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Wrong Turn

right wing survivalist wet dream
This movie will appeal to the man-boys living in their mamas basement fantasizing about an apocalypse where they will all become "heroes" and have a haram of young girls at their disposal whether the girls want it or not..and no they will not want it...and it will never happen...but dream on man-boys...dream on..


The first hour and a half of this movie drags.The last half hour gets more interesting.This wasnt the joker we know from the comics.I dont know what it was.He lacked maniacal energy.Ugh.Blaah! I gave it four stars for his performance ...but zero for verything else


The first hour and a half of this movie drags.The last half hour gets more interesting.This wasnt the joker we know from the comics.I dont know what it was.He lacked maniacal energy.Ugh.Blaah! I gave it four stars for his performance ...but zero for verything else

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Bittersweet Ending
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies is as entertaining and mystifying as the first two movies in the series.I have seen these movies dozens of times and never get sick of it.As usual,the sets ,the acting,the bittersweet ending...all culminate into a classic.Forget those who didnt like the ending.Forget those who say its boring, or not as good as LOTR. I like The Hobbit series better!I love the dwarves,i loved the romance between Tauriel and Kili...the Elves ,Bilbo,and Bard! Bard plays the hero in this movie,the exact opposite he played in Beauty and the Beast...where he played an arrogant villain.Yes i cringed at the poor decisions Thorin made , and yes the ending isn't what we all wanted. But Bilbo(Martin Freeman) really makes the movie.You can nit pick all you want but Martin Freeman is a fantastic actor.They all were fantastic.Even Alfred the weaselly coward acts amazing.I cannot stress enough that this movie is excellent...the acting is how its supposed to be done! I felt what they felt...and grieved when they grieved.Honorable mention to Buffar, the kindly dwarve who sings,dances, privately helps Bilbo,and is a lovable but talented warrior! Don't pick this movie apart.Its fun and finishes the Hobbit series well.I personally love battle scenes,and there was plenty of it.I have to conclude this review with Legolas and his Elven King father.Their story moved me,and i wish they would make a movie that concentrates on the Elves. A+ MOVIE!

King Kong

One of the Best Movies Ever Made
"It was always going to be YOU".Jack Black's character says stunned by his own revelation that Ann Darrow was the girl he was looking for to play the starring role in his ill-fated movie.And boy was she ever.Naomi Watts knocks it out of the park with her performance as Ann Darrow,the down on her luck Vaudeville star who catches the eye of mischievous and overly ambitious movie maker Carl Denham.Jack Black keeps the plot moving with his antics,facial expressions,vocals and blind ambition.The ship's crew have their own story to tell...nothing and no one in King Kong goes to waste.Adrian Brody as the Driscoll,the dashing screenplay writer -sparks fly between Darrow and Driscoll.So far the movie didn't even need an scary island or a giant ape.Thats just the icing on the cake! Skull Island...dark,forbidden,creepy as hell,and exactly what wed expect.The natives are the stuff of nightmares.Indeeed they are far scarier than kong.Next comes the longest part of the movie..where Kong and Darrow get acquainted in humorous and nail biting ways.Deadly fights with dinosaurs,stampedes,giant insects and dizzying heights.Its a guilty pleasure to watch.Then we're back on the cliff with Darrow and Kong ,and Darrow teaches Kong the sign for beautiful as they both gaze out into the sunset. Alas,Driscoll and company rescue Darrow and capture Kong.The rest is history.One new element to the carnage in New York...Kong and Darrow slide playfully on the ice in a almost forget the dire situation they are in ..a magical final moment of happiness and love. Twas beauty who killed the beast..Denham says in the end,standing by Kongs lifeless body.Of course it was really Denham's greedy ambition that killed Kong...but Denham had to have a finish for his movie..a closing scene..and he got it.Jack Black,Naomi Watts and Adrian Brody blew me away with this movie.I still cant believe a King Kong movie could be made this good.Its corny at times,as all King Kong movies are- thats really part of the charm.But it has depth..and layers few action adventure movies can pull off.Well done!

