaving you wanting more.

If you like dark comedies, romance and friendship you should without a doubt see WristCutters.


The best sitcom of all time
Seinfeld is one of the funniest and entertaining TV shows I ever watched. Even though it ended on it's 9th season they could've gone with one more season but Jerry made a good call and ended it leaving the people wanting more.

After the first couple season, Seinfeld characters found who they are and what their roles are and then Seinfeld became funny and the best of all time. The funny thing about Seinfeld is that those 4 friends are despicable, cold hearted, stupid and thoughtless, leaving them in situations where they have to get out of resulting in disgrace or humiliation.

Even though Seinfeld ended over 20 years ago it is still being aired on TV to this day and is still the best sitcom of all time. Jerry Seinfeld is still earning mega amount of money for every episode they re-air along with Larry David.

Left Behind

The worst movie I ever watched, but lucky for me I watched it on Netflix so I didn't really waste my money. The movie had no plot and was just another movie on Nicholas Cages bad list, contributing to his downfall.

The acting is bad, the action sequences is not fun, and the plot is alright. The idea of people disappearing, leaving survivors is a idea but they dropped the ball to make a low budget movie. The movie tries to make the story where Nicholas Cage's wife is a christan and he is an adulterer and when the world goes down he and the daughter must repair their relationship add some emotion.

After seining this movie I won't be watching any Nicholas cage movies soon and eventually you won't be hearing about him again.

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