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The Ranch: What Was I Thinking
Episode 17, Season 4

Why do they gotta ruin my show with PC bs
If your going to make a show about gun control... Why dont actually do a good job of showing both sides of the debate.

Let There Be Light

Great movie
Very uplifting.... Positive energy. Excellent story.

Charlie's Angels

Why do they keep butchering our franchises.
Message ... Man bad unless gay or week. Why do they keep ruining our cool stuff with PC BS!!!

Dark Waters

Get ready for a Red Pill
Awesome true to life story ... It really puts into perspective the world we live in and the illusionary bubble we can live in and not even know it. Dupont sucks!!

Captive State

Excellent writing
Keeps you thinking and on the edge of your seat. Great story. Thenes: Breakaway society, smart cities, separation of classes, post alien arrival

Death of a Nation

Eye opening!
If you deep down... Really want to know the truth of fascism and the history of it... This is a must watch.

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