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Star Trek: First Contact

Perhaps the best Star Trek movie
Star Trek: First Contact what more can be say about this classic movie that many have not been said before?

I saw the movie in 1996 in theaters and it remains one of my favorite movies not only of Star Trek but movies in general. This is a rare example of fantastic minds working as a collective (no pun intended) unit to make a movie that is perfect

The movie centers around Captain Picard, Commander Riker, And the rest of the crew of the U. S. S. Enterprise E travel back in time to stop the Borg from changing history of First Contact.

The music is some of the best work of Star Trek it's like the Composer wanted each music tell a story with the movie. "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf was a awesome choice to use in the movie as Star Trek rarely used license music and it work for the movie.

The acting in the movie is top notch as the cast deliver phenomenal performances to help their characters believable and you can see the sincere performance as the cast works in the movie

Johnathan Frakes was the right man to direct the movie as he has a good eye for telling a story.

Star Trek: First Contact is a must see so make it so and engage and check this movie out

I give Star Trek: First Contact a 10 out of 10.

Pokémon Stadium

A Nintendo 64 Pokémon experience
Pokémon Stadium brings the experience of Pokémon games from the Gameboy to the Nintendo 64.

It is also more than a partial success. The game came with the gameboy transfer pack that allows you to bring your Pokémon from your gameboy games to the Nintendo 64 Pokémon Stadium

The game is meant to be enjoyed with others as it has mini games inspired by Mario party games.

The graphics are pretty good and each Pokémon looks exactly like they do in the show and card games that the fans of Pokémon would come to expect.

The controls are simple and easy to follow as they lay out the formation for playing the game and for what attacks you can used against your opponent. Along with the reserve Pokémon you have for the battle.

The gameplay has the players take turns attacking each other Pokémon to see who wins.

Pokémon Stadium has issues in the audio department as the characters don't sound like they are suppose to you do hear "Pika" as you turn the game on but the announcer is hit and miss along with music some of it good some of it does seem to be inspired by the tv show however the game suffers from audio issues.

Overall Pokémon Stadium is a fun game that should be better with friends

I give Pokémon Stadium an 8 out of 10.

The Hot Chick

What a terrible movie
This is one of those movies I curse the day I ever watched. I am still in awe about how awful this movie is.

I could write a book about all that has gone wrong with this movie but then again that book would be a shame to have been written with the movie.

I am actually sorry I am reviewing this movie but it had to been review sooner or later so let me get this offer my chest.

The Hot Chick isn't worth the film it was recorded with honestly I wish it never was created because it is just awful.

The "acting" and I used the word very loosely is simply awful I mean the cast was there to get a paycheck and I'm ashamed that Rachel McAdams and Anne Faris had to start in this movie with a actor who couldn't act his way out of a car.

The story is boring and uninspiring I've read comic books with better stories than this one

I have a headache from making this review

I give The Hot Chick an 1 out of 10.


Don't be fooled it short but challenging
Pinocchio is regarded as one of the best animated movies ever made and I sincerely agree for a movie that came out in 1940 it has some of the best art work ever done for a movie. The video game is no different. The game was released in 1996

The game was developed by Virgin Interactive Entertainment who created hand drawn animation for the game and it really shows too. The game's strongest strength is the graphics as mentioned the game was made by Virgin Interactive who worked with Disney animators to bring to life art work made for the video game and it works as the game looks fantastic with the characters looking like they did in the movie as the backgrounds are top notch with special attention to detail allowing the players to appreciate the hard work and the art made for the game. The music has "When you wish upon a star" "Give A Little Whistle" "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee" "I've Got No Strings" which is good as they play in their right levels and translate very well on the Super Nintendo. Along with original music too such as the escape from pleasure island song that plays out in this game You'll be impress. The controls are easy to work with and during the "I've got no strings" segment the game will show you what to do to make sure you follow the moves as the puppets do

The game does a faithful job following the story of the movie that many knew and love but for telling the story when it needs cutscenes they go to storybook images with a short summary about what's going on in the game. There are also moments that could have made it In the movie

The game play is a platform which those who have played platform game. However the game suffered from insane difficulties even on the easy mode during the later parts of the game. There are moments when enemies will just throw you around like a rag dog and things will come at you when you least except it. Plus if you mess up you will end up starting the level all over again which will test your gaming rage I was close to snapping the controller because of the struggles of the game. The game is a case of putting more time In the graphics but not in the gameplay. This game would only be worth having for fans of the movie or retro games

I give Pinocchio an 7 out of 10.

