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Strokes of Genius

Best documentary I've seen. Amazing story.
Probably the best documentary I've ever seen. I've been following these two players and their rivalry throughout their entire careers. The commentary is spot on and the whole thing is put into perspective. Even though I watched the match live at the time I found myself on the edge of my seat believing that Federer might just pull this out after all. The best part is that the story is ongoing and the film recounts each players career since the 2008 final all the way up to current. As I write this review Wimbledon 2018 is in progress and the two players ranked 1 and 2 are Rafa and Roger ... a rematch 10 years later almost seems inevitable. I can't wait to see how this story ends.

Trump: An American Dream

Typical hit piece.
This is no documentary, not by any stretch of the imagination.

They interviewed anyone that would say negative things about Trump. Not one positive comment from anyone throughout the entire series. Very sad and embarrassing for the people that made this.


Great idea and Could have been really good
I'm what seems to be common practice by Hollywood these days this show is loaded with homosexual content.

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