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Far Cry New Dawn

They ruined it.
First Farcry 5 is the best graphics game to date- bar none. A weapon is a Weapon in farcry 3 -4-5. Not in New dawn, this is where they ruined the game. Now they thought it would be a good idea to have weapon leveling= FACE FRIGGEN PALM,

There is no such thing! Only in comic book games.

So there is 3 levels of pistols Of the same caliber, Shot guns, ........ SO the game went from rather serious in 3-4-5 , to Just WTF in new dawn.

With that being said , the game is not bad once you understand there is enemys with plastic Motocross armour that will stop a bullet even a 50 Cal sniper round!

AGAIN what idiot thought this would be good in such a loved series?

It could have been much better, requiring you to use Melee take downs more and where do they get all this AMMO= FACEPALM!

World War Z

Better then expected
I got this game free with a New GPU. So was not sure what to expect. It is an on the rails type shooter with limited movement.

They are adding free DLC's which is not normal in todays game market.And the game normaly has many players. I prefer to go in more quietly then the RAMBO mode most kids do. So I try to find better players.

The game graphics are top notch, I run 4k 3180x2160 res. So if your looking for another game like L4d 2, this may be for you. This is not my standard type of games I play , but it is better then expected.

The Division 2

If you like bullet sponge games
I put about 5 hours in this game, single player finding better and better weapons. Until I got a 50 Cal Sniper weapon. This weapon will cut a man in half go through 1/2" steal. BUT not in this game, enemys took 3hits. Deleted the game after this stupidity. I find games with weapon level just silly in games, it is fine in comic book games like Borderlands- saints rows... But not a supposed serious shooter.

Liam: As It Was

RIP off artist
Completely ripping off Beatles! ALL ASPECTS!

Listen to all they did - Harmonys- builds- CHorus, All rip offs from the old guys, NO I am not a beatle fan. I jut hate rip off artist that roll on what has been done. Create new Like Sabith- RUsh _ NARAVA......

Mr. Church

Eddie almost redeems himself as a good actor!
Eddie gets so close to the comfort zone.

Huge respect Mr. Murphy , you are so close! this is a very engaging drama- the heaviness between the players is very well written. Great work "writer'! Where it drops is the accents for the times. And how underprivileged, talked to, no offense "white people".

I worked for the US government as a temp, My boss was not "white" I had huge respect for that man, but since he went to collage in the days of oppression, I felt a sense of fear, which I never endused.

The Director missed this!

Sadly I still see this today with older people that lived in that time.


B movies are getting better
AGAIN , yes it is a b movie with a good budget, all characters are exposed before the "hit", There are no questions about them when the "#@4T" hits the fan! Great writing for a b movie. We have all seen worse. Yes it is predictable to point.

It deserves a viewing

Would like to see a high budget Movie with this "schooled" Character build. and have Actors really work it, from the beginning!

YES 7 for a "B" movie!

need 10 lines? gonna get critical. the over top cam was abit over used on the train.

the tension between the 2 "lets save our selves " could have been pushed abit more- using others adding conflict.

the fuel line break was just silly as they are run in side a cased frame

logic for a break would have been Electrical or jumped rail, Which still happens today!

Flight World War II

Sure it is a B movie
It is not that bad! You and I have turned allot worse off - switched channels...!

It is B movie but done very well! Like B movies from the 50's but with a bigger budget.

The acting is real- no over the top - you cannot be serious you got a job as an actor, Acting! AGAIN it is a B MOVIE!

Who cares who made it-Company-backers, respect what it is!

I never watch TV- follow "corp feed bs". But when someone does good work regaurdless of what they were handed. I think respect needs to be had! No I had nothing to do with this film- know anyone involved!

I just know a good B Movie!


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