The Little Mermaid

One of the most beautiful movies
The Little Mermaid is what help kick off what as known as the Disney renaissance.

It is easy to see why and how it could have happened.

The Little Mermaid follows the story of a Mermaid named Ariel (voiced by Jodie Benson) is the youngest daughter of King Triton (voiced by Kenneth Mars) and after she saved a human prince named Eric (voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes) she fells for him against her fathers wishes.

However when Ariel makes a deal with Ursula (voiced by Pat Carroll) to become human for three days in exchange for her beautiful voice.

The animation is some of the finest work in any animation movie with beautiful attention to detail and the character models look very good along either the background work that is like looking at pictures.

The voice acting very strong here as each character voice work for the story and the movie The cast didn't give any weak voice work here some of the strongest voice work ever done

The music is fantastic and the "Part of that world" song being so beautiful that it won the hearts of many.

Overall The Little Mermaid is one of the best animation movies ever made and shouldn't be missed

I give The Little Mermaid an 9 out of 10

Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart is here to play
Mario Kart is a series that has approve since it first game back on the Super Nintendo.

Mario Kart 7 came bundle with my Nintendo 2DS XL which is a win win for me to get a game handheld a game in one offer.

Anyway back to the game. Mario Kart 7 is a strong title for the 3DS as it has hours of fun.

The graphics are phenomenal the tracks look awesome and have attention to detail as well as the characters we all know and been fans of for years look great.

The music is what you would expect for a Mario game and it is always good.

The controls Do allow you to learn and get a good grip for as the game is about you having fun

The gameplay is top notch with endless possibilities of how to play the game along with challenges.

Mario Kart 7 is a must have for any Mario fan and for a great way to have fun

With great graphics fun gameplay. Mario Kart 7 is one you'll be happy to have

I give Mario Kart 7 an 9 out of 10

Transformers: War for Cybertron

The Transformers have rise up again
As a huge fan of the Transformers this series peak my Interest from the trailer.

Then I binge watch the first season in one night and let me tell you the series prove that you can still keep Transformers as they should be. Action pack, keeping the themes that made Transformers more than meets the eye.

Yes the series does have somethings that could have been done better but those Little things aren't going to ruin my enjoyment of the show.

The series is quite dark for Transformers as we had Beast Wars and Transformers Prime being dark series as well but Transformers War For Cybertron is dark for a lot of reasons.

The voice acting has good work However some of the characters could have been done better to make the voices work better for the characters we knew for years. However you can sense that the cast were doing their best and they did well in some of the emotions characters show in the show.

The animation is also one that can be improved on but there are impressive work on the animation such as when the lighting effects for the character to hide in the shadows and to when they are in tense moments the emotions can be show in the series.

The designs of the characters are very good based on the Siege toy line and with new designs for the series.

They have the G1 feel to their designs which does good for the fans and for the fact you can see how well they did justice.

Transformers War For Cybertron Trilogy is a series that is more than meets the eye

Wonder Woman 1984

A real fall from grace
The first Wonder Woman movie was a very successful movie and proves that you can give someone who didn't have much credit in the movie world a push and make the actress a star. That's what happened for Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman.

But Wonder Woman 1984 is undoubtedly a example of how a sequel can disappoint in so many levels it falls under the sequel curse.

I won't give anything away out of respect to those who haven't seen it yet.

Like many I had been expecting to see this movie due to many unfortunate events the movie kept on getting delay and delay. Now that it finally came out it has been a total disaster. You would think that they would take the time to make the movie better but nope this movie fell miserably

The writing makes absolutely no sense as the story couldn't make sense if it was written for a video game and I have seen video games with better stories than this movie.

The acting in the movie just feels weak.

You would think after a successful movie they would make a sequel even better but nope this movie isn't worth the film it was recorded with

There are only a few things about this movie that I would have appreciated

Overall Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel that needed more time in the oven

I give Wonder Woman 1984 an 3 out of 10


The most dangerous people are the ones with nothing to lose
Peppermint follows the story of Riley North (played by Jennifer Garner) whom five years ago her family was brutally murdered by a drug kingpin and after the corrupted justice system allows the killers to go free Riley begins to transform herself from a citizen To a warrior whom will stop at nothing to avenge her family.

