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Wrath of the Crows

An Amazingly Original Story!
I had the chance to catch the Premier of "Wrath of the Crows" and was blown away by how big the movie turned out! It didn't feel condensed or showed in any way or form that it had a small budget (typical Independent film)! It has Action, Horror, Suspense, Amazing Visuals, great camera work, Amazing cast and one original story with a very unique twist towards the end! Not a lot of horrors will touch what is beyond the known and go that extra mile of Originality, But this movie sure did! Dealing with the spiritual world that is similar to our reality but in a different dimension.

When given a chance, check out this movie and you will see what I mean! You will be amazed by its story telling! and if you are a Tara Cardinal fan such as myself... It is definitely worth the watch to see this amazingly multi-talented Actress showcase her range and epic character performance! This Film is a horror film so be warned that it will contain a lot of blood and such! But in the end, it is one rare entertaining movie! 9/10


An amazing Original Super Hero Short!
I was able to catch a screening of THE LIBERATOR at Comikaze Expo and boy was I blown away! Great Cast, great story, great movie overall! Lou Ferrigno is back and not in green! He did an amazing job portraying a superhero betrayed by his own country. If you ever have a chance to check out its next screening, I recommend everyone to go a watch it. I really hope this becomes a TV show or movie or any type of franchise! It is really original and with an A-list cast and crew! You have Don The Dragon, Peta Wilson, Michael Dorn & of course the amazing Tara Cardinal as Gaia! This short really gives a Great execution that will lead you wanting more and to see more!

Punisher: War Zone

The Punisher!
I'll keep this Simple and Clear:

First REAL Punisher movie that pays big tribute to the MAX or Marvel Knights comic series.

Ray's portrayal of Frank Castle matches what I envisioned in the Comics.

Story was well paced, loved it, no loop holes, comedy timing was perfect, Movie flowed in full circle without leaving you feel as though something is missing.

A Man's movie made by a woman! I guess a woman's touch does make a big good difference! and it shows big big time! Action was amazing! Though I feel more gore was needed.

Acting. acting? this is a B class action movie, so the acting gets a B.

Overall, this is a love it or hate it type of film. If you're into the action violence or a fan of comic books... Then this is the Film for you! But to those who prefer something else... You are obviously watching the wrong movie, so don't Bash and hate on what doesn't fit your Taste! I loved this film only because I am a Big Punisher fan, so the praising is a given. why? Because the Punisher is one tough S.O.B. that doesn't give a crap about the Justice system! I sure hope there will be a Sequel with the same Cast & Crew. Because this film has a lot of potential to be epic!

The Forbidden Kingdom

Not Bad, Not Good
After Watching This Film on Opening day, The film surpassed my expectations as I thought the trailers gave out most of the plot. How wrong was I indeed.

The Film was very, very, very Asian with a lot of Martial Arts action. Something you do not see very often now a days with spectacular Choreography. The combination of CGI with the Action was on key and perfect. Looked very real and believable on most parts.

The story was a great introduction to get people to understand the many Buddhist Mythology stories that have been around for decades, long way before Jesus Christ. Buddhism is something people must understand as it is complex yet simple. Clear yet cloudy. Believable but unexplainable. Only true intellectual smart people may be able to understand this religion and it's many great tales that Dragon ball, George Lucas and the Wachowski Bros got most of their inspiration from.

Though at first I thought this movie was going to be hugely Racist and stereotypical, I was very satisfied to see there was none. As an Asian Male, I found it very funny and satisfying to see how our side hero Jason was beaten up LOL. So everything balances, Plus Look out for a Joke from Jet Li!!! OK the FLAWS: Love scenes or near love scenes were corny, some of the Dialog from our Chinese stars were hard to hear and understand, shoulda kept the story more towards the Monkey King, and at times some scenes were useless and didn't help the film.

Overall, This film is a must see! Staring two great Martial Arts legend's, Great Martial Arts Action, and has a Unique story. Though only minor flaws, It's very satisfying.


Devil May Cry

A Great Story that adds up with the Other Stories! DMC Forever!
I am one of the few who is actually considered a big huge fan of DMC.

I Started playing the Games in the original order from when it came out (1-3 soon 4). Replayed the games in the specific order in which Capcom admitted was the True order (3, 1, 2... 4 is in between 3 & 1 so I will do that later). And of course replayed the games again in a higher difficulty level.

Read the Novels, Read the Comics... in which I proudly own them all and re-read when given the chance.

I made and own Dante's costume and weapons... I am just missing Ebony & Ivory (dammit!) But I have substitutes.

Then of course I have all 12 Episodes of the DMC Series. Which I am now watching the 3rd time just to see if I missed anything.

NOW! From my perspective of this whole Franchise of DMC... Every story told from the different Sources (aka books, games, etc) have it's own appeal and Promotes a different side of the story of our beloved hero Dante. Bringing in a new vision of what or who Dante is as well as the overall complex story surrounding the entire DMC world.

That is what it's supposed to be People! Have an open mind! Sure they all do not have that same feel as the game. Because If the books or TV series did that... then it would be boring since we Already saw fast-paced action in the games way way too many times, which will make things repetitive.

DMC does have a story, which is why they made the books and such. Like Final Fantasy VII, They had to unfold weak plot holes that will make the story even better by filling those holes with a twist. DMC is doing the same thing, and Wants you to understand the Strong Story. Not just about Dante+action.

The Books explains how Dante got his beloved guns Ebony & Ivory and also explores his overall lifestyle as a growing half Devil-Human. In the game, we get to understand His dysfunctional family and why Dante does what he does and all the fun within his job. The comic is more of a support for the DMC 3 game, bringing out in debt details about both Dante and his brother Virgil. The TV Series is more about exploring Dante's real personality and overall realistic lifestlye as a struggling business owner, bringing in the human feel as he struggles with debts and such.

Overall, This Series is one for the True Fans! And it is also a teaser for those who are not familiar with DMC. Do not feel disappointed for it's simple and less action oriented story. Be happy that Dante and his pals have made it this far! And I am rooting for the 2010 Live Action DMC! I am giving a 10/10 for this series unfolds another great story about the life of Dante and his Devil May Cry shop. He is a great guy who loves Rock, eats pizzas and Strawberry Sundae Ice cream, and has a big heart in helping others and saving the world. Speaking of ice cream, don't mind if I do!

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