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The Brave

You need to be brave to watch this.
When this came on Tasmanian television, (oh yes) I did have some misgivings about staying up late to watch it. Then the "directed by Johnny Depp" came on and I thought....boy if Brando wasn't in this I am off to bed. But I sat up, watched it, and it one of those films that stays with you. The horror and the torture come later, and it is awful to think of this brave young man subjecting himself to these monsters, but that is the lure of the story I guess. Perfect casting by Depp, cant argue with the direction or the story. It's bleak but somehow beautiful at the same time. Yes it shows the best and worst of humanity. Not something to watch with the family on a movie night, but it does deserve an will not enjoy it but you will remember it.


Saw this as a kid. Loved it.
One of the 1st (and to this day only) Australian films to have a brilliant trailer. So I was there with some mates on opening day. We had to sneak in as there was nudity and boobies. Unfortunately this film resonates today as much for its wonderful acting and scenery and story as for Director Ken Hannam's arrogance. I read producer Lovell's autobiography, and she was livid about how little coverage Hannam had shot, (apparently he had neglected to tell his producer he didn't believe in the project) and so Lovell and the editor had to try to "save" the film in the editing booth. Sad when you see the film (I was 13 when I saw it the first time, and it blew me away) it stands up and is what it is: a pretty taught little thriller. Hard to be overly critical on the movie, a good story well told, nicely acted, and as a teenage boy, with lots of great boobies. Twist ending, but nowdays we can all see it coming, but in 1978 it was new . . . if only the "director" had worked harder we may have had a classic here. Been in love with Geraldine Turner (see the Michael Parkinson interview) ever since. Sigh. Get it, bet you like it.

Getting Out

Really Touching
Hard to imagine a guy like me enjoying this kind of film. It has a rocky start with some clichés, and some clunky exposition, but once it settles into its own rhythm it is a wonderful, moving little film. Virtually a tour-de-force for Rebecca De Mornay, she effortlessly makes us care for Arlene and hope for a good outcome for her. Supporting cast seems to do really well and are effective as well. How did Rebecca not get an Emmy Award nomination for this? Probably says more about the Emmy awards than it does about this film. If you want a really moving, beautifully acted little drama to while away an hour or so, you could do a whole lot worse. And Rebecca has rarely looked more simply beautiful. Watch it.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Truly Wonderful.
Now that Seinfeld and The Sopranos are no longer running, this is for me the best show on television. (Or, if you live in Australia, the best show that has been completely sabotaged by the networks on television - I defy an Aussie to tell me when it will be on regularly) The cast, the set, the stories and even the awful opening title music are all ultimately perfect for the slant of this very unusual and very brave show. Charlie Day is my personal favorite, but Danny De Vito's frank is masterful as well. Check out the "frank in a couch" clip on Youtube if you have never seen this show... favorite episode was a Christmas episode from a few years ago, that involved biting Santa's ear off, closing down a shopping mall, hundreds of extras, and the two guys responsible for the carnage wander back into the bar as tho nothing has happened. Just a wonderful show I highly recommend it.

Jurassic City

Save your money
Writing a review of this . . . uh . . . film is not quite as bad as watching it. And if I can save anyone else the pain that I went thru, then maybe it is worth it.

Is it any good? No. Not at all.

Acting OK? No. Not at all.

Dinos rock? No. Not at all.

Interesting story? A twist maybe? No and No.

I have a soft spot for "b" movies, but I don't know what this is.

Save your money and get something else. Anything.

You might think I am being harsh or grandstanding. Believe me you will stop thinking this if you ever dare to contaminate your DVD with Jurassic City. Go for a walk instead.


Made for 50K? Wow, a minor classic...
I love little movies that pack a punch . . . Wolf Creek, The Babadook, These Final Hours, and now Coherence. With a small and (at first) simple plot the slow and then onrushing twists just keep coming. I loved the beginnings of character development that were interrupted by events . . . I loved the simple but brave framing from the director, with no flourishes, just relying on his actors to get the job done. And the spiral out of control in the last 30 minutes was pretty well handled too. I have to say this was a really solid little film that just sat there and kept punching. I was impressed. Is it totally successful? Probably not, but as Disney found out with John Carter, you can pour 200 million into a flick and end up with a bland, forgettable flick. This one stays with you and hats off to all involved. Think about it later and discuss it with your mates . . . the variables are just mind boggling. Well done.


An absolute forgotten gem! See it when u get the chance...
This movie never seems to appear on Australian TV. I have not had the chance to see it in years. But I remember as a teenager being scared out of my brain by this flick. Anthony Hopkins gives one of his best ever performances and the curvy Ann Margaret gave this teenage boy sleepless nights back in the 70's by appearing topless (blink and you miss it - I didn't blink) and Burgess Meredith gives a wonderful performance as "The Postman" But it is Fats, the dummy that steals the show. I wont spoil it by saying too much but if you have ever found a dummy to be creepy then this is the movie for you. Youtube used to have the trailer online that featured Fats, but last time I looked it had been taken down. Have a look at this great little gem. I bet you will like it, like I did. Highly recommended, but remember I am probably still a little in love with Ann Margaret, who is 2nd only to Rebecca De Mornay in terms of sheer screen beauty.

Jurassic World

Dumb actions from the leading man...
I am not sure this will qualify as a review, but for me the film was a quantum leap over part 3 whilst having the same awful flaw that ruined Ridley Scott's Prometheus recently - the story only moves forward because characters do stupid, stupid things. Chris Pratt's "hero" when faced with a new hybrid that he has never seen before, goes rushing into the dinosaur's enclosure (taking some other workers with him) and leaves the door open. He chooses not to wait for the info from the implant that would soon tell him exactly where the new beast is. . . when carnage ensues he then spends the rest of the movie blaming everyone else for the many deaths, etc that occur. This reminded me of Prometheus when the scientists almost immediately take off their helmets upon landing on the new planet, and then two of them stalk off and get LOST when Ridley has spent time and special effect $ on showing us the flying red balls that are mapping everything. Dumb actions from major characters = writers not working hard enough or not having enough time to iron these bugs out. Jurassic World could have been an absolute classic. Only 60% there for me.

Mother's Day

Great little movie, Brilliant Rebecca but needed editing
First I have to admit I am a huge Rebecca De Mornay fan, so I am probably biased, but this was a very effective little suspense flick that just keeps on punching. I remember when this was previewed there was talk of Oscar buzz for Rebecca, but then I heard the releasing company went bankrupt or something and the theatrical release never went ahead. Sad when you consider how much rubbish does end up getting a release. Rebecca owns the movie with one of the best performances by a female lead in years, with great support from the rest of the cast. Direction is good and unobtrusive, but the film does drag a little at times, maybe a more ruthless editor could have just trimmed 5 or 10 minutes out to give it a kick along that it needed. All in all, a flawed classic, not for the squeamish tho. Pity to see Rebecca showing up doing guest shots on dull TV cop shows now. (Hawaii 5 0)This seems like a terrible waste of talent to me. She needs Tarantino to give her a career resurrecting role like he did for Travolta. Ironically they are now about to star in "I am wrath" which sounds like every revenge flick ever... :(

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