This movie shows that Jennifer Garner still got it when it comes to make action movies it proves that she was made to play Riley North as a character whom is so dangerous no one would dare pick a fight with her. Age ain't nothing but a number.

The movie is full of blood and gore in this adrenaline pump action movie and the fight scenes are some of the wildest in any movie.

Jennifer's performance is where the movie shines as we saw a slow transformation of her character hints to why I called my review the most dangerous people are the ones with nothing to lose.

The score matches the movie along with the song "Push Me" by Geno Lenardo and Ash Costello which serves as the theme song for Riley North.

While the movie isn't original and most of the characters do feel out of wax it does make up for it with Jennifer's performance and the action scenes

Overall I give Peppermint an 8 out of 10

A Charlie Brown Christmas

My favorite Christmas special
A Charlie Brown Christmas is perhaps the best Christmas special ever made.

I say that I watch this special since I was a kid it has everything a fan of the Peanuts will appreciate its only gets better with Age

It also talks about the true meaning of Christmas as it was rare to do in specials and in a cartoon no less yet they did it so well and they deserve a medal for it.

The humor is where the special shines as it has my favorite moments in Cartoons the best ones to to when Lucy get kissed by Snoopy which cracks me up still it is just so well timed as Lucy runs around saying "I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Get hot water get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!" And Snoopy reaction makes me laugh so much.

The animation is very well done as the artists work on the movie to give it some of the best examples of animation.

The voice acting is very good and you can appreciate the character work as well.

The story really defines the true spirit of Christmas

Overall a Charlie Brown Christmas is a very strong favorite of the Peanut specials and shouldn't be missed

I give a Charlie Brown Christmas a perfect 10 out of 10

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

A interesting story for Beauty and the Beast
I remember seeing the commercial for Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas when I was younger.

It wasn't until my full Curiosity got to me when I got Disney Plus that I finally got to see the movie in it entirely.

I must say for a direct to video release it wasn't as bad as people say it was. Being that this is a story that take places in between the first movie this midquel actually did take into consideration that they had to make the story to where it fits into the timeline of the first movie and to their credit they did their best for that

The animation is a interesting balance of hand drawn and cgi the crew did good to Make the animation look good to make the film look Smooth.

The voice acting is good as most of the cast from The first movie return to voice the characters again. It didn't hurt their credibility for their performance

Also we get to see new characters. Along with a origin story about the history of the curse.

Beauty And The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas is a Interesting Christmas movie and another adventure in the Beauty And The Beast series

I give Beauty And The Beast The Enchanted Christmas an 7 out of 10

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Peanuts
I grew up watching the peanuts as a kid and I recently decided to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and it's honestly not my favorite of the bunch

The story is that Charlie Brown and Snoopy have to make a extra Thanksgiving meal because Peppermint Patty invited herself Marcy and Franklin over to Charlie Brown house without giving Charlie Brown the chance to explain Sally and he will not be home. As usual with Peppermint Patty you can't get a word in.

This special reminds how much I hate Peppermint Patty out of all the characters from the Peanuts she is my least favorite and watching this special is a clear example of why she is a bad character.

The animation is good with good attention to detail as you would expect from the Peanuts specials.

The voice acting is decent for some parts and at leas they had the Lucy and Charlie Brown football gag in the opening which makes it worth watching.

The music is good with a original song written for the special

In my opinion A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving isn't the strongest of the bunch and it shows how ungrateful some can be.

Overall perhaps you and your family will Enjoy it but be warn it does feel mean spirited

I give A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving a 7 out of 10

Hidden in Plain Sight

B movie at the least
The case of trying to find something to watch on tv results in going to online apps to find Hidden In Plain Sight

The movie has the feel of a direct to video release and it is easy to see why with the production values.

It also feels like one of those movies you can find on tv without even trying.

The acting in the movie is decent at best because you can tell the cast were working with what they had.

The music does overlapped the dialogue sometimes so unless you got close caption you're going to be missing out of what the cast is saying.

The story is about a woman who is trying to keep her son safe from her twisted ex husband.