Star Trek Into Darkness

Great but not Star Trek
STID is an entertaining,big budget,action packed space flick most teen agers surely enjoyed watching.The special effects are amazing.The casting was better than anyone could have imagined,and damn that Chris Pine looks eerily like a young Shatner at times.Technically,STID is a grade A film.Unfortunately,it is also a travesty on so many levels.Let me begin with the most glaring ones.JJ Abrahms admitted he never liked Star Trek the franchise yet they still let him make the movie.As a result,he turned the Star Trek Universe from an intelligent,evolved and very progressive world into a rightwingers wet dream.Fightin da turrists,war,guns and explosions. Remember Star Trek,how futuristic everything was portrayed? Well in THIS universe,Murikkka hasn't changed much.Helicopter like flying machine is able to get right up to the windows of a major national security meeting in a skyscraper.Shoots right through the glass.Spock has an open relationship with Uhura and takes a smart alec attitude when questioned by Pike after breaking the Prime Directive.People still go to sleezy bars on the corner to get wasted too interestingly.So much for evolved humans lol.The clothing is downright primitive looking for supposingly being so far into the future.The Enterprise has a glaring white interior,i thought I was watching Space Odyssey 2001.There is zero space or science exploration in this faux Star Trek universe...just good ole fashioned violence.But then again Abrahms destroyed Vulcan for a reason..he was warning the viewers....the war on intelligence has just begun,and the dumbing down of Murikkka must be maintained!


worth a watch
whenever I read a review that says I like slow movies, or I like B flicks..BUT..blah blah...this movie doesn't count I have to laugh because they say that about every movie they don't like.This movie is watchable,passable,predicable,good acting,and will pass the time for anyone bored and in need of a distraction.Now I cant think of a lot more to say about this movie except I don't regret watching it so Ill talk more about stupid reviews that irk me to no end.If someone says Its the worst movie ever,or they cant get back the time they spent watching it,I always watch the movie...because those types of reviews are by low level thinkers and thats being kind.Ill find out for myself how bad it is.Now some reviewers who have a good track record of given honest reviews gives a movie a low rating,I will probably skip the movie.

The Flight Before Christmas

Annoying female lead
I found the female lead to be annoying and well..not very suitable for a romance movie.Isn't she the nerd from The Big Bang Theory? Ugh! The male lead needed a better actress for there to be any real chemistry and the female lead should be likable. Oh well.I liked her in Blossom.She should stick to nerdy roles.I found the movie aggravating because of her.You shouldn't feel annoyed watching a romance movie but I guess that may be partly the intended reaction to her character I don't know.Its also pretty annoying to have to write ten lines for a review sheesh! What more can I say? If you like the female lead from The Big Bang Theory you'll probably like this movie but you may find her character annoying like I did.

Bachelors Grove

1970's satanic cult cheesefest
I knew right away this movie was awful.Ill come right and say it,the audio is atrocious and I NEVER pick up on that in movies.It sounded like I was watching a 1970's b flick on a VHS tape.The acting in inconsistent.One minute the acting is passable,the next its atrocious..I cant truly enjoy a movie when half the cast cant act.Such a poor quality film.Bad bad bad! The first reviewer OBVIOUSLY was paid to give it a great review and so were the three critics.Im being honest here,its crappy.Was this movie really made last year? College film students have done better than this.This is high school film and they probably got a D

The Disappeared

intelligent viewers will love this
Gosh,I really loved this movie.It is a work of art on many levels.Superb acting)i never felt that they were acting) ,moments of tenderness and fragility while 6 manly men battle their way across the ocean with sailor songs and sailor humor.Aportrait of 6 men each with there own reason for wanting to survive.I wish I could say more about it but i can only keep seeing the greyness and the boats in the mist.Ragged men brought to the brink of madness,brought to edge of despair.But as men of the sea will do,they buck up and rally and row..on and on and on.The drama is in their expressions and dialogue.The protagonist is the sea.The hero is the captain of he refuses to abandon any of his men.There is so much hope..and I realized early on that I didn't care so much if they made it or not..i just felt I was with them for better or worse and that was enough.

AVP: Alien vs. Predator

I loved it loved it loved it
I don't care what anyone else says.I love this movie.I love the science,the special effects,the plot, the lead woman, and the way it ended.I hope they continue this series on location at the pyramid again. With Salaa. I wasn't trying to compare her to Weaver.She kicked some alien behind and like I said,I don't care what anyone else says.The acting is above standard,the action was awesome and the archeology and science was fascinating. Great atmosphere.I really hope they make a sequel.Thrilling and engaging.Some fun theories about "ancient aliens" and who can resist a giant pyramid under the arctic? I was expecting low budget schlock but was pleasantly surprised.

The Sand

Predictable but fun horror
I watched it from beginning to end.I didn't have high expectations of the movie but the acting was good.No cardboard wooden acting.Its definitely NOT the worst movie of 2015.Talk about hyperbole.A group of young adults are trapped on a beach where something deadly has spawned overnight in the sand..There is some gore,not a lot.Its positively funny at times not because of cheese factor but because of some of the characters.Think Cabin Fever.The plot is thin but I watched it just to see who would survive.It tries to be more intelligent than it is but at the same time if you have a sense of makes light of itself at the right times too.I laughed out loud at a couple scenes.I really enjoyed The Sand,although it fails to be The Ruins or Don't Blink.If you like those movies you'll enjoy The Sand.Five stars for an enjoyable viewing experience.

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