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  • In a year where some movies pass off as cheap entertainment, this movie delivers and shows the wonders and drama of cinema. It's absolutely magnificent while showing both the beauty and the life of tribal people. The acting, visuals, cinematography, everything about this movie is just flawless. Overall, this is truly one of the best movies ever made. It's freaking awesome!At first I enjoyed the marvelous visuals, both the rendered and shot images. The soundtrack is very beautiful and even the poetry had its moments. MSG 2 film just left me speechless; I literally didn't know how to describe the masterpiece I had seen. So many messages can be contrived from this and I believe it will be a different watch for any single person.Well, about MSG 2, I expected something melancholy, ponderous and tragic. But it made me swell with joy and happiness and a gratitude for my life. I've been thinking about this movie day after its viewing. We witness the creation of life.