It's one of those movies you're either going to be interested in or avoid it's your choice

It's just a case of having something to watch

I give Hidden In Plain Slight a 6 out of 10

Team America: World Police

What in the name of all that's good in the world did I watch?
Team America World Police was a movie I remember coming out while I was in school but I didn't see it all the way through until recently and all I can say is that it is one of the worst movies Ive ever made

The movie makes absolutely no sense and the plot feels totally ridiculous.

The puppet work is a mix bag as there are moments of good puppet work other times it is just hard to enjoy.

The voice acting in the movie is just simply another case of hit and mess and the cast play more than one character and as the movie goes on it becomes a total train wreck. Plus the characters are barely interested as our protagonist is one of the worst ones in the history of motion pictures.

The theme song I admit is catchy. However the movie just don't offer anything to make me want to watch it again

I give Team America World Police a 3 out of 10

Star Trek Continues

Now this is Star Trek
When a fan series does a franchise justice better than its owner you know that's bad.

Star Trek Continues is done by professional actors and voice actors who are sincere fans of Star Trek.

The series takes places following the storyline of the original series with original stories and characters along with paying homage to the original series

The sets look like it did in the original 1966 series along with giving the series a feel of watching the original Star Trek series.

The acting is very strong as the cast do a convincing job as the characters the fans have love throughout the years.

The music is very good as it helps move the series.

Overall out of all the fan series of Star Trek this one has done it right

Garfield in Disguise

Trick or Treat with Garfield.
A Garfield Halloween is a special for Garfield fans and I finally watch it after so many years to enjoy another adventure with Garfield and Friends

As Garfield and Odie go trick or treating they end up meeting a old man who tells them a story about ghost pirates and buried treasure

The voice acting is entertaining as it comes to expect from the early days of Garfield specials. It goes to show how well the cast has a lot of fun together.

The music is fitting of Halloween especially the story about the pirates.

The animation is good and holds up well

However there are some bad things about the special but that don't hold it from being enjoyable for all members of the family

This is a Halloween special that you can watch over and over again

I give A Garfield Halloween a 8 out of 10

The Addams Family

What a pathetic excuse for a family
I had heard about the Addams Family animated movie and I thought it would be good boy was I wrong

I could write a book about how bad this movie.

The animation is really awful it just ridiculous how the animated team really didn't seem to know what they were doing.

The character design is awful the characters look so thin so big so small so bad that it is enough to Make you scream what were they thinking

The voice acting is terrible it just seems the actor never seen one episode of the Addams Family because they just didn't know what they were doing.

I'm sorry but I refuse to give this movie any more of my time and I suggest avoid at all cost

I give The Addams Family a 1 out of 10

The Banana Splits Movie

Why? Oh why? Oh why? Oh why?
I remember seeing reruns of the Banana Splits as a kid when it aired on Cartoon Network

When I saw the trailer for the Banana Splits movie I was shocked and appalled. So much that when I saw the clips of the movie I just couldn't believe that someone would take this children show and make it into a horror movie all because that you did not have the rights to Five Nights at Freddy's

So you punish this group by taking them and turning them into horror villains

Shame on you guys shame. The acting in the movie just beyond unbelievable. The cast just didn't put any effort other than Dani Kind she was the only believable actress.

The dancers who play the banana splits had to wear those suits and they also were believable.

But the gore is just sicken and makes you sick from the slight of it.

I'm sorry but after watching this movie i wouldn't recommend it to anyone

I give The Banana Splits Movie a 1 out of 10

All Elite Wrestling: Dark

More AEW More Awesomeness
AEW Dark is All Elite Wrestling second pro wrestling show that airs exclusive on YouTube.

The more wrestling the better especially when it comes to a brand new wrestling company like AEW.

Like all wrestling companies they have to add a extra show not only to keep viewers interested but to allow their other wrestlers to shine that don't get much time on Dynamite.

AEW Dark is exactly what you expected where you can watch all the best AEW has to offer and you will be rewarding with high quality matches

G.I. Joe Extreme

The odds are a million to one and that's the way we like it Yo Joe
G.I.Joe Extreme took some time to get used to Because we know it is an updated edition of G.I.JOE A Real American Hero one of the best cartoon series in history.

I enjoy the theme song to G.I.JOE Extreme as it set the tone for the show with live action segments to allow you to get a preview of what the episode will have happen.

The new villains for this series are called SKAR with the leader being Iron Klaw a very interesting villain in my opinion for the fact while he does wear a mask like Cobra Commander he also has a duel personality which makes him a very good villain.

The leader for G.I.Joe is Lt.Stone and he had a no joke attitude to him. It what is needed in a hero

The animation is where the series is best regarded because it is dark which a lot of the shows from the 1990s were back then and it is also smooth with a lot attention to be given to the characters and back grounds.

The voice acting is good as each actor gives meaning to their characters and each character does have their appeal to them that makes them interesting such as you won't see coming about their past

Overall despite the fact it was 26 episodes I say G.I.Joe Extreme should've more a chance it deserve and if you are a fan of G.I.Joe give this one a shot

Happy New Year, Charlie Brown

Happy New Year Charlie Beown
Charlie Brown and the Peanut Gang has always been apart of my child hood and I finally got to watch this again after so many years

All I can say is that nice to enjoy this special as the gang celebration of the new year.

The animation is done smoothly and it is appreciated by the animation team who detail every frame.

The comedy is where the special shines best as Snoopy as always making everyone laugh along with Linus sharing his displeasure for Sally who always thinks of him as her sweet baboon and how Linus would say I wouldn't invite you to a garage sale that was golden

The voice acting is good and the music helps make the story play out as well.

The story has side stories as well that don't hurt the special and if you're a fan of the peanut gang you should Give this one a watch

I give Happy New Year Charlie Brown an 8 out of 10

Men in Black: International

A weak movie and predictable
If only those who make movies knew that making sequels and spin offs just milks the success of what made the first movie interesting and fun.

Men In Black from 1997 is still a better movie than it sequels and this spin off movie really hurt what made the first movie fun.

The writing is very flat and the comedy feels forced and I'm so sick of people wanting movies to be PC Politically correct that makes movies not fun when you get upset about the simple things

The acting of the movie is very lame and you can see in most of the eyes of the cast that they did the movie for a paycheck.

The story is just predictable as you know the villains before it is reveal how pathetic. The movie just really spit in your face as far as entertaining goes while forcing its Agenda down your throat. This movie will never been allow in my home it was the world dollar I've spend on a ticket

If you really want to enjoy a Men in Black movie stick with the first movie because this is another example of a fell spin off and a movie that gets many sequels just hurts the storyline and interest in the series. Now this is the official fourth movie in the series I'm done I be happy to see this series stopped.

I give Men In Black International 1 out of 10


Perhaps the best thing going in WWE
In 2010 WWE NXT was formed as a replacement for their ECW brand which needed to be put out of it misery from the Get Go.

However the first edition of NXT wasn't any good because it felt like it was a comedy show.

But when the brand got to become more serious you can see how far NXT has come featuring some of the best matches that will make you chant "This is Awesome".

Matches that would be worth the price of a ticket and to make you watch the show with great appreciation for wrestling and NXT is the main brand that is keeping WWE going with wrestlers will go all in for making the best matches they can.

Now they are USA Network you can watch the show and go where this been all my years of watching wrestling.

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite

Finally a wrestling show where you get your moneys worth
Since I have heard of the new company AEW All Elite Wrestling my curiosity got the better of me and so when I heard the news that they signed a deal with TNT for a new wrestling program to be called Dynamite I had to turn in and see.

This is the first time in nearly 20 years that wrestling appears on TNT since the closing of WCW so you can tell it was getting really exited for fans of wrestling.

What I can tell you about AEW is that they are teaching us that wrestling is spelled W-R-E-S-T-L-I-N-G.

Each match is like watching a pay per view match and yes one or two matches might not be okay matches but that's what to expect from wrestling.

AEW Dynamite is the show we need as wrestling fans and I haven't missed a single episode the rise of AEW is like the rise of a Phoenix a wrestling program we need right now and if you love wrestling then you'll have to watch AEW Dynamite because you never know what will happen next as AEW is All Elite

Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas - Live from Dublin

Celtic Woman never fell.
Since a friend introduced me to the group Celtic Woman all I can say is wow.

These women have the gift of beautiful voices hearing them sing is like grace and wonder.

Listening to them bring timeless Christmas songs is like nothing you ever seen before they put their heart and soul into their performances

Each song they sing is amazing and beautiful. Celtic Woman one of the best groups in a long time and listening to their takes of many Christmas songs seeing is believing

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